Now taking requests! Plus: Buffy, crushed.

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Last round I really enjoyed filling your gif and graphics prompts, especially remixing episodes for maximum Spuffiness. Let’s do it again!

A Spuffy alternate scene from Crush and more details below the cut.

In which Buffy did want it to be a date. She remains unimpressed.

 photo desoto_zpse61b63ab.gif

 photo cd-party-large_zps66ba7079.gif

 photo first-date_zps867115fe.gif

Sorry, Buffy… at least there aren’t any kittens?

Please leave a comment if you have an episode you’d like to remix, a particular moment you’d like to engineer, or just a general gif request. Peek at my entries from the last round if that helps you. I’ll post some today and the rest on the free days!

ETA: I love the theme but didn’t have any great ideas. Bonus points if you do!


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