Fic: Our Secret Flares (NC-17)

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Hello everyone! So, this is my very first seasonal_spuffy, and I’m super-stoked (and a bit nervous!) to be participating :)

Title: Our secret flares
Author: bayloriffic
Fandom/Pairing: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Buffy/Spike
Rating: NC-17, just to be safe
Words: 9,543
Summary: Buffy and Spike go on a stakeout. Sexy hijinks ensue.
A/N: This is set post-s8/early s9, but specific knowledge of the comics definitely isn’t necessary for this fic. If you are following the comics, this can be read as post-Freefall #1 (albeit with at least one minor, just-Jossed plot point because I finished this before 9.01 was released). Or, if the comics aren’t your scene, you can just think of this as a general post-series story that’s set in San Francisco.

our secret flares [link to story on my LJ]