Victory is Ours, Chapter 2/?

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Title: Victory is Ours
Rating: NC-17
Main Pairing: Spuffy
Genre/Era: Fantasy AU
Beta: Spikeslovebite, Tasha
Summary: Captured by the Slayer, Spike finds himself embroiled in a plot that will change his view of the Slayers and vampires forever.

Chapter 2

Slow comprehension passed through Spike’s mind. “That’s how you got all your information. How do you know that the Watcher’s aren’t feedin’ him false info?”

“Mom and Giles were married in secret. House Watcher has no idea. They think he’s loyal to them.”

“Why the hell did you shag me half to death?” Spike studied the Slayer through narrowed eyes.

“I think that’s my cue to leave,” Faith said. She tossed the folder on the bedside table. “I think I’ll send Kennedy and her little gang of minions out to patrol the south border.”

Spike grinned when a wicked thought crossed his mind. “That’s Clan Lycurgus’ land. The leader Tyr owes me a favor.”

“What do you have in mind?” Buffy asked.

“Tyr captures this Kennedy bint, sends her minions back here, and you can retrain the little bitches,” Spike answered. “Now answer my question, Slayer. Why did you shag me and claim me?”

Faith let out a bark of laughter before she sauntered out of the room, whistling under her breath. Buffy had some explaining to do. Faith knew the entire story behind her sister Slayer’s obsession with the bleached blond vampire. She was Buffy’s second in command after all.

“Was it just to get my cooperation in your little war?” Spike demanded to know.

Buffy shook her head. “No, I saw you when I was twelve years old. You visited my birth Clan with the rest of your Clan.”

“This is my first time in the heart of House Slayer, pet,” Spike said. He rattled his bonds while he gave Buffy a pleading look.

“Unlike Kennedy, most of us are not born to House Slayer,” Buffy snorted. “I was born in California under Clan Lothosis which was defeated by Clan Vladius.” She pulled a small key out of her pocket. “Do we have an accord?”

“We do,” Spike agreed. When the Slayer released his chains, he rubbed his wrists. “We defeated Clan Vladius ten years ago.”

“Yeah, Mom and I got lucky. Just before you attacked, Giles showed up looking for potentials for House Slayer. We escaped by just a few hours.” Buffy took a deep breath. “Wish I could say the same for my best friend, Riley. Old Vlad gave him to the brides the day before.”

Spike looked away from Buffy. He remembered the young boy he’d found vamped in the brides’ chamber. Spike had always thought that children shouldn’t be turned, and he’d staked the fledgling along with the brides. He was feeling oddly protective of the Slayer at that moment. So, he decided not to mention what he’d seen and done during the razing of Clan Vladius’ stronghold. Instead, he said, “I need to give Tyr a call to set up a meetin’ place and time.”

“My private line is secure,” Buffy replied. Now that Spike wasn’t tied up anymore, she wasn’t sure what to do. She had just spent hours having sex and claiming the vampire, but she had no clue if he still wanted to kill her or not. Maybe he was biding his time until her guard was down to strike. Buffy jumped to her feet, and she crossed the room to her communication device.

Spike eyed the Slayer out of the corner of his eye while he waited for Tyr’s manservant to get his master. Buffy sat down at the little breakfast table where she almost self-consciously pulled her robe around her body. Spike found Buffy to be full of contradictions. One moment she was a confident Slayer bent on taking what she wanted, and the next she was a fragile woman-child unsure of her place in life.

“William,” Tyr greeted Spike. “How are you, old friend?”

“Fair to middlin’.” Spike grinned at his old comrade. “Heard any rumors lately?”

“Been some strange going ons over in Watcher territory.”

“Do tell.”

“One of my runners thought they saw Zachariah.” Tyr rubbed his goatee, ran it up his face, and plowed it through his wild hair. “I’d give my right arm to finally get rid of the Zombie King.”

Spike snorted at his friend’s words. “You already gave your right arm, mate.”

Tyr held up his right arm which ended in the middle of the forearm. “So, I did.”

Spike turned his head towards Buffy. “You know anything about this, Slayer?”

Tyr’s eyebrows shot up, but he didn’t say anything while he waited for the Slayer to answer Spike’s question. Although, he did wonder if Spike had finally captured his prey, or maybe the Slayer had caught Spike and ‘turned’ him to her side. Spike always said he was ‘love’s bitch’. It would be just like the romantic vampire to fall for the wrong woman, especially now that he was no longer under the thumb of his clan.

“No, our spies in House Watcher are no longer in place. It was getting too dangerous for them.” Buffy rubbed her forehead before she rose to her feet, and she moved to Spike’s side. “House Watcher must have brought in the Zombie King just recently. That brings another question to the table Is Zachariah an ally or another victim like Angelus and Dawson.”

“Lady Slayer.” Tyr bowed his head in acknowledgement. He and the blond girl might be enemies, but he did hold a deep respect for her. “You appear to know more than you’re telling.”

“Lord Lycurgus, may I send you a file?”

Tyr’s eyes darted to Spike, who nodded his consent. “I would be happy to accept your file.”

Buffy nodded. She pressed a button on the communication device that instantly sent all the information she had told Spike already. She watched as Tyr’s face became grimmer and grimmer the more he read the memos and studied the pictures.

Tyr slumped in his chair. Now he knew why Spike and the Slayer were ‘in bed’ together. What was going on was worse than just House Watcher allying themselves with Zachariah. “What is the plan?” he asked.

Spike glanced up at Buffy. He didn’t realize that he exposed the Slayer’s claim mark that still stood out bright against his pale skin. “Unite the clans, align with Houses Slayer, Lupus, and Arcane, and decimate House Watcher.”

“Unite the clans?” Tyr snorted. He eyed Spike’s neck, but he didn’t allow himself to react except to quickly check out the Buffy’s neck for a matching mark. “You’re asking for a lot there, William.”

“I know I am, but what choice do we have?”

“What do you and your mate need me to do?”

“What are you talking about?” Spike tried to deny. “I don’t have a mate.”

“Don’t lie to me, William,” Tyr grunted. “I see the marks that the both of you are wearing. I think an alliance between our House and the Slayers is a good thing. I tried to tell Heinrich this, decades ago, but he wouldn’t listen. Angelus is more like old bat face than he’d like to admit. So, he refused my council on the matter as well.”

“So, you’ll stand with us?” Buffy asked. Could it be that easy to get their first ally from House Vampire?

“Clan Lycurgus pledges allegiance to Clan Aurelius and House Slayer.”

Spike and Buffy looked at each other before they said as one, “We accept your allegiance, Lord Tyr of Lycurgus.”

“As I asked before, what do you need me to do?” Tyr leaned back in his chair.

“Unfortunately, House Watcher has spies with my House,” Buffy growled. “I need to get them out of the way until we crush the Watchers.”

“Buffy’s sending some of her baby Slayers to patrol along your border,” Spike said. “We need you to capture the leader.”

“Can I kill her?”

Buffy grimaced. “Best not. She still might be useful.”

“Okay, no killing your traitor. Can I at least play with her?”

“As long as there’s no lasting physical or emotional damage,” Buffy replied. “We might need her later.”

“Spoilsport,” Tyr teased even as he directed his best contingent of allies out to capture the prey.


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