Story banner: Dragons Required

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Title: Dragons Required
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Notes: I reworked my submission to this round’s banner contest as a 900×250 px story banner. It’s up for adoption. (It’s been adopted.)

Buffy holding a sword, Spike in a tiara, dragons, castle

Plot bunny: Are there real dragons in this story, or metaphorical ones, or both, I wonder? Is Buffy a dragon slayer, or is she a dragon, or both? Is Spike a prince, a princess, another dragon, or all three? And why is everything mauve in this alternate dimension? I have so many questions, don’t you? :D Seriously, though, if you think this would work for any story that you’ve written or you’re planning to write, hit me up! :) (Dibs have been called on using the banner.)

Credit for materials
Diamond oak-leaf tiara, English, Hunt&Roskell, London, about 1855 (British Museum) – photo by Kotomi_, Creative Commons BY-NC
CC0 licensed dragon silhouette
Textures by Unsplash user Jr Korpa
Castle by Unsplash user Jan Szwagrzyk
And I made the screenshots using the HD eps at

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