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Title: Oh My… We’re Where Exactly?
Author: maryperk73703
Setting: BTVS AU 7, pre-series
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything but the plot and the original characters
Warnings: Lots of original characters
Rating: NC-17 to be on the safe side
Summary: After the events of Ghosts, Goblins, and Ghouls… Oh My!, Spike and Buffy return to Skald Hill Manor for Xander’s car. You would think they’d know better than to explore an formerly haunted house, wouldn’t you?

Chapter 5

“Sarah, your husband is fine. Better than fine.” Doc Roberts shook his head. “He’s in better shape now than when he came in last month with that cough.”

“I’m so glad,” Sara said. She smiled at the doctor while she set the table for four. “Johnny’s washing up outside, doc. Why don’t you join him?”

“Be my pleasure.” Doc Roberts put his medical bag to the side, and he went out the front door to join Johnny.

Sarah looked up in surprise when Ajax stomped out of the bedroom fully dressed. “Dinner’s almost ready, honey. Go wash up.”

Ajax gave Sarah an uncustomary sneer. “I don’t think so. I have my own life to live, and it’s not here with you.”


Ajax pointed a finger in Sarah’s face. “Your husband is dead. I’m here in this body now, and I’m getting out of here. There’s nothing you can do or say that’ll change my mind. If you follow me, I’ll make you sorry.”

“Pa?” Johnny’s voice said softly.

“Not anymore.” Ajax swept past the boy into the falling darkness. He smirked when he saw the doctor’s horse standing under a nearby tree. How hard could it be to ride a horse anyway? Ajax marched over to the horse where he swung up on the animal like he’d seen in all the old westerns he’d watched as a kid.

Ajax knew that the woman and the boy came out the cabin door in tears, but he didn’t care. He had thought about making her his first in this new land of opportunity, but then he decided that he’d lose his anonymity.

“Hey, Ajax, what are you doing?” Doc Roberts called out.

Ajax flipped the doctor the finger before he turned the horse down the worn wagon trail that he hoped led to town.

“Don’t go, Pa.” Johnny raced after Ajax. “I love you!”

Ajax kicked the horse’s flanks to get it to break into a run. He didn’t look back.



“You will give me a horse now, you Norwegian idiot,” Gibson shouted at the blond haired, blue eyed livery stable owner.

“No, I will not,” Orri Rodriquez grunted. “I have no extra horses for you.”

Gibson pointed at the horse that Juan was leading around the pen beside the stable. “What about that one?”

“That is Mr. Jamison’s horse, Diablo. He likes no one.”

“That little half breed of yours seems to get along well enough with him.” Gibson stomped over to the pen where he opened the gate. “If he can get along with the horse, I can too.”

Juan looked past his father to where Spike, Buffy, and Win were approaching the livery stable with the two Clems now hired on as manager and bell hop. “I think you best ask Mr. Jamison if you can ride his horse.”

“Let him try,” Spike called out with a laugh. From experience, he knew it would not be an easy task at all. “Saddle Devil Horse up, Mr. Rodriquez. Let old George give it the college try.”

Win thought his business partner and brother in law was a bit different since his return with his bride, but whatever happened the man had some really interesting and profitable sounding ideas now.

Orri hurried to saddle up Devil Horse, cooing under his breath the entire time. The horse only tolerated him for a few minutes at a time. Once Devil Horse was ready to be ridden, Orri stepped back to let Gibson climb aboard.

Gibson swung up on Devil Horse, and he clicked his tongue. When the horse trotted obediently around the pen, he flashed a grin at Spike. However, the moment Gibson opened his mouth to crow about his success, Devil Horse stopped in his tracks. The horse put his head down to the ground, and he bucked his hindquarters into the air. George Gibson went flying across the pen to land at Orri’s feet.

“That was faster than I thought it would be.” Spike chuckled. He strolled across the expanse to stand by Devil Horse. He swung up on the animal, and he circled the pen several times before stopping to climb back off Devil Horse. He handed the reins back to Juan. Then, he approached Gibson.

Win saw the icy look in William’s eyes, and he wondered if he needed to rescue Gibson from his partner who had a coldness about him that he’d never observed before. He was becoming more and more curious about what had brought about the changes in his friend. Win glanced at Elizabeth who had an exasperated look on her face, and he wondered if she had anything to do with the changes.

Buffy gave an aggravated sigh. “Stupid vampire. He’s gonna make everyone suspicious of us.”

“Gibson,” Spike said coldly. “We’ll give you a ride to the stagecoach station in Ventura. From there I expect you to get as far away from our town as you physically can.” He turned to Win. “Is there some place this arse can spend the night that won’t brass off everyone else in town?”

Win slowly pointed towards the building being used as a jailhouse.


“So, we’re going into Ventura,” Buffy paused to hum a few bars from a Sheryl Crow song. She ignored Win’s confused look. “Stay overnight there, catch the stagecoach in the morning, spend the night someplace along the way, and be in Los Angeles the day after tomorrow.”

Win nodded. He had no idea what Elizabeth had hummed, but it had been a catchy little tune. “You are quite correct, Elizabeth.”

“Cool,” Buffy chirped.

So, that afternoon, Spike, Buffy, Win, and a very disgruntled and ignored George Gibson started out for the stagecoach station in Ventura, California. They spent the night. Buffy was uncomfortable, and she hoped they’d be going home soon.

The next morning, they found that Gibson had disappeared during the night. Win sent one of the locals back to Rocky Hill with a message for the townsfolk to keep an eye out for Gibson. Then, Spike, Buffy, and Win climbed aboard the stage for a long, hot, dusty day. Half way to their destination, they stopped to spend the night. Buffy had tried her best not to complain about the conditions, but a few comments had slipped out during the journey.

“Your Elizabeth doesn’t like to travel, does she?” Win asked Spike after Buffy fell asleep.

“Not really.” Spike shook his head. “She’s doing better than I thought though. Elizabeth adores her comforts.”

“Yet, you married her and dragged her here to the wild frontier.”

Spike gave Win a lopsided smirk. “She’s tougher than she looks. Take my word on it.” He clapped the shoulder. “I’m exhausted too. I’m off to join Elizabeth in slumber.”

Win shook his head. “Go to bed, William.” He watched while his brother in law removed his shoes and coat, crawled in beside Elizabeth, and settled down to sleep. He couldn’t wait to introduce Elizabeth to Natalie. Win was sure they’d be the best of friends.

The next morning, the three travelers rose early, ate a hardy breakfast, and once again climbed aboard the stagecoach. They’d be in Los Angeles by the end of the day. Win sat back to observe his in-laws.

Win noticed that William wore his heart and affection on his sleeve. Every emotion was telegraphed in William’s actions and words. On the other hand, Elizabeth hid her love for her husband as if she was afraid someone was going to tell her that it was inappropriate.

After a few hours, Win decided that it was true that William was acting a bit off since his return with Elizabeth, but there wasn’t enough of a difference to make him worry. Lord knew that marrying Natalie had certainly changed him. Win’s attention wandered from his fellow travelers, and it became firmly fixed on meeting up with his wife again. He just hoped she hadn’t bought out all the stores in Los Angeles.


Natalie suppressed agitation while she waited for the stagecoach that carried her husband, her brother, and her brother’s new bride to arrive. She let out a small sigh.

“Everything all right, Mrs. Wyndam-Pryce?” Silas Carter, the Watcher guard assigned to protect Natalie in Sherwin’s absent, asked.

“Just fine, Silas,” Natalie replied. “I just hate waiting.”

“My Helen is the same way,” Silas said. He tilted his head. “I think I hear the coach coming.”



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