Final post “Around the world with you”

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As always, thank you to itmustbetuesday  for organizing the fall round of Spuffy love. This is dedicated to you.

Seasonal Spuffy Fall 06 – Around the world with you

This is a set of 12 songs that remind of about Buffy, Spike and their relationship. The lyrics might not address a particular moment, but the beats and the atmosphere they create remind me of Spuffy. The road we traveled with our favorite couple was full of ups and downs but it was worth it.

Track list:

01. Out Of This World – Bush
02. Love Hurts – Nazareth
03. Amore(Sexo) – Santana feat. Macy Gray
04. Black Coffee – All Saints
05. Heroine – The Edge feat. Sinéad O’Connor
06. Overcome – Tricky
07. A Man And A Woman – U2
08. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game – Massive Attack feat. Tracy Thorn
09. Life In Mono – Mono
10. Strange Love – Depeche Mode
11. Pleasure And Pain – Divinyls
12. The Final Fight – Rob Duncan


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