Video: Spike | My Favourite Game

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Title: Spike | My Favourite Game
Creator: Double Dutchess
Era/season: Seasons 2 to 7
Rating: worksafe
“Spike/Other”/”Buffy/Other”: brief Spike/Drusilla and Buffy/Angel

So, this vid wasn’t made specifically for Seasonal Spuffy but falls squarely into the category of “something I’ve been working on, but haven’t posted”. It’s a Fandom Trumps Hate 2021 (!) gift for thewiggins . I recently finished it, but have waited until now with making it public. Huge thanks go to thewiggins for the vid idea and for their immense patience while I took my time working on the vid!

The vid is not a romantic Spuffy one, but the relationship between Buffy and Spike is quite central to it, so I think it should be OK to post it in Seasonal Spuffy. Completely accidentally, it also fits this round’s theme pretty well (from Spike’s perspective).

PS: Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

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