Gif Requests Filled, Part Three

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Oops, coming in a bit late even for Pacific time, but I wanted to get these up.

For spuffy_noelle who said: I love what you did with the Thanksgiving gifs where you made it like Buffy was talking to Spike in a scene where she actually wasn’t. If you could do something else like that? I hadn’t remixed gifs this way before but it’s addictive…

For zanthinegirl, who wanted a surprise. I peeked at your journal and saw a) Christmas and b) Doctor Who, so I hope you enjoy these! (Don’t worry, non-Whovians, this isn’t nearly ambitious enough to actually count as a crossover…)

(Because my friend commented that this scene looks like a regeneration, and now that’s all I can think of. I vote for 12th Doctor, she votes for the Master…)

Thanks to the mods for keeping SS going! See y’all next round.


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