All I Want is You Part 5 Finale…

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series All I Want is You
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Here is Part 5… the end. It’s a little longer than the other parts but not too much. I hope you all have enjoyed story time with me. Have a great night!

Title: All I Want is You

By: Jerzeyanjel

Rating: NC17

Summary: Again it’s in the before mentioned parts.

Part 5

Buffy’s hips lifted allowing the head of his cock to slide in.

Spike stifled a groan and slid in slowly, allowing her body to grow accustomed to his length. His gaze didn’t waver as he began a rhythm, their bodies moving together like a well-oiled machine. Spike leant down and kissed Buffy gently. His lips full of the emotions he couldn’t put into words. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist as she bit on his bottom lip. Spike groaned low and sped up his thrusts. The bed squeaked loudly, the headboard hitting the wall.

Spike’s mouth moved to her throat, licking at the hollow between her shoulder and neck. He sucked hard on her skin, his pelvis slamming against hers. His lips opened and he bathed her flesh with lazy open-mouthed kisses. His cock stretched and filled her with lavish pleasure.

“God Spike,” she moaned loudly her inner walls beginning to quake.

With the first wave of her orgasm Spike fell, his length being strangled alive in her heat.

“Buffy…” he yelled as he came, filling her with his essence.

Above them the PTB watched, smiles on their faces, satisfied that they could at least give them one night. One night of passion, of lust and love. To tide them over until they could once again be together.


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