Vid: Grace In This

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Title: Grace In This
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
 Like the BtVS box set, this is rated 15+ for canon-typical sex. The song is fairly sexual, though not explicit.
Notes: Happy Seasonal Spuffy, folks! Can I offer you a full-length fluffy fanvid in this trying time!

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More notes, acknowledgments, credits:

Perfume Genius has a YouTube channel where you can check out the rest of his music. Admittedly, I have listened to this song LOTS and to his other works hardly at all, so I’m not great at following my own advice on this.

Thank you to:
womanaction for introducing me to this song in her Spuffy fanmix “you’re the one” back in 2016;
Alessnox for recommending the free open-source video editor Kdenlive in the “vidding” community on Pillowfort;
Double Dutchess for taking eight months to hold my hand through a collaborative vidding project with training wheels back in 2016 (which was basically everything I knew about vidding for a while and gave me the confidence to learn more later), and for the gift of a couple of extra hours of free time last week, which I spent making sure that every intro clip has a fancy effect and the starry overlay at least mostly stays off Spike’s and Buffy’s faces, whatever else it does.

I guess the 2016 nostalgia is going to have to be my contribution to the “celebrating 25 years” theme. :D It’s been about 25 years, right, more or less?

I used the HD episodes from and some stock videos by Pixabay users DiaoChunEngin AkyurtArtyom Saqib, and juwelfahim48.

I also used some fabulous tutorials, notably the inkdrop effect tutorial by Arkengheist 2.0 and a couple of Photolearningism’s Kdenlive tutorials. And I kind of followed marnanightingale’s guide to cutting and syncing, until I got impatient. Also, for better or worse, I tried to apply this Photoshop pastel effect tutorial to video editing in Kdenlive.

Welp, basically I tried a bunch of new things for this, and some worked better than others! What are your thoughts? :)

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