S6 Gifs for kudagirl and Gillo

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Wow, today was BUSY. But seeing all your comments about favorite spuffy moments honestly helped me get through! I’ve managed to fill a couple of your requests this evening, and the rest will be up on Dec 15.

Thanks to kudagirl for being first to request!
“Would you be able to do one from the scene in Flooded where Buffy is on the back porch and Spike arrives to talk to her. I just love how she smiles at him when he jokes with her. “

“Why are you always around when I’m miserable?”

“Knew I could get a grin.”

And to gillo for giving me an excuse to post more S6 angst!
“I’d love one of that moment in AYW when Buffy visits Spike and says “Tell me you love me…” – so painful, but one of the few redeeming features of that episode.”

I’m open to gif requests through this round of SS. Leave a comment on the original post here.


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