The Revenge of the Trolls, Part 1

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Sadly, I only have one chapter. The last two weeks have been completely hectic with the end of school for the kids.

Title: The Revenge of the Trolls
Summary: In this sequel to The Troll Hunt, Spike, Buffy and their motley crew must rescue Springfoot the Bigfoot’s daughter from kidnappers.
Rating: Pretty PG-13ish, language so far
Setting: BtVS S4

Well, shoot, I forgot how to put this under a cut here. Seasonal spuffy is the only time I use dreamwidth. *sigh* I’m much better with Livejournal. If someone reminds me how to work dreamwidth, I’ll come back and fix it.

The Revenge of the Troll

Chapter 1

“I will never forgive you for letting Xander die!”

Buffy watched Willow walk away. Oz threw the Slayer an apologetic look over his shoulder while he followed his girlfriend.

“Shit,” Buffy whispered. She clutched her college books to her chest.

“I’m sorry your friend is so mad at you.”

Buffy turned to find Summer Blossom, Springfoot the Isu-subtum aka Bigfoot’s daughter, standing behind her. “Hey, Blossom, how’s it going?” She had no clue how she had learned Subtumese in a few short months, but she still struggled with French.

“It’s going okay,” Blossom replied. “I was just downtown at the magic shop getting some supplies, and I wanted to get away from the house. Anya and FallRain are going at it again. I saw you. I thought I’d say hello.”

Buffy gave Blossom a sad, tight smile. “Thanks.” The two females started walking in the opposite direction that Willow and Oz had gone. “So, how is everyone in your clan settling in? Besides, your brother boinking former vengeance demons?”

“We’re all doing fine.” Blossom bared her teeth in a grin. “You were right about Sunnydale though. Nobody even blinks at the fur, and those that do notice think that we’re a circus family.”

“That’s good.” Buffy glanced back over her shoulder in the direction that Willow and Oz had gone. She had no idea how to get her friend to forgive her.

“Hey Buffy.”

Buffy turned to find Parker Abrams walking up to her and Blossom. However, she didn’t like the look that crossed Parker’s face when his gaze passed over the Isu-subtum female. The disgust in the young man’s face was a complete turn off for Buffy. “Parker,” she said in a cool tone.

“Buffy, would you like to go get coffee with me?” Parker gestured towards downtown where the Espresso Pump was located.

“I don’t think so.” Buffy shook her head. “I see how you’re looking at my friend here, just because she’s a little different. You know, circus folk are people too.”

Parker suppressed a shudder. If he was going to reel this girl in he’d have to play nice with the overly hairy circus freak. “Your friend can come too.”

“No, thanks,” Buffy replied. “We have things to do that don’t include people like you.”

“What do you mean people like me?” Parker asked in his most sympathetic voice.

“Poopheads,” Buffy replied.

“Fine, be that way. There are other girls more than happy to be seen with me.”



Picknose and Wadsack drifted along behind the Bigfoot and the blond-haired girl who had helped kill them a few months before. They could feel the fires of revenge burning their souls, but they hadn’t come up with a viable plan to wreak havoc on the bitch.

Picknose stuff a fat finger up his nose while he watched the puny human boy march away from the Slayer and the Bigfoot. “We follow puny human.”

Wadsack nodded, even though he had no clue what was going on. He hadn’t been the brightest of light bulbs when alive, and death had just made him that much stupider. Together Picknose and Wadsack trailed behind Parker as he made his way towards the Sunnydale U campus.


Parker strolled onto campus, and he immediately started to look for a freshman girl to sweet talk into bed. He bumped into a taller, bulkier man. “Excuse me,” he muttered.

“Parker Abrams, right?” the man said while snapping his fingers. “I’m Riley Finn, the TA in your psych 101 class. Could I talk to you for a few minutes about your report?”

“Is there a problem with it?” Parker asked.

Riley held his hands up. “No, not at all. In fact, I want to talk to you about presenting it in front of the class.”

“Really?” Parker looked around. “I have no plans right now. We can talk.”


“I have thought,” Picknose grumbled. “I no like thoughts.”

“Me no like thoughts too.” Wadsack reached down to scratch his balls. He cackled under his breath. “What your thought?”

“We get stupid furry feet big by being puny humans.”

“Huh?” Wadsack scratched his head with his other hand.

“Go inside puny human, be puny humans, crush stupid furry feet big.” Picknose missed having solid fists to pound on the ground.

Being dead sucked big time.

“Okay.” Wadsack always went with his friend’s plans.


Riley gestured towards a nearby bench. “Let’s sit.”

“How long do I have to prepare?” Parker asked while he sat down. “Or am I going to just read off the paper?” When Riley didn’t immediately answer, he looked over at the TA. Riley appeared to be choking as he hunched over and shook as if in pain.

Before Parker could speak again, he felt something force its way inside his ear. He put a hand up to grab whatever it was, but there was nothing there. Parker batted at his ear when the pressure increased. After a few moments, he felt something take over his mind.

Soon, the weight of Wadsack’s psyche suppressed Parker into only being a spectator in his own mind.

“Puny human easy to take,” Picknose spat out.

“How we crush girl and furry big feet?” Wadsack asked. He twitched while he started to become accustomed to the human he now inhabited.

“We steal furry big foot female,” Picknose replied. “Girl come running. Furry big foot daddy come running. We crush.”

“Crush!” Wadsack crowed. His wretched laughter echoed through the college campus.

“Hey Riley!” Forrest Gates strolled up, his hands jammed in his pockets. He eyed his friend’s companion for a few seconds before he spoke to Riley again. “Professor Walsh wants to meet up with us. Are you ready?”


Lawson slouched in the passenger side of Spike’s Desoto. “Tell me again why we’re going to Sunnydale.”

“To kill the Slayer,” Spike growled.

Lawson let out a snort before he turned his eyes towards the window. “You just keep telling yourself that, Chief.”

Spike glared at his passenger. “What exactly are you implying, Lawson? We’re going to Sunnydale to kill the soddin’ Slayer.”

“Hey, I’m just going to check up on Springfoot and his clan. I’m not even remotely interested in Buffy.” Lawson hid his grin. In the few short months he’d spent with Spike, he’d learned a great many things about the older vampire.

The very least being that no matter how much Spike declared he hated Buffy Summers, he really didn’t. Lawson decided to sit back to watch the show. He just hoped somewhere along the line that dinner was included.

Arriving in Sunnydale changed everything.


Two nights later, Spike and Lawson pulled into Springfoot’s ‘hippie commune’. When Spike stepped out of the Desoto, he inhaled deeply. “Slayer’s here,” he said.

Just then, Buffy marched out of one of the yurts. She glared at Spike when she spotted him, and then she hissed, “Spike, get your ass over here.” She pointed the ground in front of her.

“I don’t know, Slayer. I’m feeling fine and dandy staying right where I am.”

Buffy stomped her foot. “Summer Blossom was kidnapped. We’re going to go rescue her. Get your smart ass in gear or you will be up close and personal with Mr. Pointy.”

“I’m not your soddin’ lap dog, Slayer. Go round up your little gang of groupies to help you.” Spike leaned against his car while he pulled his smokess out of his pocket.

“What gang would that be, Spike-y?” Buffy asked in a sarcastic tone. “Xander’s dead. Willow is mad. Dear Mr. BroodyAngel trotted off to Los Angeles to help the hopeless or hope the helpless. Whatever the hell he thinks he’s doing down there.”

“What about your Watcher? Can’t Rupes help you?” Spike tapped out a cigarette.

“Giles is great for the research and the magic, but not so much for the fighting. That leaves Anya, and there’s no way she’s going to go down in the sewers on a rescue mission.”

Lawson hid his laughter. He wasn’t going to get in between these two sworn enemies. Besides, Lawson wondered if Spike knew he was already caving to the Slayer’s wishes by bantering with her.

“What about that other girl? The one Harris was holdin’ hands with?” Spike cupped one hand around the end of his cigarette while he lit it with the other.

“Cordelia moved away after graduation.” Buffy looked over her shoulder. “Look, I really need your help rescuing Summer Blossom, Spike. What will it take for you to help me?”

“A fight to the death, just like I’ve always wanted, Slayer,” Spike drawled.

“Fine, as soon as we’re done rescuing Summer Blossom, we can have a fight.” Buffy rolled her eyes.

“Well, count me in then.” Spike smirked at the Slayer. “Tally ho and all that rot.”


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