Victory is Ours, Chapter 3/?

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Title: Victory is Ours
Rating: NC-17
Main Pairing: Spuffy
Genre/Era: Fantasy AU
Beta: Spikeslovebite, Tasha
Summary: Captured by the Slayer, Spike finds himself embroiled in a plot that will change his view of the Slayers and vampires forever.

Chapter 3

Faith strolled into the main dining hall of the House Slayer stronghold. Her eyes narrowed when she saw Kennedy and her little minions holding court at the head table. God, how she hated that stupid rich bitch. As if anyone had control over which potential would be chosen. Faith just hoped that whatever Hell she got sent to when she died, that she’d be allowed to have the last laugh.

“Kennedy, Rona, Caridad, and Vi, I have your assignments,” Faith called out to the lead potentials. “Kennedy, take the south border, Rona, the north, Caridad, east, and Vi, west.”

Rona, Caridad, and Vi nodded their agreement, and the three potentials gathered their troops to go about their assigned duties. However, Kennedy glared at Faith with resentment. “Why don’t you take the south border patrol for a change?” she said in a haughty voice.

“I’ve already paid my dues,” Faith snorted. “I spent five long years in the border patrol. Now it’s someone else’s turn, and that someone else is you, Kennedy.”

“When I’m the Slayer, you’re going to regret everything you’ve ever done to me,” Kennedy said with a toss of her head.

“So, you’re threatening Buffy’s life now, are you?” Faith commented. “I’d think long and hard about that, Kennedy. House Slayer does not follow those who are disloyal within our own ranks.”

“Whatever,” Kennedy snarled. She turned to her little group of bootlickers. “With me, girls.” She strode out of the room with her minions at her heels.

Beverly Palmetto, one of the oldest potentials in the Stronghold, and Cassie Linnell, a potential close to Faith’s age, approached Faith with worry on their faces. Faith heaved a sigh while she hoped this wasn’t more trouble.

“I don’t trust that one,” Beverly announced. Nine months out of the year she was the high school principal at the nearby town of Sunnydale. “Privilege is wasted on some people.”

“Best to up the guards on Buffy,” Cassie said. She waved a couple of other girls over. To the older one, she ordered, “Jody, grab two of the Guardians and have them outside Slayer Summers’ door.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jody replied. She and the other girl hurried off to do as Cassie instructed.

Beverly glanced around before she whispered, “I am loyal to House Slayer. I’ve long given up the idea of being the Slayer.” She bit her lip. “I support Buffy, and you, Faith.”

Faith laid a hand on Beverly’s arm. She was slightly ashamed at her thoughts just moments before. “Thank you, Beverly.”

“I am loyal as well.” Cassie gave a weak smile. “I am glad I am only a potential. Being a Slayer looks like too much hard work.”

“I want you to gather all the team leaders that you believe are loyal to House Slayer. We need to talk.” Faith grimaced. “Not to sound like an idiot, but there’s evil afoot.”

Cassie snorted. “Did you just say afoot?”

“Wes has an unhealthy obsession with all things Sherlock Holmes.” Faith laughed.

“Vi, Rona, and Caridad are good girls,” Beverly said, getting the conversation back on track. “Cordelia Chase is another ambitious team leader, but she’s not like Kennedy.”

“Lilah’s not too bad. She’s been different since we rescued her from House Wolfram though.” Cassie wiggled her eyebrows. “I think she’s smitten with one of the lawyers there.”

“Wolfram does not fall on our side. We best be careful of Lilah for the time being.”

Cassie let out a protesting noise. “She’s not a traitor. I swear she’s not.”

“Then, you will be in charge of making sure she isn’t one. Gather the team leaders in the main conference room. There is much to talk about.” Faith nodded to Beverly and Cassie before she left the room.


Kennedy directed her group of potentials to go a different direction than her, despite Buffy’s iron clad rule of never patrolling alone. She marched off with confidence, not seeing the shadow that followed her every move.

The shadow streaked up into the air to fly behind Kennedy until the best moment for capture presented itself. When the young potential Slayer crossed a small clearing, the shadow swooped down to capture Kennedy in its claws.

Kennedy let out a shriek of terror. She dropped her stake, and her hand scrambled at the claws that held her prisoner. There was no escape. The creature that captured her was stronger than she could have ever imagined.

Hold still, little human. You wouldn’t want me to drop you.

The great and awesome voice of a dragon echoed through Kennedy’s brain, making it ache. She froze when the thought of falling to her death filled her mind. Kennedy wasn’t fond of heights. “What do you want with me?” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “Put me down, you overgrown lizard.”

I’m afraid I can’t do that, but not to worry. I’m sure your deviant little human heart will enjoy what I have planned for you.

“When my father hears about this, he will tear the world apart to rescue me.”

The dragon just hummed its disagreement to Kennedy’s statement, which only made the potential even more seething mad than she was before. Her fright flew away under the weight of her anger. Little did she realize the dragon could read her every thought and emotion.

Squall knew the young girl had an expertise he needed. It just wasn’t the one Kennedy would soon assume it was. I am in need of your skills, little human.

“What does a dragon need with a Slayer?” Kennedy snorted.

You are not a Slayer yet, and that’s not the skill I am in need of.

“I don’t have any other skills. I am a Slayer.”

Squall mentally shook his head. No wonder the Watchers were able to turn the little human to their side. Delusions of grandeur this one had. No, you aren’t. What you are, is the daughter of a diplomat with the potential to be a Slayer. I need you to teach my brightest pupils about diplomacy.

Kennedy fumed at the dragon’s high handedness. She was smart enough to realize that she couldn’t escape at that moment. So, she decided to bide her time. Soon, the dragon’s guard would be down, and she’d be able to sneak away.

Soon, Squall and Kennedy arrived at the dragon’s stronghold. They landed in a garden courtyard. The dragon mentally called for the pupils that needed Kennedy’s expertise. Sephiroth and Sheol, come to me?

Two young dragons stumbled into the courtyard. They both bowed to Squall. Your majesty.

Become human, please.

Sephiroth and Sheol easily shifted into human guise. It was something only a rare few dragons was able to accomplish. They waited until Squall followed suit. The three dragons were taller than the average human with bigger frames and more muscles.

Kennedy decided this was the perfect time to make a break for it. She had no idea where she was, but she wasn’t planning on being a prisoner for very long. Kennedy stomped on Squall’s foot while she elbowed him in the nuts. She took off towards a nearby door. However she only got a few feet before Squall grabbed her by the hair.

Squall dragged the young human back to him. “As you can see, you will need to be careful with this one. She’ll need special treatment to gain her knowledge.”

“Let me go,” Kennedy spat out. “Soon, the Slayers will come looking for me.”

Squall chuckled. “Who do you think asked me to take you prisoner? They know what you have planned with House Watcher. Luckily for you, you belong to the tenderhearted Slayers. If you planned a betrayal of that magnitude towards me, I wouldn’t have an ally hold you until the dust settled. I’d have you executed as an example.”

“You wouldn’t dare! My father…”

“Your father is no match for House Draco,” Squall bellowed. “You will teach my pupils everything you know about being a diplomat, or you will suffer the consequences.” He looked at his pupils. “Take her, gain the knowledge you need, but do not harm her. She has future use.”

Sephiroth and Sheol glanced at each other. This was starting to sound more interesting by the moment. They had so many things to practice, and this human female was the perfect target. “Of course, sire.”

Kennedy let out an indignant scream. She was going to be the next Slayer. The Watchers had promised her that one little concession for her loyalty. There was no way she was going to stay here as a prisoner. She’d show these stupid dragons a thing or two about the stubbornness of humans. She wasn’t going to teach them a damned thing. Then, they’d have to let her go.

Sephiroth gave a silent, amused laugh. Didn’t the human realize that the dragons could hear her every little thought?

Apparently not.

Sephiroth wasn’t going to be the one to tell Kennedy that little fact though. Let the silly girl learn on her own. She and Sheol took Kennedy’s arms, and they led her away from Squall.

Tyr so owes me for this one, Squall muttered to himself. That one is going be nothing but trouble.


Giles pushed his way into Buffy’s suite. “What this I hear about keeping a vampire prisoner?” He stopped short at the sight before him. “Oh my Lord! Buffy, stop that!”


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