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Title: Love Brings You
Author: maryperk73703
Season: 5
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Buffy’s talk with Glory’s dying monk has surprising revelations.

Chapter 2

“Spike? That can’t be. He’s a vampire.”

“He wasn’t when we found him. He was just William Jamison. The only son of Andrew and Anne Winters-Pratt Jamison, Lord and Lady Chesterfield. He was dying of tuberculosis, not that he knew that.”

Buffy remembered the things that she’d gleaned about Spike over the years. “My soul mate lived a hundred years before me. How is that even fair?”

The monk chuckled wetly. “Life’s a bitch. Then, you die. We decided it was easier to put the Key inside William and change him into a vampire than it would have been to make you a sister. Only two people’s memory had to be changed to accomplish it, instead of everyone’s.”

Abbott Popeo looked around at his gathered brethren. “The Abomination has escaped her confinement. We must protect the Key. It must be hidden.”

“We could give the Slayer a sister,” Brother Levi suggested.

“That’s a lot of magic,” Brother Malachi replied. “I think I have a better idea.”

“Well, spit it out. We don’t have all the time in the world.” Abbott Popeo stared at Malachi with an expectant look on his face.

Brother Malachi cleared his throat. “The current Slayer, Buffy Summers, has, for a lack of a better term, a soul mate. His name is William Jamison. He was born in 1852. He disappeared from society in 1880, as did his mother. He was never seen again. His mother was dying of consumption, and it was rumored that he took her away for her health. He could have caught the disease himself.”

“Really, that’s your big idea?” Brother Zeev scoffed. “Exactly how are we supposed to use a man that has been dead for over a hundred years. What will you do? Have him turned into a unclean vampire? You know the Key must be clean.”

“William doesn’t start out unclean. If a couple of us go back and make him the Key when he’s young, it would work. Stay and protect him until we can turn him into a vampire.” Brother Malachi looked towards the Abbott. “The Abomination will be looking for someone young and pure. It’s perfect. She’ll never expect it to be hidden inside a vampire.”

“Interesting idea.” Abbott Popeo nodded his head. “And the vampire to turn William? Have you came up with that?”

Brother Malachi nodded. “Yes, I think the Mad Drusilla would work nicely. Rather two people’s memory changed than thousands.”

“He can’t be unclean. How are we supposed to get around that?” Brother Levi asked.

Brother Malachi took out a journal from his pocket. “I have been working on that. If we suppress his soul, but leave his humanity, we can keep him from being completely evil.”

“What about the whole undead blood sucking thing?”

“That could be a problem,” Abbott Popeo agreed. “Any ideas, Brother Malachi?”

“Yes, I have an idea.” Malachi flipped through the pages in the journal. “Now work with me, brothers. We make William a vampire with magic, not blood. That way at his core, he’s still alive. Suppress the soul, but not the humanity. Leave him with physical hunger for food.”

“So from sometime right before he dies until present day, he’ll think he’s totally a vampire?” Brother Zeev looked confused.

“Yes. He and everyone around him will think he’s a vampire. Drusilla will think she was the one that turned him, and he will think that too.” Brother Malachi licked his lips. “But he won’t be, not really. Once he falls in love with Buffy Summers, his soul will slowly start to emerge.”

“Making him more human.” Abbott sat back, and he steepled his fingers in front of his chest. “So, Brother Levi, give me an argument .”

“It’s true that there would be a lot magic performed on memories for a sister, but she’d be innocent. Well, as innocent as a human can be. I thought about making the sister the Slayer’s child, but she’d be too vulnerable.”

Brother Zeev shrugged. “Could still magic up the soul mate and set him on a path to make sure he meets the Slayer at the proper time. However, the Abomination would never suspect a vampire being the Key. I think it’s doable.”

“This is a hard decision to make,” Abbott Popeo said. “Both ideas will take much preparation.”

“We’re relying on you for a decision, Abbott.” Brother Malachi looked at his brethren, who all nodded in agreement. “Whichever plan you go with, we’re all behind you. We’ll do as you decide.”

“We only have one chance at this. What if I make the wrong decision?”

Brother Malachi looked his Abbott directly in the eyes. “I doubt we’ll live long enough to regret it. I suggest we implement the Dagon Sphere plan as soon as possible. While we take care of this, we need to send the rest of the order to different locations across the globe. Each brother takes a Dagon Sphere. That will hopefully keep her busy for a while.”

The Abbott nodded. “I agree. I’ve decided that we will try Brother Malachi’s plan. Brother Levi, I charge you with putting the Key into William when he is a young child. Brother Zeev and I will perform the transformation at the proper time. We just need to find out when The Scourge of Europe are in London, England.”

Brother Malachi gave a weary chuckle. “I already had confirmation that this plan was implemented. I’ve been researching vampires for several months now. That’s when I discovered that William is part of that horrible band of vampires.”

Brother Zeev snorted loud enough to get Brother Malachi’s attention. “So, maybe William didn’t disappear from society. Maybe he really did meet up with Drusilla.”

“All the better. All you need to do is figure out when in 1880 he is turned into a vampire. This plan can work. The Abomination will be fooled, and the Key will stay safe.” Brother Malachi turned back to the Abbott. “What do you want me to do?”

“Take a Dagon Sphere and go to Sunnydale,” the man answered. “You need to inform the Slayer about the Key.”

Brother Malachi nodded. “Right away, Abbott. How will we know we’ve succeeded?”

“I suppose when she catches up with you and still doesn’t know where the Key is.” Brother Zeev rose to his feet. “I will go prepare the brothers for the time travel spells. I hope everyone in this room understands that this is a one way trip. You best prepare accordingly.”

After Brother Zeev left the room, a young acolyte burst into the room waving a letter. “This just appeared for you, Abbott.” He handed Abbott Popeo the letter.

The Abbot opened the letter, and he read through the contents. “This is from Brother Zeev. He was successful in placing the Key into William as a baby. He decided to stay there to help protect William. He’s been taken on a tutor for the Chesterfield heirs.”

“Guess that means we’ll be getting a letter from you soon,” Brother Malachi said to the Abbott.

“I will go check,” the acolyte replied. He left as quickly as he’d entered. Every monk in their order understood the urgency that they were dealing with.

“Well at least Brother Zeev will be easy to find,” Brother Levi commented.

The acolyte returned with another envelope. “Your letter showed up, Abbott.” He thrust the letter at Abbott Popeo.

“Thank you. Please go join the others for the rituals. Let Brother Zeev know we’ll be there in a moment.” Abbott Popeo turned his attention to the letter while the acolyte left the room. “Good news. We are successful, and now we know when we need to be keeping an eye out for Drusilla and her kin in London.”

“This is really going to work.” Brother Malachi’s voice was filled with disbelief. “We’re going to be able to hide the Key.”

Abbott Popeo nodded in agreement. “It’ll be up to Buffy Summers to keep the Key safe though. The Abomination will be looking for a created and inserted human. She will never suspect what we have done.”

“It’s been a pleasure to know you both,” Brother Malachi said. “You are closer to me than my own brothers. I will miss you greatly when you are gone.”

“We’ll miss you too, Brother Malachi,” Brother Levi replied. “May God be with you.”

With that, the three monks went to the ritual room where everything to accomplish the two time travel spells were set up. Brother Zeev held the green glowing ball that was the Key in a stasis pot similar to the Orb of Thesulah. He stepped into the ritual circle. He gave a serene smile, and he closed his eyes. The other monks started to chant. Brother Zeev disappeared from sight.

“I gathered the books and supplies you need for the spells to perform on William and Drusilla.” Brother Malachi pointed towards four bags on a nearby table. “Good luck. Even though …” He nodded at the letter that Abbott Popeo still held in his hand.

“Good luck to you too.” Abbott Popeo looked at all of the monks. “Good luck to you all.” He and Brother Levi picked up two bags each, and they too stepped into the circle. It was only a matter of moments before they disappeared like Brother Zeev had before them.

Brother Malachi bowed his head. “Dear God, please be with our brothers and their missions. Have mercy on their souls. Amen.”

“Amen,” the other monks all said together.

“We are each to take a Dagon Sphere and spread out across the globe. This will confuse the Abomination. She will spend time trying to figure out if one of us is protecting the Key. It is our job to distract her until our brethren can finish their jobs. So, go out and see the world. Visit one of those beautiful places we’ve only read about in our texts.

“Yes, Brother Malachi.”

“So, if Dawn isn’t my sister. Who is she?”

“I don’t know.”


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