Broken (Part Two)

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By: waddiwasiwitch
Rating: PG15
Genre: Comics verse – goes au after Season 9 Vol 10.

Part Two

The journey back to San Francisco had been a very tense one for Spike.  Being out of cigs wasn’t helpful and he found himself snapping at the bugs over everything and anything.  The ship landed on the top of the roof of Xander and Dawn’s apartment building.  Spike tore open the door, climbed down the fire escape and jumped onto the balcony of the apartment.  He rapped at the glass and Dawn opened the door to let him in.
She threw herself into Spike’s arms and sobbed, “Thank god, you’re here.”

He squeezed her back and relished in the closeness.  He was startled by her affection when she had kept a distance between them since he had come back into her and Buffy’s life.

He rubbed her back.  “We’ll get her back, Bit.  She’s strong!  She’ll be fine.”

There was a cough from other side of the room.  Spike’s eyes scanned the room and met the gaze of Xander.
The boy walked towards them, “Just in the door and you’re making a move on my girl already.”

Dawn pulled away, “Don’t be gross.”

Spike couldn’t help cracking a small smile at the boy’s blatant attempt to lighten the mood.

Xander put his arm around Dawn’s shoulders.  “Without magic we have no way of using a location spell.  It’s like Buffy disappeared into thin air.”

Dawn’s eyes filled with tears.  “Nobody saw anything.  We’ve no leads.”

Spike’s shoulders slumped.

Buffy was jolted to consciousness by the feeling of cold water hitting her skin. She opened her eyes to see a woman standing over her with a small smile on her face.

“Hello, Ms Summers,” she said.

Buffy blinked for a moment wondering of this was a figment of her imagination as this woman couldn’t look more out of place. Nope the figment was still there and wearing a trouser suit and heels. She blinked again. Maybe not a figment after all.

“Do I know you?” Buffy eyes were narrowed.

“I’m Lilah Morgan. You might have heard of me. I was intimately acquainted with Wesley Wyndham Pryce and I fucked with Angel in other ways.”

“Get to point.”

“I represent the Senior Partners and from what I hear you’ve been demanding some answers and I’m here to give them to you.”


To be continued…

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