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Creator: waddiwasiwitch
Title: Broken
Rating: PG15
Form: fic
Era: Comics verse – goes au after Season 9 Vol 10.
Summary: Buffy is missing when Spike returns to San Francisco. Comics verse – goes au after Season 9 Vol 10. Dawn’s distraught and turns to Spike for help. Meanwhile Buffy’s struggling to keep herself together. Can they find her? Amazing banner made by Wonder and Ashes on Elysian Fields!!

I don’t know if anyone remembers this fic from the last round. You can read it in the original form: Part 1 Part 2 Parts 3 and 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7.
You may prefer to read a revised version here.


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Part 8

Buffy’s teeth chattered and she hugged herself to keep her warm. She couldn’t see Lilah but she knew the woman was there.
“Well‚ how are you today‚ Buffy?”
“Pretty pissed might be a good way of putting it.” Buffy’ eyes had been blindfolded and even though she couldn’t see she could imagine the condescending smirk on the woman’s face.
“Did you know that you’ve been moved to a new cell?”
“When are you going to take this damn thing off me‚ bitch.”
Lilah made a tutting sound. “We’d love to if only you would do what you were told.”


Spike stood on the roof of the apartment block and puffed on his cigarette, trying to settle his fraught nerves. His patience was never something that he was known for, but all he could do these days was hope that the next lead that they had would be the right one. Fuck – where is the Slayer?
His reverie (absolutely not brooding) was interrupted by the creak of the door opening.
“Hey Blondie!”
Spike nodded at the dark haired Slayer. “Faith, what brings you up here?”
“My vampire senses were tingling,” Faith shrugged. “Was all set for some slice and dice.”
She held up the Slayer scythe.
Don’t think Buffy would be too chuffed with that.
“Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.” He rolled his shoulders. “I could do with a good brawl myself.”
Willow was on a magic quest, Dawn was mono-syllabic and Xander was more unbearable than usual. He had to get out of the apartment before he bit someone. Still, it could be worse. Peaches had returned to Los Angeles citing a need for more a personal interrogation and investigation technique. Spike couldn’t say that he was sorry given the frosty atmosphere that continued any time he and the Scoobies were in the same room, while Faith, on the other hand, had stayed behind. She wasn’t a patch on Buffy, but she was a decent bird all the same. It was good to have someone to patrol with. Dowling was great with the crims but when it came to the supernatural he was a little lost.
“Can I bum one off you?” asked Faith.
He stuffed his hand into his pocket and pulled out the battered packet of fags. He held out the packet to her and pulled one from the box. He reached into his duster pocket and passed her his Zippo.
She lit the cigarette and popped it in her mouth before exhaling with a sigh, “Mmmm – I could kill for one of these.”
Spike’s cellphone began to vibrate and ring in his duster pocket.
In the time he took to fish around his pocket, the phone stopped ringing. “Bugger!” He prided himself on being adaptable in his hundred plus years as a vamp, but there was some things that were hard to get used to. Hell would freeze over before he would admit to being a bit of a technology phobe though.
He checked the screen and read: “Missed Call: Dowling.”
“Who is it?” Faith asked.
Spike ignored her and hit the return call button. Perhaps, he had some lead on the Slayer?
Dowling picked up the phone immediately. “Hi Spike, we need some help with a nest of zompires.”
Not what I’m looking for, but could prove a good distraction.
“Right – text me the address. Mind if Faith tags along.”
“Is that the other original Slayer?”
“Got it in one.”
“Sure thing, Spike. We need all the help we can get on this one. Willow still hasn’t returned from her mission has she?”
“Not yet, she thinks restoring magic is the only way to get Buffy back, so she won’t be back until she has exhausted all possibilities.”
Faith was watching him with a quirked eyebrow.
“Be along shortly, Bob.”
He hung up the phone and turned to Faith, “What was that you said about looking forward to some slice and dice?”
“This the cop, right?”
“Hands off the merchandise, pet.” Spike said. “You might break him and we need him for the investigation. He given us our best leads and he isn’t even a Scooby.”
He was no closer to finding Buffy, he could still rip some bad guys apart.

To be continued…

I hope to post more during the Free for All days. Due to RL I didn’t have as much time as I had hoped this weekend. Even though I have a few chapters written, they are not quite ready to see the light of day at the minute.


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