Victory is Ours, Chapter 4/?

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Title: Victory is Ours
Rating: NC-17
Main Pairing: Spuffy
Genre/Era: Fantasy AU
Beta: Spikeslovebite, Tasha
Summary: Captured by the Slayer, Spike finds himself embroiled in a plot that will change his view of the Slayers and vampires forever.

Chapter 4

Spike watched Buffy flit around the room. It amazed him how his feelings had changed towards the young woman since she’d captured him and brought him to her citadel. When he first woke up, he was burning with revenge. After spending hours being her sex toy, the revenge burned a little less, but when she claimed him he’d realized there was more to this young woman than he’d originally thought.

In all of Spike’s time with his vampiric family, none of them had wanted to claim him. The only one that even treated him half way decently was Lawson. The late – and not greatly lamented in Spike’s opinion – Darla and her Sire, the Master, barely tolerated him. Angelus kept him around to be a toy for Drusilla.

Drusilla was his dark princess. She’d saved him from an early death of tuberculosis, but she’d never loved him. Not like he’d loved her at any rate. Everything she’d ever done was for Angelus. Spike had enjoyed his reign as the head of the Clan Aurelius after Angelus’ apparent staking, but that didn’t mean he wanted the bastard chipped and held prisoner by the Watchers.

It was time to see how far he could push his newly acquired mate.

“I’m feeling a bit peckish here, pet. Send out for a few minions for me to eat.”

Buffy glared at Spike. “I don’t think so.”

“I’m not eatin’ dead cow blood, Slayer. I’m not some domesticated vamp like Angelus is gonna be when we get him back.” Spike raised an eyebrow while he waited for Buffy’s response.

Buffy continued to glare at the vampire that she’d claimed as her own. She knew what Spike said was true. She’d never expected to really tame him, only hold him to her will for a short time. Slayers aren’t supposed to have happily ever after’s. “Fine, I’ll keep you fed with something better than the minions.” She stepped towards him with her wrist offered up to him.

Spike smirked to himself. He grabbed Buffy’s wrist, and he pulled her down into his lap. He pulled her tight against his body before he shifted into game face. Spike kept his eyes locked on Buffy’s face while he lifted her wrist to his mouth.

Behind them, the suite door swung open, and an accented voice exclaimed, ““What this I hear about keeping a vampire prisoner?” There was a brief pause. “Oh my Lord! Buffy, stop that!”

Buffy turned her head to stare at Giles. She waited for Spike to retract his fangs and lick her wrist before she spoke to her Watcher. “He has to eat, Giles.”

Giles gave an indignant snort. “Not from you, he shouldn’t.”

“So, you want me to go hunt down some hapless innocent to keep him fed?”

Giles paled at the suggestion. “No, that’s not what I meant. Why are you keeping and not staking him?”

“You know why, Giles. Hell, you’re the one that suggested it.” Buffy smiled at Spike while she shrugged her shoulders. She

“I said to find a vampire that was open to negotiation and talk to him.” Giles ripped his glasses off his face. He pulled out his handkerchief before he grimly polished first one lens and then the other. “This is now what I had in mind.”

“Well, it’s working out pretty great already.” Buffy gestured towards Spike. “He got one of his friends to grab Kennedy for us. She’ll be out of our hair until we kick Watcher ass.”

“If she’s hurt in any way, her father will make our lives hell,” Giles muttered. He slammed his glasses back onto his face while he pocketed his handkerchief.

Spike watched silently while Buffy and her stepfather-Watcher spoke to each other. He studied the other man while sizing Giles up. It appeared that Buffy tended to interpret orders in her own special Slayer way. Maybe he could use that tendency to ensure the Watcher’s cooperation and acceptance.

“Her father doesn’t have to know,” Buffy replied.

“Tyr and his allies won’t hurt the bint,” Spike assured Giles.

Giles glared at the vampire. “You had the head of Clan Lycurgus kidnap one of our potentials? Buffy, you actually allowed this?

“It was my idea.” Buffy shrugged. “It isn’t like anyone is gonna miss her around here. She’s always questioning my authority, Giles. It was only a matter of time before she decided to assassinate me anyway. I may be blond, but I’m not stupid.”

“I never said you were.”

Spike held up a hand. “May I interject her that your troublemaker isn’t actually with Tyr? He called for his ally, Squall, to capture her. I assure you the dragons have no desire to hurt you damned pulsers.” He rolled his eyes. “They find you entirely too fascinatin’.”

Giles let out a sound of astonishment. “I didn’t think dragons willingly allied with vampires.”

“Tyr and Squall knew each other before Tyr was turned.”


The room fell quiet when Faith entered. She gazed at the expectant faces for a few moments before she started to speak. “Ladies, I know a few of you have been wondering why Buffy captured the Aurelian instead of killing him. Well, I’m here to tell you we are at war. Not with the vampires, but with those who are supposed to be our allies.”

“Do you have proof?” Leticia Dobbins asked.

Faith nodded. “Yes, we do.” She turned to Beverly. “Hand out those folders for me.”

Beverly grinned at Faith. She picked up a pile of folders, and she handed one to each of the women in the conference room. Then, she went to Faith’s side where she waited until the potentials finished reading the information.

“This is just fucked up,” Jack Reitz growled. She threw the folder and papers down.

“I agree.” Faith licked her bottom lip. “You want to know the worst part? Kennedy is in on it. The Watchers have promised her that she’ll be the next Slayer.”

“So, Buffy’s fucking that vampire into submission to get the vamps on our side?” Leticia asked.

Faith smirked at the other women. “I think the fucking is just a fringe benefit for her.” Her facial expression changed to disgust before she spoke again. “Those pictures of what Walsh did to those vamps is just gross. That’s torture. Pure and simple.”

“Yeah.” Leticia’s gaze drifted back to the pictures of Lawson. “It sure is. I wonder …”

Jack nudged Leticia in the side. “You wonder what, Letty?”

“If maybe Buffy doesn’t have the right idea. Instead of staking them, we fuck them into submission.”

Jack snorted. “That’ll work of the male vamps, but what would we do with the female ones?”

“I’ll think of something,” Leticia replied. “I’m really good at planning.”


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