Gif Requests Filled, Part Three

Oops, coming in a bit late even for Pacific time, but I wanted to get these up.

For spuffy_noelle who said: I love what you did with the Thanksgiving gifs where you made it like Buffy was talking to Spike in a scene where she actually wasn’t. If you could do something else like that? I hadn’t remixed gifs this way before but it’s addictive…
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Gif Requests Filled, Part One

On my posting day I asked for gif requests and today I’ll be sharing the results! I hope you’ll check them out even if you haven’t requested anything, there were some great prompts all around.

First up are a pair of lovely S7 moments.

For frayadjacent who said: I’d love to see one showing the look they exchange when Buffy rescues Spike at the end of “Showtime”. A definite top Spuffy moment for me. :)

For debris4spike, a personalized icon and gif from the bedroom scene at the end of Touched. (Plus a non-personalized icon up for grabs.)

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S6 Gifs for kudagirl and Gillo

Wow, today was BUSY. But seeing all your comments about favorite spuffy moments honestly helped me get through! I’ve managed to fill a couple of your requests this evening, and the rest will be up on Dec 15.

Thanks to kudagirl for being first to request!
“Would you be able to do one from the scene in Flooded where Buffy is on the back porch and Spike arrives to talk to her. I just love how she smiles at him when he jokes with her. “
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