All I Want is You Part 1

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Hello again. Here is my 2nd offering. I wrote a little ficlet for you all. I put the seperate parts into drabbles for you.

All I Want is You

By: Jerzeyanjel

Rating: ranges from G to NC-17

Summary: Set after the Btvs finale and after Ats Destiny. Spike is corporeal and missing Buffy. Buffy is in England missing Spike.

Part 1

Buffy peered out the window of her home and watched the snow falling rapidly; creating a soft blanket of white that covered the ground. The curtain she pulled away from the window cast a golden glow on the snow outside and she watched, fascinated by Mother Nature.

She sighed loudly, unhappily, her heart in turmoil.

Her breath fogged up the cool glass in front of her. She lifted her finger and touched the fogged glass, writing in it. Each letter, each touch of her finger on the windowpane made a small tear journey it’s way down her cheek.

Missing him was like day with no sun, no light, just darkness.

It created a hole in her soul, which could not be filled. Missing him made her realize how very much she loved him. It made her finally admit she had been wrong, so very wrong in how she treated him.

She sobbed quietly as her finger left the glass. She stared at what she wrote, quick tears sliding down her face. She let go of the curtain, shutting out the snow and sadly walking away.

On the glass the one word stood strong and proud. It glowed softly, warmly.



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