Happy Spuffyness

Hi everyone – today is my day.  I hope you are all enjoying celebrating our favourite couple.  Thank you to all those who have posted in this season … and for the Mods for all the organisation.

I have a few icons, and a couple of banners to share …. here are a couple of teasers –

And the full set is here

I have also written a one-shot fic. I almost didn’t post it here as I feel that it doesn’t 100% flow. However, I have decided that it is up to you whether you enjoy it or not!
Burning Love … a fic from Buffy’s POV immediately after Chosen.

Well, I hope you enjoy … see you again next season

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13 Icons

I think it’s my day – so if I am wrong, sorry!

I had actually made 40 icons over the last couple of weeks, however when I turned on my lap-top late last night to upload them, I found the lap-top totally dead. So I have been busy today … I hope that these are OK!

Here are 3 teasers –

 photo 1_zpsyveu6ebj.jpg       photo 13_zpsz9wyxpwm.jpg      photo 6_zpsblpfcvuy.jpg

The 13 are here at my journal

Thanks again to all the mods for their hard work.

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Some Banners

Hi everyone – long may the Spuffy love continue!

Today is my day for posting, and I have 2 entries to share. Both are art work, and this first one, here, at my journal are some banners. They are something I am less comfortable with, but have managed to make some Spuffy-love … I hope you enjoy.

For those Mods, and those who worry, my LJ is totally open, so no worries on the link

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My Day!!

Hi everyone – it’s my day today!  I am so glad I got organised, but even happier that this Comm still exists, and is still very active.  Thank you both to those who organised this and other rounds, and also to all those who participated.

There has been so many people drop out of LJ recently that it is great to see this season going so well – it must show that Spuffy is the #1!!

Anyway, I have 3 small offerings :-

A couple of small pieces of art

22 icons

A drabble

Hope that you enjoy something there!

Spuffy Icons

Today is my posting day at seasonal_spuffy  and I come with icons.  Thank you ladyofthelog and snickfic for organising this event … And, to all the others whose work I am, and will, enjoy.

Here are 3 teasers of my entry –

Seasonal Spuffy    Seasonal Spuffy    Seasonal Spuffy

The full set of 49 icons, plus a first attempt at a basic banner, can be found here at my journal.   (All the images come from BtVS, and not the comics.)

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Spuffy Fic – “Helping The Helpless”

Sorry for the delay, but here is my fic for todays post.

“Helping The Helpless”
Starts during Season 3’s episode “Helpless”, then goes AU
Ratings – G
Word Count – 1862

Beta – mabel_marsters … Thank you so much!

Disclaimer – I own nothing… not even Spike!

A/N – 1st line taken from the opening of Season 3 “Helpless”

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A Limerick!

Today is my posting day, and I must thank  enigmaticblues for all her hard work in organising this.

I have 2 items to post this time, later I will be posting a one-shot fic, but at this time I am bringing you a poem.

This season of seasonal_spuffy  has a poetry theme. So, my first offering for today is a limerick that I wrote this morning… It is un-beta’d, and my first ever attempt, but I’m going to post it anyway!!

There’s a really great group called Seasonal Spuffy
That’s all about the Slayer called Buffy.
When she ends up with Spike,
Who’s the Vampire we like,
We really do feel warm and fluffy.


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A Spuffy Fic, set during Season 2.

This is the other half for my posting-day.

As I said earlier, I have never done this sort of challenge before, and for those who don’t know me, until I got into Spuffy fandom about 3 years ago, I had never, ever written anything.

I would again, like to thank  enigmaticblues, for all her hard work in this community … and to the rest of you who have (and will be posting) … Thank you.

Story Name –  Corrected Vision

Rating – G
Word count – 4,800
Spoliers – Up to and including Season 2 episode – “I Only Have Eyes For You”
The story starts during this episode, and are my thoughts on what may have happened had spike been a witness to Buffy and Angel’s meeting.

Disclaimer – I don’t own anything (although like the rest of you, would love to have Spike! … no profit is being made.

Finally – Huge and mega thanks to  mabel_marsters  for coping with me, and being a super Beta … Thanks, you are the best.

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A Few Icons Of Our Favourite Couple

Hi everyone – it is my posting day today! This is the first time i have signed up for a challenge, and at this point, I wonder why I did … LOL

Anyway, I have two offerings, the second of which is a story which I will be posting later on.

Below this cut are some icon / icon-bases. I am not an artist, but just enjoyed looking at Spike and Spuffy, so hope you enjoy a few glimpses to remind us all of this amazing couple.

Thank you enigmaticblues for all you had work in organising this challenge.

Teaser –

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