Oh My… We’re Where Exactly? Chapter 3/?

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Title: Oh My… We’re Where Exactly?
Author: maryperk73703
Setting: BTVS AU 7, pre-series
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything but the plot and the original characters
Warnings: Lots of original characters
Rating: NC-17 to be on the safe side
Summary: After the events of Ghosts, Goblins, and Ghouls… Oh My!, Spike and Buffy return to Skald Hill Manor for Xander’s car. You would think they’d know better than to explore an formerly haunted house, wouldn’t you?

Chapter 3

“Look over there.” Buffy pointed at the construction that she and Spike were about to ride by. She tried not to wiggle too much, but the anticipation of finally getting off Devil Horse was starting to get to her. “I didn’t realize that the Rocky Hill sanitarium was so old.”

“Hmm, maybe we can find a place to stay in Rocky Hill then,” Spike said. “Not only am I not used to ridin’ a horse any more, I’m not used to being a puny human. I haven’t felt this many aches and pains since you put in that bloody wheelchair.”

Buffy finally gave up and wiggled behind him. “Me either. My butt hurts. I’m pretty sure that Rocky Hill is older than Sunnydale. Everyone probably avoided the demons until Wilkins settled there.”

“We can get some rest and a bath while we get our bearings.” Spike turned Devil Horse towards where he thought downtown Rocky Hill was in the future. He’d only been through the town a half a dozen times in the future – and half of those times he’d been drunk – but he was sure he knew where he was headed.

One thing for sure, Rocky Hill wasn’t much to look at. It looked much like any other frontier town in 1843 California, but it sported a sprawling hotel with three floors. The name of the hotel was ‘The Jamison W. Pryce Hotel.”

Spike looked back over his shoulder at Buffy. “Well, I guess we know what William and Sherwin were partners in now.”

Buffy peeked around Spike’s shoulder. “Wow, cool. Nice place. Better than the crypt.”

“Practically anywhere is better than the crypt,” Spike said. “But you have admit that I made it look pretty nice.”

“Yeah, you did,” Buffy admitted. She leaned her head against Spike’s back. “Sorry I blew it up with Riley.”

“Well, when we get back home you can help me put it back to rights, Slayer,” Spike said. He guided Devil Horse towards the hitching post in front of the hotel.

“Okay.” Buffy nodded her head. “I don’t remember a hotel that looked like this in the few times I’ve been through Rocky Hill.”

“It’s been awhile, but if I remember right something happened to it.” Spike’s forehead furrowed while he thought. “I was just a kid though, pet. Kids weren’t allowed in on the adult conversations, and I was thrilled to have a cousin to play with.”

Buffy nodded. “Gotcha. Keep an eye out for an impending hotel destroying disaster.”

Spike brought Devil Horse to a halt. Quietly he said to Buffy, “Follow my lead. These folks aren’t going to understand California Valley Girl-ese.” He carefully got off the horse before he helped Buffy down. He set her on the on the wooden stoop in front of the hotel with a grimace. The street was nothing but mud.

Boy, Spike was going to miss ‘modern’ conveniences.

A young boy loitered nearby. He was on the scrawny side, but he looked wiry and tough despite his size. Spike looked the boy over carefully before he said, “Boy, can you get my horse to the livery stable?” He pulled a gold piece from his pocket, and he flipped it in the air.

“Yes, sir,” the boy said with a Spanish accent. He stood up straighter, and he swept the hat off his head to run a hand through his black hair. His eyes followed the gold piece Spike continued to toss into the air. “Mi padre owns the stable.”

“What’s your name?” Buffy asked.

“Juan Rodriquez.”

“Well, Juan, this is Devil Horse.” Spike turned to the horse. “Devil Horse, this is Juan. If he ends up hurt in anyway. You and I will have words.”

Devil Horse snorted.

Spike bared his teeth at the animal. “Just so we agree, you great git.” He turned to Juan, and he flipped the boy the coin. “Don’t take none of his guff, young man. You tell me if he causes you any trouble.”

Juan caught the coin. “Yes, sir.” He took Devil Horse’s reins. He spoke to the horse in a soothing tone as he led the animal away.

Spike stepped up onto the stoop next to Buffy. “Let’s go figure out what’s going on, luv.” He offered her his arm which she took. Together they entered the hotel.

“Mr. Jamison, where have you been?” A short, balding man that reminded Buffy of Principal Snyder rushed across the lobby towards Spike and herself. “We were expecting you and your wife two days ago.”

Spike glanced at Buffy, and then he replied, “So, sorry, my good man. We had a small unforeseen accident involving our mode of transportation.”

Buffy stared at Spike in astonishment. To her ears he sounded like Giles.

“Well, I am pleased you were able to make it. I am George Gibson. Your rooms are ready.”

“Thank you, Mr. Gibson. We are in desperate need of baths. Can you direct us to the bathhouse?” At least he hoped there was a bathhouse.

George nodded wildly. “Of course, Mr. Jamison.” He looked behind Spike. “Your luggage, sir?”

“Lost in the accident, I’m afraid.”

“Will! I’m so glad you and Elizabeth made it finally.” A tall man with a full beard greeted Spike with a grin. “I should have known better than to worry about you. You’re like a bad penny.”

“Is he ever,” Buffy said under her breath. She winked at Spike from beneath her lashes.

The man turned to Buffy. “You must be the beautiful Elizabeth I’ve heard so much about. You are a fine woman to take on this wretch of a man.” He gave a hearty laugh. “I am Sherwin Wyndam-Pryce, but you can call me Win.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Buffy said in what she hoped was the proper tone of voice. She held her hand out in greeting.

“I’m sure you know by now that I’m your husband’s partner in this venture.” Win bowed over Buffy’s hand. “At times I’m surprised at the amount of business we do here.” He glanced over at a demon reading a very out of date newspaper.

Buffy glanced at the demon too. “I suppose when you have a strange skin condition, or have considered joining the circus, it’s nice to find an out of the way place.” She had memories of Xander and Anya’s Not-A-Wedding where Anya’s demonic friends pretended to be circus freaks. She glanced at Spike. “You know like a certain person we know that loves her justice, William. One that might be hanging around.”

Spike nodded his head to let Buffy know he understood what she was talking about. However, he wasn’t too sure that Anya in her demon state would be too thrilled at helping them. “Of course, luv. For now though, I’m ready for a good cleansing.”

“Of course you do.” Win slapped Spike on the back. “George, send the boys out to heat up some water for my partner and his wife while I get them settled in their room.”


“Sorry, it took so long to get here,” Old Doc Roberts said when he stepped inside the Kellogg’s cabin. “Ajax isn’t the only sickly one in town, I’m afraid.”

“That’s quite all right,” Sarah replied. “It’s just that he’s been acting mighty peculiar since the fever broke. I even lost him at one point.”

Doc Roberts patted Sarah’s shoulder. “I’m sure he’ll be fine, my dear. Let me go check on him now.”

“I’m making my finger lickin’ good chicken,” Sarah said. “I hope you’re planning on staying for dinner.”

“It’d be my pleasure. Is Ajax through there?” Doc Roberts pointed towards the curtained off bedroom.

Sarah nodded before she turned back to her meal making.

Doc Roberts stepped through the curtain. His patient sat on the bed with the blankets bunched around his hips. “Evening, Ajax. Sara told me you’re not yourself.”

Ajax looked up at the doctor. “I guess you could say that. I’m feeling fine though. I want to get out of bed.”

“Let me check you over.” Doc Roberts opened his bag, and he pulled out his stethoscope.


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