Fic: Queen Buffy & Chief Will, the Bloody

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Title: Queen Buffy & Chief Will, the Bloody
Author: JustWriter2
Rated: G
Setting: Pre-England
Author’s Note: This short story just kind of happened after watching Season 4 of The Crown. This tale is set in more ancient times than The Crown‘s modern historical fiction drama. I hope you all enjoy my short story; it has been good practice for another event coming up.
Warnings: All Human AU, Spike/other, Buffy/other
Disclaimer: I don’t own, nor, to my knowledge, am I affiliated with anyone remotely connected with the productions of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer or Angel, the Series. This fic is for fun and not for sale.

Princess Buffy, descended from the great Queen Bodica, grows up with one confidant and advisor, Lord Pratt. She becomes Queen and is wooed by and weds a prince, only for him to turn out to be a cad who was after her wealth and power.

Her husband, Prince Angelus, of the neighboring kingdom, quickly drops his facade when he realizes that he won’t get what he wants and Buffy is just miserable. Angelus disappears and, when she finally looks up from her misery, it’s to find her closest friend also gone. Lord William Pratt had left long before, she discovers.

Years later, while at war with her former husband’s kingdom, she meets a chieftain in battle. In the heat of adrenaline, she does not note his familiar blue eyes or brow. He is injured before she recognizes him. His hair is bleached and he has a scar through his brow. She calls a halt to the battle and her second blows the trumpet.

All in the field come to a halt and the queen calls for a healer. It is Lord Pratt, but his men call him Chief Will, the Bloody. He recovers in his tent and every warrior who died on both sides is honored by their group’s traditions.

She negotiates with him, while he recovers, and certain misunderstandings are cleared up. He had left when it was made clear to him that Buffy no longer needed him. He wed a woman who saw greatness in him and they went to her home village. He adjusted and became well liked, eventually becoming elected chieftain, though his wife’s wanderlust saw her gone in the night. Then, their king sought war with their allies, his former kingdom, and he knew not why.

Buffy explains the treacherous desires of her husband and his attempt at mutinous treason. He failed and fled, lathering his father into a rage. The king had attempted taking the kingdom from her by armed force, instead of the previous alliance. But, unsurprisingly, Queen Buffy is a mighty warrior, much like her ancestor Bodica, and so she is winning.

He reveals her tidings to the village elders and they decide to withdraw from this dishonorable conflict. They all have a great feast to send their warriors to heaven and she asks him to come with her. He refuses because he has a responsibility to his new people. But, he promises that word of Prince Angelus’ treachery will spread.

In the end, over half the enemy villages refuse to continue with the attempted conquest of her kingdom. In recompense, the king kills his son, Prince Angelus, and his lover Drusilla. It turns out that Chief Will’s wife Dru was Angelus’ creature, having been sent to lure the competition for Queen Buffy’s heart away. When another chieftain is elected, the elders send Will Pratt on his way. He comes home to his Queen. After a small courtship, they wed and give birth the following year to Princess Dawn.

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