All I Want is You Part 3…

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Here is part 3.

Title: All I Want is You

By: Jerzeyanjel

Rating: G-NC17

Summary: After btvs finale/ Destiny Ats Spike and Buffy are missing each other.

Part 3

The two drawings glowed so fiercely that they drew the attention of the powers that be.

It wasn’t as if the PTB didn’t know or even feel what these two individuals were going through. Their love was a low hum felt everyday. But the emotion, the utter sadness in these words, names that they drew were like beacons. Beckoning them and drawing them in.

The decision was made like a snap of fingers. The PTB smiling down on the two as they fell into their beds in a deep sleep. The inner connection between the two opened and their spirits floated above their bodies. Soaring away, towards each other into an alternate dimension.

Buffy awoke slowly, her back pressed against something warm and solid. Her mind swam, mixed thoughts and pictures floated in her head but she couldn’t figure out what they meant. Behind her Spike’s arm was around her waist, holding her to him.

Her body tingled where he touched, his lips trailing down the back of neck up to her ear. She snuggled more against him, his hand moving up to cup her very naked breast. Her eyes closed, skin touching, sending tingles of delight shooting through her.


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