(Fic) His Heart Belongs to You PG-14

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This is not only my second fanfic EVER, this also my first post for Seasonal Spuffy EVER. So go easy on me!

Title: “His Heart Belongs to You”
Author: chosenenemy
Timeline: Chosen and right after that. Sort of AU
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Rating: PG-14
Warnings: Just a bit of sex talk
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters and places, they all belong to Joss Whedon, and that other God.
Summary: Right before the big fight, Buffy blurrily said to Spike that maybe after the fight, they might start something. But he died, and the suggestion never came to play. But what if Spike hadn’t died?


CHAPTER 1 – Dating Vampires

Moments passed. The world collapsed around them. But neither of them moved. They couldn’t. They both had a mission. They’re both stubborn as hell.

“Gotta move, lamb. I think it’s fair to say school’s out for the bloody summer”, Spike joked in his last minutes. But this wasn’t a joke. This was death. Death that he seemed to want. But for Buffy, his death was like the end of the world.

“You have to come with me”, Buffy yelled at him, almost angrily. “I’m not leaving you here!”

“That sodding apocalypse has made such mess. Gotta do the cleanup, and that’s my job this time, luv”.

“Spike, listen to me. You have to come with me. You’ve done enough”, she kept insisting. The Hellmouth kept falling apart around them.

“I mean it. I gotta do this!” he got real serious. Too serious. Buffy knew there had to be a way to convince that stubborn vampire to come with her. There was still time to be saved. But not too much. Way not too much. She knew she had to do something or she’d lose the love of her life.

“Do you remember our talk at the house?” she asked him, almost randomly.

“Good time to bring up memories, Pet”.

“I told you that if we made it, if we both survive, maybe we could start…” she tried to pick her words wisely.”…dating”.

All the pain Spike was in at that moment was completely gone. Except for the pinch he felt in his heart, because he wasn’t sure he heard her right. No, she didn’t say it. Or… she didn’t mean it.

“You’re just saying it because you want me outta here”, he questioned her intentions. “But thank you for saying it”.

Now Buffy got really mad. Not only he didn’t listen to her and walked out of the Hellmouth with her, he also called her a liar. And she hated being called a liar.

“Spike… I love you”, she almost whispered. Only the both of them could hear. He looked into her eyes. They were locked into each other. Nothing mattered. The Hellmouth was collapsing around them, on them… But they didn’t care. Spike couldn’t find the words not just to say, but also to think.

Buffy reached her lips out to his, and kissed him softly. This was the softest kiss they ever had with each other. It wasn’t an angry kiss, it wasn’t painful. It was the kiss that will save them both.


One week later, the smoke was cleared out of everybody’s faces. The Hellmouth was closed for good. One of them was. The gang has decided to continue their mission in life and keep being the Hellmouth’s guardians. In Cleveland. What will their use be in the world if they decided to live like normal people? They weren’t normal. It wasn’t only the Slayer who was chosen to fight evil, it was the rest of them as well. They’re connected to the Slayer. Her job is their job. No reason to stop there just because one Hellmouth is gone.

New life has begun. New environment, new evil. Still, all seemed the same. In the new Hellmouth.

The biggest change? Spike wasn’t living in a crypt anymore. There were no good enough crypts in the new city’s graveyard. This gave Buffy the chance to laugh at him from time to time, because he was now living in an apartment. Very not vampire-y. She kept laughing at him for living as a human, which he clearly didn’t want to be. But aside from the laughing at, Buffy also helped him to pay rent, thanks to the job she found at the local bookstore. Not fancy, but will pay rent.

Buffy was amazed at how good her life turned out. She couldn’t even dare to think what it all would be like if she hadn’t convinced Spike to follow her out of the Hellmouth. Although, nothing really changed between them. He was in her life, and she was in his. But she didn’t really go on to the dating part of their relationship that she had promised him back at the apocalypse. And he wasn’t doing anything either. Buffy felt horrible. Because maybe Spike thought she regretted it. Or worse, maybe she lied to him. It’s been a week, and neither of them really moved things forward.

Buffy drowned into big and deep thoughts, not noticing she was placing books on the wrong shelf at the bookstore.

‘How will I go about it?’ She asked herself. Was she suddenly embarrassed from Spike? The person she’s always felt most comfortable with?

‘Just ask him if he wants to go to the movies or something’, she thought to herself. ‘But what kind of movies do vampires like? Too bad there isn’t a book about dating a vampire. What am I saying? I dated a vampire before… But this is Spike. Not Angel. I don’t even know if Spike likes movies. He likes kitten poker, spicy blood and Buffalo wings. Great, now I know what to get him for his birthday. Birthday is easy, this is dating’. She sighed. Why is this so hard?


Back at the house, Dawn was trying on Buffy’s clothes again. She was at Buffy’s bedroom, Slayer posing in front of the mirror, clothes laid out all around, stake in her hand, loud music in the background. Big mistake.

The door of the house opened and Buffy walked in. Loud music will usually mean that an annoying teenager is having too much fun. But in the Summers’ residence? It means Dawn is doing something wrong again.

Buffy walked into her bedroom, knowing Dawn couldn’t hear or notice her. “You know, only Slayers can wear high heels while slaying”.

Dawn was startled. She dropped the stake from her hand. “I didn’t hear you”, she said quietly.

“No kidding”, Buffy was cynical. But she was used to her little sister making big messes. But Buffy didn’t want to argue with her again. It was just clothes, after all. Some have blood stains, so when Dawn ruins them, she will have to buy Buffy new clothes, blood-less. So it will work out well.

Buffy sat down on her bedspread. Dawn noticed a serious note. “What’s wrong?” she asked her older sister.

“Nothing’s wrong”, Buffy told her. “Just… There’s something I need to do. And I don’t know how to do it”.

“What are you talking about? You can do anything. You’re a Slayer. You stopped the world from ending a million times! You’re probably the strongest human in the whole…”

“It’s not something I can use force for. It’s more of a…” she was embarrassed. “Love matter. Asking someone out”.

Dawn stared at her for a second. Then burst out laughing.

“Why are you laughing?” Buffy was a little offended.

“Well…” Dawn tried to stop cracking up and explain herself”. “You. The Slayer. The most powerful force this world has. Is terrified of dating. All the monsters you’ve faced, a huge apocalypse, more than one… And you’re afraid of asking someone out!”

“You know, the laughing at is not very confidence building”.

“Sorry. You’re right. I’m done laughing. For now. So, there’s a guy you like, assuming we’re talking about a guy here. And you’re afraid to make the first move, correct?

“Well, sort of”, Buffy wasn’t sure of herself, or what she should say. And what shouldn’t she say.

“You’re not that bad at it. You asked guys out before”.

“This is different. It’s someone I’ve known for a long time”.

“Oh my God! Xander?! You’re in love with Xander?” Dawn was genuinely shocked.

“No!” Buffy cried out in surprise.

“Thank God”, Dawn calmed herself down. She hadn’t forgotten the feelings she used to have toward one of Buffy’s best friends. “Who is it then?”

“Well…” Buffy hesitated. “It’s Spike”.

Dawn didn’t say a word. She just stared at her sister. Then started squeaking in her highest pitch tone in excitement.

“I take it you’re happy. Or someone spiked your drink”, Buffy figured to herself, not really knowing how to react. Seemed like Dawn still wanted Buffy and Spike to be together. She forgave him about everything. That actually made Buffy feel relieved.

“So you and Spike are gonna start dating?” Dawn asked after calming down a bit.

“I guess. I told him we would. But nothing happened since then. I think he’s waiting for me to make the first move. Or maybe he doesn’t want to date me anymore”.

“Of course he wants to date you. It’s Spike. Just ask him”.

“But what if he doesn’t? What if he says no and then we lose each other. I can’t bear the thought of him not being in my life. I ask him, he says no, we lose each other because we’re not even able to be in the same room with each other. That’s a one big mess”.

“I know!” Dawn jumped. “There is this club around here, not as cool as the Bronze, but I heard some good things about it”.

“Thanks, Dawn, but I’m not looking to party”.

“No. We could all go there, the whole gang. And you can tell Spike that we’re out to celebrate the arriving to a new town, and ask him if he wants to joins us there. Then you can ask him if he wants to dance, and bam!”

“Bam?” Buffy was puzzled.

“You’re both right in there”, Dawn explained. “Together”.

“You know what? That sounds pretty good. Okay, let’s do it!”


CHAPTER 2 – The Dance Never Ends

A hand reached out and banged on the wooden door of Spike’s apartment. It was Buffy’s. She waited patiently for the door to open. She was actually happy about every second that the door was still closed. But it finally opened.

The first thing that welcomed Buffy as the door opened was a towel covering a hot body. Oh, and Spike underneath that. Spike’s hair was wet and more curly than usual and he was dripping.

Buffy’s eyes locked on his abs, as if she’s never seen them before.

“Like what you’re seeing? Spike smirked.

“Uh huh”. Then Buffy tried to shake herself off, “I mean… nice to see you. Very nice. Was shower good?”

“It was fine, pet. Want in to my kingdom?”

“What?! Oh! Your apartment! Thank you”, she walked in. Bad start.

“Sorry I didn’t fix it up. Didn’t know you’d drop by”.

“Next time, absolutely”, she was afraid to meet his eyes.

“So, to what do I owe this pleasure?” Not that he wasn’t happy to see his girl. But he was surprise because she hasn’t been dropping by his place like she used to, back in the old day when she knocked the door down.

“Well, the Scoobies want to celebrate our new hometown, and our new life in general. We’re heading to the local club tonight. Thought you might wanna meet us there.

“I’ll try to drop by”, he almost assured her.

“Do you have plans already?”

“You know me”, Spike replied with an almost indifferent expression.

‘What is this?’ Buffy asked herself. ‘Is he trying to play hard to get? What an asshole!’

“Okay, thanks for stopping by!” Spike said politely. But it wasn’t polite. It was rude. He wanted her out of there. But Buffy didn’t have any clue why. What could have happened within just one week?


Buffy made her way home pretty depressed. Why did Spike kick her out?

‘Oh, no’, she started to freak out. ‘He IS mad at me for not following through my promise. I should have talked to him the second we got out of the Hellmouth. He thinks I didn’t mean it because I didn’t talk about it again. And he thinks that I invited him to the club just to be polite. Oh, crap. I really messed that up’.

“Oh, he’ll probably not show at the club at all”, Buffy said to herself out loud, trying to convince herself that it’s not that bad.


As Buffy stood in front of the mirror, trying to figure out what to wear for the night out, she only had one thought in mind. Spike is mad at her, so she will have to find something to wear that will seduce him again and stop being mad at her. That, of course, if he shows up.

‘It should be a killer’, she thought to herself. ‘Hopefully he’ll get the hint. That I’m still into it, into the idea of us together. I have to show him that I am interested’.

Buffy sighed at the tight blue jeans she had on. Nah, not good enough. She changed clothes again. She put on a red silk dress. A little slutty, but who cares. This is the one.

‘Spike will die when he sees me in this!’ she chuckled to herself. ‘I mean, as dead as a vampire can be. He’ll be deader’.

At the other side of the door, Dawn was already impatient.

“Buffy, you ready? Hurry up, my feet hurt because of the high heels!”

Buffy called back from inside of her bedroom, “You’re like 6″ tall, you don’t even need heels!”

“At least I’m not 4″ tall like you, midget! Come on, hurry up!”

Buffy took a last look at herself in the mirror. Perfect!


“The Dancing Donut?” Buffy was confused as her and her friends stood outside the club, giggling at the name of it.

“I know!” Xander scoffed. “Whatever happened to Copper, Gold…? They don’t even have to bronze it, just pick the right name!”

“Dancing Donut”, Willow repeated the name. “What does it even mean?”

“What does Bronze mean?” Dawn replied. “At least here we know that we’ve come to dance”.

“Dancing with donuts”, Buffy said, almost to herself.

“So let’s boogie!” Xander got excited, and led the way into the club.

The gang stopped at the entrance, taking the club in. It was different from the Bronze. But the gang was glad that at least there weren’t dancing donuts in there.

“Faith would have loved it!” Dawn got excited herself, and then turned to Buffy. “You did invite her, right?”

“I did”, Buffy replied. “But she said she had plans”.

“Who knows what she’s doing right now. Or who she’s doing”, Xander said under his breathe, but still they all heard, and stabbed him with 3 sharp stares.

“I also invited Spike”, Buffy continued. “But I don’t know if he’s even interested. He didn’t seem like himself”.

“Is that bad?” Xander said sarcastically. Buffy looked at him, not pleased with the comment, clearly wants him to shut his mouth. “I mean, the ‘himself’ is not that pleasant, what with the murdering people and all”.

“Xand, shut up. Let’s find a seat”, Willow changed the subject. They all followed the former nerd to an empty table, right in the center.

“You know, it’s not that bad here”, Willow stated”. “Except for the name, it’s pretty much like the Bronze”.

“Well, you know. Hellmouth towns”, said Dawn. “They all have the same chain of clubs”.

“Okay, I’m going to buy some drinks. And a cocoa for Dawnie”, announced Buffy and headed toward the counter without waiting for any responds.

As she made her way there, she halted. Her eyes locked on the dance floor. She couldn’t believe what she saw. Spike. And Faith. Dancing. Together.

What the hell is going on?


CHAPTER 3 – She Owns Him

Buffy made her way back to the table, drinkless.

“What about the drinks?” Willow said in confusion.

“Yeah, what about my cocoa”? Dawn scolded, especially at the fact that they wanted her to drink cocoa like an 8 year old.

“I forgot”, Buffy didn’t look up, her eyes were pointed at the dirty floor.

“On your way from the table to the bar to get the drinks you forgot about the drinks?” Xander joked.

“I need to get outta here”, Buffy almost cried. All she wanted to do was run away and bury herself underneath her bed cover. “Let’s go”.

“We just got here…” Dawn complained.

But Buffy’s mind wasn’t with her. Or with anyone else but Spike and Faith. She just took off, not even looking back to see if the rest were even following her.


Buffy and Dawn walked into their house. Dawn could tell that her sister was upset. But she didn’t know why. She followed her to her room, to see what’s wrong. Buffy didn’t even notice that.

“What’s going on?” Dawn showed her concern.

“I thought we’ve prevented the end of the world already”, Buffy kept looking at the floor.

“Buffy, look at me. What’s wrong? I know something’s wrong”.

“It’s just… Spike”.

“What about him? I thought we settled on the asking him to dance plan. You didn’t even wait long enough for him to arrive there”.

“He was there”, Buffy raised her eyes to look at Dawn”. “I saw him”.

“Then what’s the problem? He came”, Dawn tried so hard to understand. Tried hard to find a way to help her sister out.

“He wasn’t there by himself”, Buffy’s eyes got wetter. “He was there dancing with Faith”.

“Faith? But she said she had plans”.

It took Dawn a few more seconds to connect everything together.

“Spike and Faith”, she nodded in understanding. “But you know, maybe it’s nothing. Maybe they were just dancing”.

“I’ve always thought they fitted each other”, Buffy mumbled. “I’ve never said that, but I’ve always thought they had so much in common”.

“This is ridiculous. Spike and Faith? Don’t they hate each other? After their big spat?”

“They seemed to get along fine when I saw them dancing together”.

“Well, Faith is a slut. She’ll dance with anyone”.

“But what if it’s not even her?” Buffy got worried and worried. She tried to control her tears. “What if Spike asked her out. I mean, he did throw me out of his apartment. He was very cold toward me. He’s in love with her. He doesn’t love me anymore”.

“What are you talking about? You’re his love of his life! He’ll never be in love with anyone else”.

“Won’t he?” Buffy wasn’t convinced. “He used to be in love with Drusilla for 100 years. Then all of a sudden he turned against her. He fell in love with me and dumped her. Who says he won’t do it to me? I feel sick.”

“I think you should talk to him. I really do”.

“No. I should talk to Faith. It’s her for sure. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted her.

“Promise me you won’t kill her”, Dawn said with concern. She did bond with Faith a little before the big fight. She was pretty cool.

“I promise”, Buffy said quietly. But deep inside she knew she couldn’t promise that. Because all she wanted to do was kill Faith. A few times if it was possible.


The day after the huge stab in Buffy’s heart, Buffy didn’t feel any better. Worse, because she just invited Faith to her house. Just to talk. Or…

When Buffy opened the door, trying to contain herself, Faith looked upbeat. Too happy. And Buffy knew why. Buffy couldn’t fake her feelings too much. But she wanted to do it right. She knew it’s going to be very difficult for her. She’s never trusted Faith. From the second she met her, there was always a black cloud on top of her head. She was dark; a rogue Slayer who tried to fit in in worlds that she didn’t belong to. And that is why she’s always thought Faith and Spike made a good match.

“Come in”, Buffy invited the other Slayer in. Maybe for the last time. She’s not welcome anymore.

“Hey, B. Looking good. A bit uptight, as usual. Smile!”

“So, how are you?” Buffy tried to be fakily polite.

“Five by Five. Just killed a nasty ass horny demon”.

“You mean horny or horny?” Buffy did a little chit-chat before the execution.

“What do you think?”

Faith was giggling, but it hurt Buffy even more. She didn’t want to laugh. She wanted to punch somebody. Good thing Faith was there.

“We need to talk”, Buffy kept serious expression on.

“Oh, sure! Sounds more interesting than the finding a job thing. Every other perv in town thinks he can grab my ass during interviews”.

“I’m not sure how to do this without putting some violence into this. I’ll just make it quick, because I want it over with”.

Faith got a little serious too. “You seem a little out of it. What’s wrong with you?”

“Did…” Buffy tried to find the right words. She had too many things to say, but not even one she wanted to say. “Are you and Spike together now?”

Faith got quiet. Then a big smile spread across her face. “Does that bother you?”

“So, that means the answer is yes?”

“I’m not too sure”, Faith started pacing around. “Maybe the whole saving the world bit is what does it to me. You’re a save the world girl and I do find you attractive. Spike’s a hot mama. We went out once, though. But I can definitely say we might continue that ride. He didn’t say no to that”.

“You’ll be dating?” Buffy got really upset now, but didn’t let it show.

“I guess we will. Or… we already are, not really sure. That’s okay right?”

Buffy kept quiet. She was boiling inside. And it almost cracked her. “Well”…

“I mean you’re not together. You’re not even interested in him. Not in that way”.

“What if I told you that I’m thinking about it? That I am kinda interested?”

“Then I’d tell you it’s too late. He’s taken. By me. We’re a good match, don’t you think? We have so much in common”.

“Spike will never love you”, Buffy stated, not afraid to hurt Faith.

“Listen”, Faith continued. “You had your chance. You blew it. Now it’s my turn to make the move. Since you never did”.

“I did. I told him we could try dating each other after the fight”.

“And are you? As it seems to me, you left him hanging and he found a new chicka. It’s not my fault you were playing hardball all this time. Now you’re suddenly up for it? Too late, B. Boat has sailed”.

“He still wants to”, Buffy said without being completely sure in what she’s saying. “He loves me. He’ll never love you”.

“What did you expect? For him to never go out with anyone but you? You keep stalling and rejecting him. That poor guy. He deserves better than this. Do you really think he’ll be waiting for you forever?”

“He wouldn’t be with anyone else”.

“Huh”, Faith scoffed. “You think he’s yours, don’t you? You think he belongs to you and nobody else can have him, don’t you?”

Buffy had nothing to say in return. She clenched her fists. She was frozen in place, not able to really do anything. She wanted to punch Faith with her fist, but she couldn’t move.

“Doesn’t matter”, Faith continued as she headed for the door. “Finder keepers, losers weepers”.

Faith let herself out, victory mark stamped on her forehead. Buffy kept standing in place, ready to kick herself for not killing Faith when she had the chance to.

How could Spike do this to her? Faith she understood. But Spike?
Is this true what Faith said? That she thinks she owns Spike? Maybe it is. She was ready to kill a human being just because they dated the guy she wanted to date herself. She doesn’t want anyone to have him. She had many chances to get together with him but she rejected those chances. Now it’s too late.


CHAPTER 4 – Crazy Slayer

Buffy sat on a way too high stool at the counter of The Dancing Donut. The plan: to get drunk enough to forget about everything. Forget about Spike, forget about Faith. Forget about Dawn singing earlier “Give me Baby One More Time” in front of her mirror, a hairbrush in her hand as a microphone. Well, at least one person’s mood has arisen.

Buffy put down the empty glass and cried out to the bartender, “Give me another one”.

She knew she shouldn’t be getting drunk. It never ends well in her case. There’s no one in the whole world that has worse alcohol side effects than her. She either finds herself chained up to a wall, getting fed to a reptile monster, or becomes a cavewoman with way too messy hair. Or… being Spike’s sidekick in a poker game. Spike. Spike. It always comes back to him. Even the people who smoked next to her stool made her think about him. She hated cigarettes, but with Spike… she just didn’t mind them. And the smell around her reminded her that Spike… maybe he doesn’t love her anymore. If he chose to date Faith, after all she’s done to her, maybe Spike gave up on her. Did Faith have a point? He kept being rejected by her for years. And then she told him they’d date, but it did look like she regretted it.

As much as Buffy tried putting herself in Spike’s shoes, she couldn’t stop feeling mad at him. Is he really that impatient? They’ve danced this dance for years. How come he couldn’t wait one more day? One more day!

‘Stupid, stupid vampire’, she cursed to herself.

Buffy perked up her senses. She sensed something. Someone. Just then, Spike walked in to the club. Alone. Buffy turned her head and saw him, standing there. Her emotions went crazy, spazzed like a tornado. On one hand, she was mad at him. On the other… she loved him. And he probably didn’t know about neither.

Her emotions controlled her. Her legs had a mind of their own. They pulled her down from the stool and led her toward the cause for Buffy’s emotions. The cause that was wearing black leather jacket, a very sexy scar in the eyebrow, and pouty lips that kissed like a dream.

“Hey, Slayer”, Spike said to her, oblivious to her condition. “What’s going on then?”

“Hey Slayer?” Buffy sharpened her imaginary stake. “Is that all you have to say to me?”

“What’s the matter, luv? You feeling alright?”

“None of your business!” Buffy almost yelled at him. Spike looked at her, feeling helpless.

“Have you been drinking again?”

“No! Yes, but this doesn’t concern you. Just like your life doesn’t concern me. And you know what? I don’t care! You do what you want. You date whoever you want, and you kill whoever you want!”

“Umm, right”, Spike was wordless. He sensed that something was wrong. He knew her too well. But he also knew that this girl is an enigma. He understood her, accepted her weirdnesses. But he has also always thought she was a crazy little bird. Though he was used to crazy girls. But why did they always take it out on him? And a drunk Buffy? That’s even worse!

“You’re going home”, he just said to her. “Take a shower, get some sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow”.

“No!” Buffy insisted. “Why do I always have to do what you tell me? I don’t tell you what to do”.

“You’re bloody drunk. I’m taking you home”.

“Don’t tell me what to do!”

“I’m not telling you what to do. I’m telling you what I’m going to do”.

Spike put his arms around her, in order to take her out of there. But Buffy slapped his hands away.

“Let me go! I know where my home is. I’ll get there by myself”.

She threw him off of herself and stormed out of the club. Spike stood there, helpless. Yes, insane Slayer. But he had to admit, he liked that about her. It definitely didn’t repel him. So did that make him insane?


Darkness of a night is not something a Slayer is afraid of. Yet, the tall trees, the dark shadows of people passing by her, scared Buffy. She felt vulnerable. Weak. Not herself. She couldn’t wait to get home, get away from those strange streets that looked nothing like something she was familiar with. She wrapped her coat around her body. Not because of the cold. But because she didn’t feel safe. She felt broken into hundreds of pieces. She couldn’t stop thinking about the past week. From the minute she told Spike that she loved him, up to that moment at the Dancing Donut where she yelled at him. She got angry at the thought he didn’t even know why she was mad.

‘How stupid can somebody be?’ Buffy thought to herself, clinching her whole body with anger. ‘Couldn’t Spike tell why I was so angry at him? Couldn’t he figure it out? I can’t believe he dates Faith without even thinking twice what it would do to me. He must have known. But he didn’t act like it. Or maybe he wanted to hurt me. Maybe he didn’t care he was hurting me. He could have at least let me know that he wants to date Faith. I’d tell him if I were to start dating someone else’.

As she passed by a side alley, loud thumping noises cleared the thoughts out of Buffy’s mind. Sounds of someone in trouble. Sounds that Buffy was already very used to. This isn’t Sunnydale, but evil creatures are to be found everywhere. And good thing they have a Slayer in this town. And Buffy was happy to find a good distraction. Might be a wrong thing to be happy about, someone in trouble, but Buffy desperately needed something to keep her mind away from Spike thoughts.

Suddenly the darkness of the back alley didn’t seem so frightening anymore. Amazing how people in distress turn her immediately back into a Slayer. She didn’t think twice, and jumped into the back alley.

“Hey”, she called at the vampire that was feasting on a young innocent guy. “Didn’t your mother tell you to watch your mouth?” She nicely punned.

The vampire turned around to look at her. “There are 2 options”, he said. “In one of them you’re a pretty little girl who will soon run away to save her own life…” He approached her slowly. “In the second option, you’re a Slayer who will die trying”.

Buffy didn’t move a muscle, assuring him that she is in fact a Slayer.

“You forgot the third option”, she smirked. “The option where you die”.

Though the vampire didn’t show any fear. He knew she was a Slayer. But like many of them, he was certain he could beat her, beat anyone. But then again, many vampires before thought that also.

“Stay back!” the Slayer called out to the victim, who looked frightened as hell.

The vampire charged her, went for her neck. But Buffy wouldn’t let him get closer enough to sink his teeth into her. She kicked him in the chin, hard. So hard he collapsed. But the downfall didn’t last for long. He got up on his feet again and punched her in the face. She didn’t see it coming. She let out a little yelp. But that didn’t stop her. This time she charged him and threw her fist in the air, landed it straight on the vampire’s face. Buffy had enough. It was staking time.

“Meet the stake”, she announced as she pulled out a stake, and drove it into the vampire’s chest, who turned into dust that faded into the air.

“Too easy”, Buffy commented. Then remembered that another person was present. She shoved the stake back into her pocket and approached him, smiling kindly.

“You okay?” She asked him. He nodded, a little hesitated. It seemed as though he swallowed his tongue. ‘But pretty hot’, Buffy added to herself. “Don’t worry”, she calmed him. “I do these things all the time. I wouldn’t say you’re safe now, but safer. You’re safer with me”.

“Oh”, he started without knowing what to say exactly. “I’m… thank you… for saving my life from that vampire”.

“So, vampires. You know about them. Except for those things you see in the movies”.

“This town seems to have many of them. It’s actually the second time I’m being attacked by one. I could have died tonight. You saved me. Who are you?”

“I’m Buffy. The… A vampire slayer”.

“I’m not sure… what this means, but… nice to meet you. I’m Ryan”.

Buffy smiled to herself, as a light bulb appeared above her head. She realized what she should do about the Spike problem.


CHAPTER 5 – Love Recipe

“So, you’re just in a cooking mood today”, Dawn chuckled at Buffy as they both stood in the kitchen, Buffy cooking and her doing nothing but watch as her sister works.

“Uh huh”, Buffy simply said.

“You know you can’t cook right?’ Dawn kept teasing.

“What about that Thanksgiving dinner? I think I did a pretty good job there”.

“The turkey was a little burnt”.

“Thanks for your honesty. Just remember, honest people rarely get dinner”, Buffy said as she threw the dish into the oven.

Dawn rolled her eyes. She still didn’t get an answer for her wonders. Buffy caught that eye rolling.

“I’m just making dinner for all of us”, Buffy explained. “I invited everybody. Will, Xander, Giles. Oh, and Spike and Faith”.

“Really?” Dawn sounded surprised by the mention of the last two names.

“Yeah. I want us to all get along. So I’m making this dinner”.

“Aren’t you mad at Faith? You know, for dating Spike right in front of you?”

“I was”, Buffy lied. “But I’ve been thinking about it, and I accept it now. It’s not like I own Spike. He should date whoever he wants. And I’m okay with it”.

Buffy peeked at Dawn, to see if she was buying it. She was.

“So, do you need help?” Dawn offered herself, knowing exactly why now.

“Thanks. You can help by washing the dishes”.

“But… I meant, with the cooking. Washing dishes isn’t cooking”.

Buffy started walking out of the kitchen. “Cooking is done. But I’m so glad you offered to help, ’cause I hate cleaning the dishes”.

Buffy smiled as she walked out, leaving Dawn with the mess she’s made. Not like Buffy never washes dishes. And not like Dawn has no hands to do it herself. Dawn sighed, almost painfully.


Dinners are nice. But Buffy planned to have fun through another thought in mind. Spike and Faith weren’t the guests of honor. The guy she met at the back alley was. He will come over tonight for the special dinner Buffy throws. It’s gonna be a mess. Spike wants to date others, so will she.


The guests will arrive any minute. And Buffy was fixing everything up. The dinner was ready, and she looked hot. The dinner was hot too, but in another sense.

The doorbell rang, and Buffy skipped her way to the door.

“Dawn, they’re here!” She called out. Dawn rushed in as Buffy opened the door. Xander, Willow and Giles were welcomed by two happy smiles. “Come on in, people”, Buffy opened the door widely as the three of them walked in.

“Wine for the lady”, Xander offered Buffy a bottle; she took it and made a face.

“I hope you’re hungry”, Buffy was all grinny and jumpy. She had reason to. Maybe a fake reason, but still. She led them all to the dining room when another ring at the door was heard.

“Excuse me”, Buffy left her friends behind while going to open the door once again. She knew exactly who was behind it. She took a deep breath and opened it. It was Spike. With Faith. And as much as Buffy wanted to scream, or at least cry, she held herself together and simply smiled at them.

“Is it safe to come in?” Faith was unsure. After all the things she said to Buffy, she wasn’t sure if that smile was a ‘glad to see you’ smile, or an ‘I’m about to kill you, how fun’ smile. She knew that if there was a person who could beat her, Buffy was that person.

“Of course it is. Come on in”.

“Thanks for the invitation, Luv”, Spike smirked and walked in along with Faith.

As they made their way to the dining room, Buffy stared at the newly born couple. It hurt. Bad. But she’s gonna have to contain herself. No killing tonight. Just dinner.

The rest were already seated at the table. “Buffy, everything looks great”, Giles complimented his former Slayer.

“Don’t trust what you see”, Dawn threw the comment in the air. “Oh, by the way, I helped her”, she added.

“You cleaned the dishes”, Buffy had to tell them the truth. God, her sister is annoying. But that fact didn’t bother her as much anymore. Her mind was elsewhere. She sat down at the far end from Spike and Faith. Safe distance. She did want to get on top of the dining table, take Giles’ knife and slash Faith’s throat. But the faking cheeriness must go on.

“Don’t start eating yet”, Buffy warned. “There’s still one more guest left”.

Everybody looked around, looked at each other, to see who is missing.

“Oh, bloody hell”, Spike sighed. “You didn’t invite Andrew, did you?”

“No”, Buffy assured him. “He said he had to do stuff. Training sort of stuff”.

“What is he training for?” Spike poked. “Nerd Olympics?”

“At least he’s doing something right”, Buffy shot at Spike. He sensed her bites at him. Decided to keep his mouth shut, didn’t want to get the blonde Slayer even more crazy.

The doorbell rang for the third time, to Buffy’s relief. She stood up and went to open the door. When she came back to the dining room, she was followed by Ryan, the guy she saved last night.

“Everybody, this is Ryan”, Buffy introduced her new buddy.

There were different responses around the table. Xander, Faith and Giles looked confused, Willow faked a smile, Dawn felt sick, and Spike stared at Ryan’s neck.

“Hi, Ryan”, a few of them barely said.

“Come, sit”, Buffy invited Ryan, who sat down with her next to him.

“So, Ryan Boy”, Spike jumped at the chance to get his voice heard first. “How do you feel ’bout small girls kicking your ass?”

Ryan didn’t hesitate. “I don’t actually mind that. She kicked that vampire’s ass, was very impressive”.

“So, you’re like in love?” Spike kept poking him.

“Are you in love?” Buffy snapped at Spike, including Faith in that question that was more of a statement than a question.

“No”, Faith said quietly. “We’re not”.

Buffy turned her head to look at Faith. They all did.

“We’re just dating, Buffy. It takes time”, Faith explained.

“But you’re dating”, Buffy insisted.

“We’re just dating”, Faith cleared up. “Doesn’t mean we’ll get married. I don’t even want to get married”.

Buffy scoffed “Faith, you don’t even date. You occasionally screw guys you just met”.

“That’s right!” Faith snapped. “Spike and I are not in love. We’re together, we’re having fun. We screw”.

“You are?” Buffy felt a sharp knife in her heart. Maybe even ten.

“Just once”, Spike shoved himself in. “It was just sex, Buffy”. He got quieter. “Like you wanted from me. You didn’t want us to be together. You kept pushing me away. You kept coming to me for sex”.

Now it was Buffy’s turn to get quiet. Faith lowered her gaze, unable to look at the other Slayer directly. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, Buff. Spike’s cool, we enjoy spending time together. But it’s not like we’re gonna get married. His heart still belongs to you”.

“I’m sorry”, Buffy pointed her words to both Spike and Faith. “You were right, Faith. I do think Spike belongs to me. And I should let him go, let him date others if he wants to. He doesn’t belong to me”.

“My heart does”, Spike replied. This was probably the most romantic moment Buffy has ever had with Spike. Weird too, because all of their friends, Buffy’s date, and her sister were surrounding them.

“You know I did mean it”, Buffy said after a few moments that seemed to last forever. “When I told you we would date each other, I meant it”.

“I didn’t know”, Faith barged in. “If I had an idea that you wanted to date him, I wouldn’t have asked him out that night at the club. I saw him getting into the club, probably on his way to meet you, and I asked him if he wanted to dance. We went to his place from there and we… well, you know. That’s all. That’s our dating status”.

Buffy stood up on her feet. She made her way to Spike, who got on his feet as well. There needn’t to be any more words. They both knew what they wanted. And they fulfilled it with a deep kiss. Their best kiss so far. The food was getting cold. But the kiss was hot, heated by two people whose hearts joined together, they belonged together.


Later that night, Buffy’s bed contained not only her, but also Spike, who lied next to her in the darkness of the room. They were both close to each other, almost painfully.

It was nice. But Buffy had to know. “So, were you mad at me about not asking you out? That why you shut me out?”

“No”, he replied, looking deep into her eyes. “I didn’t shut you out. I was standing there, naked, wet”.

“But I’ve already seen you naked before”, she did not understand.

“If you must know, there’s this girl in my building, who always eyes me. She’s insane or something, dunno. She barges in, saying she forgot her apartment’s number, always hoping to find me naked. She threatened me more than once that she’ll kill me if she finds me with another girl”.

“That’s really silly”, Buffy didn’t know what to say. It sounded way too ridiculous to be true. But then again, girls go crazy around a guy like Spike.

“So”, Spike turned the conversation to another direction. “Does the fact that we’re dating mean that you’re my girlfriend now? And that I’m your boyfriend?”

“Well, we can refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend if you want. Might be a little weird at first, but I would love to be your girlfriend”.

“And that guy?”

“He’s just someone I saved from a vampire”, she explained with full honestly. “I thought he’d make a good jealousy device against you. He didn’t really mean anything. My heart belongs to you”.

Buffy felt sudden tiresome. She turned over to the other side with her back against Spike’s body. Spike put his arm around her small body and squeezed hard, as if he was afraid she’d run away or disappear into the space. He planted a kiss on her cheek, gently. Buffy smiled to herself, a smile Spike didn’t even see.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms. They were as one, and they both knew that nobody could separate them. Because their hearts really did belong to each other.


CHAPTER 6 – Just Waiting

Love stories sometimes begin with a hard start and end with a happy ending. But this isn’t the end yet. Because the love story only begins…

Last night the lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms. But Buffy and Spike woke up every now and then; and each time they had a long talk. Conversations. The ones Buffy has always escaped from. But she did not want to do that anymore. In fact, all she wanted to do was talk.

“I want this to be real”, Buffy whispered close to Spike’s ear. “Like, a real relationship. Of two people who just like being with each other without it turning into a mess”.

“I’m right there with you”, Spike smiled back to her.

“So I think we should wait. You know, before”.

“Not to get you too up to date, luv”, Spike said with his sarcastic voice, raising one eyebrow at her. “But we’ve already done that. Thousands of times I reckon”.

“No, I know. But I want our next time to be like our first time. I want it to be special”.

“You mean with candle lights, chains, stuff like that?”

“I just don’t want us to just jump into this. If we’re going to be a couple, I think we should do it right. Not just meaningless sex between two people who just want to have each other on the spot and go on with our lives like nothing”.

“I’ve never seen you as someone to be picked up and just do”, Spike got a little too serious, and Buffy felt he got a little offended.

“You know what I’m saying”, Buffy tried to say the truth without hurting the feelings of the blonde guy lying next to her too much.

“Whatever you want, Buff”, he finally let out.

“Buff?” Buffy repeated, making sure she heard what Spike said.

“Sorry. Slayer”, Spike corrected himself.

“No!” Buffy rose up from the bed a bit to look at him. “You can call me Buff. I like that”. She smiled at him, really loving who he was, and the fact that he actually used her name like that. Or at all. It made her feel warmth in her heart and she liked that feeling.

They fell asleep again, in an even closer snuggle than before.


They woke up again a few more times that night. The final time they noticed a light crawling into the room from the window. It was morning. After one of the best nights of both Buffy and Spike, just talking.

Buffy entered the kitchen, where she found Dawn making breakfast.

“Funny shaped pancakes again?” Buffy questioned her.

“Well, after you get the gist, you always come back to it, easier”.

“Dawn?” Buffy changed her tone.

Dawn got a little worried. “What?”

“I don’t want you to freak”.

“Why would I freak?” Dawn got confused. She didn’t understand the hesitation look Buffy had on her face. “Is there a new monster around here?”

As she said that, Spike walked in to the kitchen, wearing nothing but underwear.

“Oh”, Dawn simply said, then started giggling. “Well, at least he has boxers on”.

Spike looked down at himself, getting suddenly embarrassed. He’s never been embarrassed by his body before, but now he was, big time. Buffy was embarrassed for him.

“Maybe you should go put something on, honey”, she told Spike, a little giggly herself. Spike didn’t say a word. He just backed out, escaping into Buffy’s bedroom. Dawn couldn’t contain herself. Then she caught Buffy’s stare.

“Stop checking out my boyfriend!” Buffy yelped at her sister.

“Honey?” Dawn had ammo of her own, referring to Buffy’s reference to Spike.

Now it was Buffy’s turn to be embarrassed. “It just came out this way”, she said shyly. “Okay, stop making fun out of everybody and go to school!”

“I didn’t eat the pancakes yet”.

“I’ll wrap them up for you, you can eat them on your way”. Clearly Buffy wanted her little sister out of there. She couldn’t wait to return to the man at her room. Dawn got the hint, took one pancake in her hand and ran off.

‘Finally’, Buffy thought to herself, and went back to her bedroom, where Spike was finishing dressing up.

“Is she gone?” Spike asked in a pissed off yet hesitated voice.

“She’s off to school. Unfortunately, I have to run off too. You can stay here if you want. I mean, you don’t have much of a choice, I don’t have a blanket you can borrow to protect yourself from the sunlight. I just need to change”.

“Do you want me to…” Spike’s eyes moved away from Buffy’s.

“Umm, I don’t know. I mean, there’s nothing you’ve never seen”.

“I’ll turn around”, he finally said, and turned around like a true gentleman. Buffy opened her closet and started changing into her work clothes. Spike smiled to himself. Not because of the almost naked lady behind him, but because he felt Buffy truly trusted him and wasn’t ashamed. It tingled his heart.


The hours didn’t pass at the bookstore. Buffy has been shelving books for hours. Her mind wandered between Spike and her slaying job. You know, her two other jobs.

What does dating Spike mean? She was so used to see him as an enemy, friend, ally, lover… But a boyfriend? It made her giggle at the thought. Last times Spike was a boyfriend he tried to stake his girlfriend, and the time before he stringed himself to a psychotic chick who liked to eat rats for breakfast.

‘Maybe it’s time for our first date. Maybe a dinner and a movie. Or just a movie. Dinner seems too weird’, she thought to herself and smirked to herself. The old lady customer that passed by her looked at her as if she was insane. But Buffy wasn’t insane. Was she in love?

Just then, she picked up a certain book title: “Bringing the Apocalypse Forth”.

“Hmm”, Buffy simply let out. ‘Probably a fun reading book’.

She put the book on the shelf, thinking it meant nothing. But she forgot one thing. This wasn’t Sunnydale. But this was another Hellmouth. Nothing here means nothing.


CHAPTER 7 – Of all Nights

“So”, Buffy sat next to Spike on the couch at her house. “I hear that the new Bruce Willis movie is good. It’s showing at the theaters now”.

“Okay, that sounds good”, Spike hesitated. “But, would that interest you?”

“What do you mean? It’s an action movie. Guys like those”.

“But you’re a girl. You like romance, drama…”

“Not blood and other kinds of shedding? Hey, I’m a Slayer. I can take action movies”, she smiled at him, playing with his fingers.

“Fine. So, tonight?”

“It’s like we’re one mind”. Buffy’s heart exploded. She really liked him. Really really liked him. But it was still weird for her. She was pretending she felt comfortable with the idea of her and Spike dating. But she didn’t say a word. And she had no idea if Spike felt the same.

‘Nah, he can’t be’, Buffy thought to herself and moved on the couch uncomfortably. ‘He’s been waiting to date me for ages. There’s no way he feels weird about it’.


“Buffy, hurry up, he’ll be here any minute!” Dawn yelled from downstairs.

At her bedroom, Buffy was still in trouble. Trouble finding the right shoes that will go with her tiny dress. God, how she wished she’d went shopping more often.

The door downstairs slammed. Buffy knew exactly what this meant.

“Buffy, he’s here!” Dawn’s voice irritated Buffy. It was more annoying than usual. She was nervous like she’s never been before.

In the end, Buffy ended up choosing flat heeled shoes that didn’t even go with the dress. But then again, her feet is not what Spike Is going to look at. Hopefully.

Buffy came down the stairs. Spike’s eyes locked on hers. He saw her as a princess who came down the regal stairs, into the arms of her prince who will take her to his domain.

“You look pretty”, Spike said to her with a loving look on his face. He was truly amazed by her. He couldn’t believe he was actually dating this girl. He was dating Buffy, for real.

“Just please don’t tell me we’re getting there on a motorcycle”, Buffy ruined the romance a bit.

“Nope”, he assured her. “I stole a beautiful mustang”.

Buffy wasn’t sure if the ‘stole’ part was a joke or not, probably wasn’t, but she wouldn’t let it ruin their night.

“Milady”, he took her hand and led her through the door.

Buffy turned her head and called to Dawn, “Don’t wait for me. And do your homework!”

They disappeared through the door, and Dawn smiled to herself, really enjoying seen her fairytale come true. And even though Buffy told her not to wait for her, she knew she would. She had to see how this all turns out.


‘Okay, so maybe that movie choice was a mistake’. Buffy wasn’t in the mood for action. She was in the mood for romance. This wasn’t a make out movie. Dead bodies, blood, shooting… all fun, but not right for kissing. Buffy kept looking for the right moment to plant kisses on Spike. But every time her lips got closer to Spike’s neck, another woman on the screen screamed. And Buffy definitely didn’t need her job in her date. This was NOT romantic.

All of a sudden, a louder scream tore out the air. And it didn’t come from the movie.

‘Oh, great’, Buffy sighed. ‘Ruin my date completely, why don’t you’.

Buffy turned her head to the screener window behind the back row. A woman covered with blood was smacked onto the glass window and dropped on the floor, unseen. A few seconds later, the movie on the screen wasn’t in the script anymore. It was replaced by moving images of the previous apocalypses, all which Buffy took part in. All which Buffy stopped. At the end of the running images, a wide title appeared: “THIS IS THE REAL END”, it said.

The people in the theater looked frightened and confused. Obviously they had no idea what those images were. But Buffy knew exactly what it meant. New evil, in a new town. Time to save the world again.

“On my date night of all nights”, Buffy grunted.


“So you killed them, right?” Willow frowned at what Buffy told all of her friends whom she summoned for a late night emergency Scooby meeting.

“By the time I got to the screener room they were gone”, Buffy showed obvious disappointment.

“So that was it?” Xander questioned her in confusion.

“This was it. Running images on the movie screen, a “This is the real end” title, and one dead woman who was later gone from that room as if she wasn’t even killed there”.

“Maybe she wasn’t even killed there. Maybe you imaged it all”, Dawn tried to be involved without actually helping. Buffy ignored her.

“Well, we should definitely look into it”, Giles suggested and took off his glasses, started wiping them clean.

“I say I go out and start punching people to a bloody pulp”, Spike said and moved toward the door.

“No”, Buffy stopped him. “This can wait for tonight. I say we go to bed, get our beauty sleep and look into it tomorrow”.

“Are you sure?” Willow looked worried than usual. “Wouldn’t it be best if we hit it while it’s still warm? What if they kill more people?”

“I don’t think so. Whoever this is, they’re not gonna end the world tonight. They’re gonna take it slow. Something’s telling me they knew I was there. I will need to see the killing for them to actually do the killing”.


CHAPTER 8 – Fairly Stupid

“I thought we were gonna make out”, Spike complained while he and Buffy patrolled the local cemetery, which was one of many.

“I told you we were going to hunt for the big bad that wrote out loud that the world’s ending is close on the movie screen”.

“But…” Spike kept whining. “We used to shag in the cemetery all the time”.

“We also used to patrol in the cemetery”. Buffy wasn’t too bothered by Spike’s comment. She just looked around, in an intense concentration, her eyes not leaving the dark surrounding. But Spike looked extremely disappointed. He knew Buffy wanted to wait, and he was fine with it. But making out was still allowed.

“Fine”, he finally said, not too excited. “Let’s get those bloody bastards”.

“Spike?” Buffy cut him off, halted. He stood next to her and looked into his lover’s eyes. “Do you ever wish you could have kids?”

Spike’s expression changed. “Are you asking that because we talked about shagging?”

“I didn’t talk about shagging, only you did. And no. It’s just, once when I was with Angel and we were patrolling, well… making out in the cemetery, we talked about kids, future. Those things I’ve never thought about. I didn’t let myself think about things like that. I wasn’t sure I would have a future, not to mention kids. But things changed lately. Not only me. Everything. And I started thinking… about my future. I think I will have one. So lately I’ve been thinking about what it means, the fact that I will probably have a future. I started thinking about kids, family… marriage. I could actually have them all. And I just wanted to know. Do you want kids?”

Spike didn’t know what to answer. This was a very hard question for him, it’s been a while since her could have kids. Over 100 years. “I can’t”, he simply replied.

“No, I know”, Buffy perked up a bit. “I’m just asking. If you could, would you?”

“Well… I guess. I actually love kids”.

“You mean to eat?” Buffy asked, semi jokingly.

“Been thinking of it. Ever since I realized you had feelings for me. When I realized that I’m getting feelings in return, that there could actually be a relationship there. I saw love from both sides and that made me see the things I’ve wanted when I was human. I saw it all. And wanted it all, with you only, I want everything with you”.

“So, little blonde babies. I want it. With you. And don’t say we can’t again, because I hate hearing the word ‘can’t’. It’s pretty harsh”.

“That’s reality, pet”, Spike shook her off.

“Someday maybe”, Buffy was still optimistic. “If things change even more and we’re able to… That’d be nice. I kinda love loving you. Maybe I will love having kids with you”.

They both got really quiet. But things around weren’t quiet. Buffy and Spike were being watched from behind a large tomb. Two sets of eyes, staring at them as they kissed.


Spike entered into his apartment, which strangely wasn’t locked. And Spike noticed that fact straight away. Something is going on.

He wandered around the place, alert, looking for someone… or something. There was nothing. Except for a little mess in the bedroom. Drawers got opened, things on the floor, some broken parts. Clearly someone threw a party for themselves here.


It was late. Buffy herself was already tucked up in her bed. The wind blew and made shadow cartoons on the room’s walls. Buffy woke up, startled because someone was staring at her, watching her sleeping.

“Spike?” Buffy breathed out. “What are you doing here? That’s creepy”.

“Sorry”, he started by apologizing. “Just thought you’d want to know that my crib has been trespassed and all kinds of knick knacks were smashed completely”.

Buffy pulled herself up to a sitting position. “This isn’t another way to get some, right? I thought the cemetery make out was good enough for you”.

“No, I mean it”, he insisted. “My place is bloody trashed. Looks like evil is still up and alive”.

“Seems like someone is after the two of us”, Buffy interpreted. “We were at the movies together when that date interrupter happened. Now they went through your place. It’s personal. Completely personal”.

“Looks like it”, he agreed.

“Wait a minute”, Buffy jerked up more, her eyes went wider. “When I was at work, shelving books that were misplaced, I noticed a particular misplaced book. It was about bringing the apocalypse forth. I think it was the title too”.

“Why would a book about bringing the apocalypse forth be in a public bookstore?”

“Well, we don’t have this kind of books, it’s something to be found between Giles’ collection, or the council’s that doesn’t even exist anymore, among all the other boring books. Or in an evil being’s hands. I don’t think it’s a reference book. It’s definitely a reading book. The monster who read through it probably couldn’t get their hands on a real apocalypse book”.

“That’s fairly stupid”, Spike sat down on the bed next to Buffy.

“Sounds like the monster is fairly stupid. But maybe I’m wrong about the book. Could be it was off the shelf for no reason”.

“It’s a Hellmouth, Buffy. Nothing in the Hellmouth is for no reason”.

“You’re right. Let me just change. We’re going to the bookstore”.

“It’s the middle of the night, luv”.

“Does that bother a vampire? Besides, I have the key. Sometimes I’m the one who locks up the place at the end of the day”.

Buffy pulled herself out of the bed, and Spike stood up as well. She changed very quickly and they were out of there within one minute.


The glass of the door of the bookstore smashed into pieces as a hand broke through it and unlocked it from inside.

“Taking the house’s key instead of the store’s key. Very Slayer like”, Spike laughed in Buffy’s ear.

“I said I was sorry”, she replied, a little embarrassed. “The breaking the door thing is Slayer like though”, she tried saving her dignity.

Buffy opened the door and they both walked in. They crossed the store through the darkness, all the way to the book shelves.

Buffy found the particular book very quickly. She took out a flashlight and pointed the light to the book.

“Definitely not a reference book”, Buffy determined and kept flipping through the pages. Then stopped as she encountered something meaningful. “This page has been highlighted”.

Buffy read to herself a few lines, then raised her eyes to Spike and said, “It talks about a little witch girl who’s been hurt by her lover and wants to bring the apocalypse forth by heart breaking. That love is so strong and the revenge idea is even stronger, that strong that it ends the world”.

“Romantic”, Spike simply stated. “But what does it have to do with what’s going on? I mean except for the ending the world part”.

“I’m not sure”, Buffy admitted. “But highlighting a page is completely wrong if you don’t actually buy the book. Someone stupid alright. I’m taking this book with me”.

“And stealing from work isn’t completely wrong?” Spike chuckled.

“Thanks for being my inner voice, Spike. Since when did you become so pro law?”

Buffy shut the book and headed for the door along with Spike.


CHAPTER 9 – Possible Things

The next day, the whole gang gathered in Buffy’s living room, for shop talk. Willow sat at the desk with Xander at her side. Buffy and Spike sat on the couch, their hands tangled. Giles and Dawn kept their feet on the group, standing.

Buffy showed the others the book. “It doesn’t make sense”, Buffy was frustrated, seeking for help. “Why would a story about a witch who wants to break hearts and destroy the world interest someone?”

“They were probably looking for an inspiration”, Willow suggested as she opened her laptop. “I’ll look it up. Maybe this book has a deeper feature that we fail to see”.

“And why would they trash Spike’s place and watch you two?” Xander added.

“Well, I’m not confident they were actually watching us. I just said I had the feelings we’ve been watched”.

“You were probably too busy to be sure of something like that”, Xander said under his breathe.

“What does that mean?” Buffy got annoyed.

“You know, all those making out sessions. Must be difficult to concentrate through all the kissing”.

“Xander, were you the one watching us?” Buffy questioned him with a raised eyebrow.

“No. It’s just that you’re ALWAYS making out.

“Xander?” Dawn burst in. “Shut up”.

Xander landed his eyes on the floor, which suddenly looked very interesting. After he recovered he raised his eyes again, to see Buffy and Spike kissing on the couch.

“Unbelievable”, he said pretty much to himself. But Willow heard him and raised her eyes up from the computer to Buffy and Spike.

“Weird, huh?” She asked Xander.

“What?” Xander didn’t get it.

“Them. Kissing. Loving. In front of us”.

“Got that right. Do they have to?”

“I think we should get used to it. They’re in love. It’s nice”.

“Define nice”, he snorted. “Why do I have to get used to that yuck?”

“You’ll just have to”. Willow was amused by Xander’s attitude to the whole thing. He clearly wasn’t happy with the new relationship. He knew Buffy and Spike had a connection. But truth is, they never presented it this way. And Xander was having a hard time grasping the fact that Buffy and Spike were a couple now. He turned his head, didn’t want to look.

“All the things that happened lately, the movie screen message, the apartment trashing, the book…” Giles fixed his glasses while his brain worked extra hours like crazy. “It’s all probably connected. But we’d be remiss if we ignored the fact that this is a Hellmouth and these kinds of things happen all the time in a place like this. Buffy?”

But Buffy didn’t hear anything from what Giles said. She was deep into the kissage session.

“Buffy?” Giles repeated, louder this time. Buffy’s lips disconnected from Spike’s and she turned to look at Giles, looking annoyed.

“Huh? Sorry. I can’t”.

“Can’t what?” Giles didn’t understand.

“I can’t patrol tonight. That’s what you asked right? Well, I can’t. I have a date tonight”.

“As much as I understand your girly need for having a social life, Buffy, you have to remember that you are a Slayer after all”.

“Right. I’m a Slayer. Not THE. Can’t Faith go? You have thousands of girls out there to pick from”.

“Buffy, can I speak to you for a minute?” Giles was frighteningly serious. He walked into the kitchen, followed by Buffy who sighed and did what her former watcher asked her to.

“Don’t you think this is going too far?” Giles whispered to Buffy.

“What, me and Spike? I’m sorry, Giles, I have no responsibility anymore. I’m not the only one. I chose to continue my evil fighting, but I finally have the chance for a normal life. The Slayer thing is a part of me. But it’s not all I am. And now that other girls from all around the world are active as Slayers, I can let myself have a life. I’ve given myself to the mission, because I didn’t have a choice. Now it’s my choice. I will find that evil, I will destroy it. But I will also date. Because I’m finally a girl. That’s what girls do. Date”.

She summed it up and went back into the living room, sat next to Spike.

“What was that about?” Spike asked her with concern in his voice.

“Nothing”, she replied and smiled.

“It’s about me, isn’t it?” he understood what was happening.

“It’s not”, Buffy lied. She gave him a kiss, to make sure he doesn’t go into it.

She wasn’t going to let anyone spoil what she had with Spike. They talked about having kids, for God’s sake. And even though it’s not physically possible, for Buffy it seemed like it could be. Maybe. Someday. And she won’t let anyone spoil it. She wanted a real relationship with Spike. Maybe this time it will work out. She’s going to have a relationship AND slaying. And she’s gonna prove it’s possible.


As Buffy said, she had a date tonight, with her boyfriend. But this wasn’t a regular date. She felt bad about what she said to Giles. This date wasn’t all about romance. Because Slayer dating usually includes violence. She and Spike enjoyed a walk in the streets. It was a nice night, a bit of cold wind that was great for cuddling. But they weren’t gonna cuddle. She decided that Giles had a point. Then why not combine date and hunting? Because as much as Buffy wanted it to be a regular date, there was evil out there, that is threatening to destroy the world.

“Spike?” buffy took Spike’s hand with hers. “Why do you love me?”

“I told you. You’re a hell of a woman. You’re amazing. I love who and what you are. Want me to say it again so you could caress your ego?”

“But why? I just keep asking myself how a person who gets treated so badly can love so much. I mean, I was horrible to you. I’m surprised you even wanted to date me at all”.

“Buffy, it doesn’t matter what you do. I will always love you no matter what. I accept you for who you are. That’s why Captain Forehead and Captain Cardboard failed to understand you the way I do. I mean, you’re not perfect, I know that. But you’re perfect to me. You’re bloody perfect to me”.

Buffy’s heart pounded. How could someone love her that much? And what did she do to deserve it?

“You know”, Buffy started. “I will not let anybody destroy this. They might destroy the world, but I will never let anyone destroy what we have”.

Buffy stopped walking. Spike walked a few more feet before he realized that, then went back to stand beside her.

“I’m ready Spike. I think we’re ready?”

“Ready for what?”

“I wanted to wait till I’m sure that what we’re gonna do is love making. Like I told you, I don’t wanna have sex with you; I want to make love to you. And I think now it’s the right time”.

“What about the big bad we’re hunting down?”

“You know we’re out hunting on our date?” Buffy looked surprised, but didn’t know why. He knows her well, of course he’ll see right through her.

“I know you”, he replied, just what she thought.

“This can wait. I’m sure nothing is gonna happen. Just for tonight I want to forget about evil and evil fighting. I wanna make love. Let’s go to my house”.

They turned around and headed for Buffy’s house, not really worried as they should’ve been. Because at the same time, something was going on elsewhere.

At The Dancing Donut someone, or something, really enjoyed the feast of very frightened dancing kids. They weren’t dancing anymore.


CHAPTER 10 –Love Ends the World

Buffy and Spike woke up the next day, both with big smiles across their faces. They woke up two hours ago, but still hadn’t gotten out of the bed. They were cuddled, naked. Buffy ran her fingers through Spike’s hair, messing it up. Usually Spike would have hated it. But with Buffy… everything was so perfect. He stroked her exposed arm with a gentle touch.

“Let’s never get out of bed”, Buffy giggled.

“Right there with you, pet… Buff”.

“I love it when you call me ‘Buff'”, her smile got even bigger, because she was half teasing him. “It was amazing. So amazing. I never told you that, but the first time we had sex, it was the best sex of my life. But this, was much better”.

“Apparently the secret ingredient is love”, he joked and she giggles once again.

“And see? One night didn’t destroy the world!”

Dawn burst in, not knocking first, alarming both Buffy and Spike. Neither of them expected that. Dawn surely didn’t expect to see Spike there, him and Buffy naked under the convers.

“I’m sorry!!” Dawn yelled. It’s true that she wanted the Slayer and the vampire to be together, in love and all, but she definitely didn’t want to see THAT.

“Someone ever knocks here?” Spike grunted feelings extremely uncomfortable.

“Sorry”, Dawn apologized again, feelings like she should to at least 200 more times, then she turned to Buffy. “I just wanted to tell you to turn the TV on”.

“What’s going on?” Buffy asked as she got out of bad, really not wanting to. She turned the bedroom TV on and set the volume. It was all over the news.

“Was this last night?” Buffy asked, pretty much to herself. “While we were…” She couldn’t finish the sentence.


“Why does this always happen to me when I make love to a vampire?!” Buffy was super pissed on her conversation with Willow.

“I don’t know, Buffy, but we need to focus on the massacre. I’m happy for you, but there are things, more important things to handle first”, Willow was surprised at her best friend’s behavior.

“Okay, you’re right, I’m sorry. Playtime is over. I’m going to find that evil and kill it!”

“Great. But you should probably go to work now. They called while you were in the bathroom”.

“Right. I should probably let Spike know that I’m going. I told him he could stay. He always stays over”.

“You go. I will tell him”, Willow suggested. Buffy nodded and left the house.

Willow knocked on Buffy’s bedroom door and went in when she thought she heard a ‘come in’ from inside. Spike was sitting on the bed, leaning forward, his eyes locked on the TV screen, not even raising them to look at Willow.

“Maybe Slayers and vampires shouldn’t get together”, Spike mumbled, still not looking at Willow. “It always ends the world”.

“Um, Spike? Buffy told me to tell you that she’s off to work”. Spike finally raised his eyes from the screen. “It doesn’t mean anything. This still would have happened if you hadn’t gone for it”.

“Though it was the best night of my life. I’ve never loved anyone like that, like I love her. It hurts. In a good way. I can’t lose her. I will take those sons of bitches down myself. They want to hurt her. I will hurt them first. I bloody will!” Spike got mad. He got up, turned off the TV and headed for the door when Willow stopped him.

“Umm, Spike? Daylight”.

Spike looked through the window that no direct light went through it. It was daylight.

“Right. Tonight then. And don’t tell Buffy anything about it. Make sure she stays away from the scene. I don’t want her to get hurt. I would kill myself if something were to happen to her. I will get rid of the sodding problem and we will live happily ever after and all that crap”.


“What do you mean I can’t go out?” Buffy snapped at Willow. “We’re not gonna have sex, or even make out. It’s purely evil fighting. I want to put an end to that evil that’s been ruining my new life!”

“I need you here!” Willow tried to stall. “I need you to help me with the research”.

“Will, I know nothing about research, I’m completely useless when it comes to books and computers. That’s why I’m going out there, where I am good at”.

“No, I…”, Willow tried looking for more excuses. “I told Faith to do that. Be there. Fight. She’s good”.

“So now you like how Faith acts?”

“Buff, just trust me. Stay here, help me research and Faith will take care of it. Besides it’s about time Faith stops the world from ending by herself”.

Buffy finally gave up. “Fine”.

“Good!” Willow jumped. “I’ll make us some tea and we can dive right into it!” She disappeared into the kitchen.

“Goody”, Buffy sighed and said to herself, “Research with tea party”.


Spike wandered around the city, not sure what he was is looking for. His foot hit something. He looked down and saw a doll with her eyes poked out. Spike picked it up and just stared at it for a few long seconds. This one looks too familiar. He knew where to go from there.

Spike remembered seeing a mansion when they first got to Cleveland. It frightened him how similar this Hellmouth seemed to be compared to the other Hellmouth, Sunnydale. He knew someone who would live there. And they are the reason nobody else would get near. And this is where he’s headed.

Once he got to the mansion, Spike kept quiet. It was dark and cold. But it wasn’t the air that was dark and cold. It was the presence there.

“I know you’re here”, Spike seemed to say to no one. It looked like no one was there. But he knew there was. “Come out and play”.

Then, out of the darkness, a figure showed up. The shadows covered the face of the creature. Though once it got closer, Spiked faced a very familiar enemy. Enemy he used to love so much.

“I should have known from the start”, Spike said to Drusilla.

“Mommy’s dolls are all messy”, Drusilla answered as she held a doll of her own close to her body.

“So that’s what you wanted? To get me back by hurting Buffy, hurting both of us?”

But this wasn’t all. Another figure came out of the shadows.

“No. That was only part of it, Blondie Bear”.

“I can’t believe it”, Spike scoffed as he saw Harmony standing there, right beside Drusilla. “Both of you”.

“That’s right, Spikey”, Harmony laughed, trying hard to seem evil and scary. “Last time it was too flaplopy. Now we’ve joined forces, me and your other ex”.

“Flaplopy? That’s not a word, halfwit”, Spike smirked at Harmony’s stupidity.

“The moon sang to me again”, Drusilla joined in. “It told me the end was near. Ooooh”.

“You and your girlfriend are dead now!” Harmony continued.

“You mean we are going to die now”, Spike corrected her, still not taking her seriously.

“Yes! No! Vendatay!”


“Shut up!” Harmony got angry.

A big crash sound exploded their ears as Buffy burst in, very Slayer like.

“You stay away from my boyfriend!” She warned the two female vampires, who laughed at her.

“You can’t beat us this time, Slayer”, Harmony announced. “I’ve been reading books, I know how to destroy the world, destroy you two. It’s two birds eating one stone”.

“So this is what this is about? You two want Spike back?”

Harmony snorted and made an evil face. “No, girl. We don’t want Spike back. We want Spike not to be with you. We want to hurt you both. By separating you both and end the world. Can’t get any more painful than that”.

“Wanna find out?” Buffy giggled at Harmony as she wasn’t even semi scary. Not even to someone who wasn’t a Slayer.

“You don’t even love him. I loved him with all of my heart. You kept trashing him and making his life hell. You don’t deserve him. You don’t deserve anyone”.

“You’re wrong”, Buffy got serious. “I do. I love him to death. No one, and I mean no one, will break us up. Especially not you two, a stupid bint and a loony vamp”.

“You can’t stop us. And you can’t have Spike. We’ve been watching you ever since Spike did that stupid thing of getting his soul back, for you. See, this is true love. And you’ll never be able to love him back enough”.

“What does ending the world have to do with me and Spike?”

“Oh, I thought that was clear. Drusilla just wanted to kill you two. But I said ‘no, we should destroy the world too, it’s cooler’. After all, we are both evil”.

“What about killing you both? Is that evil enough?” Buffy prepared herself for a good fight. She’s wanted to off these two for way too long.

“Let’s find out”, Harmony said with no fear inside of her.

As Buffy, Harmony and Drusilla got into a fighting stance, Spike yelled, “No!”



Both Buffy and Harmony had a confused expression on their faces.

“You’ll walk out of here”, Spike said to Harmony and Drusilla calmly. “I’m giving you the chance to save your own sodding unlive arses. We’ll never see you again I bloody hope so”.

“What?” Buffy wasn’t happy with Spike’s decision to let them both go. “Spike, come on,
They will be back. You said you’d be gone forever after helping me to kill Angel, and you went back. Vampires aren’t exactly trust worthy”.

“I don’t want them dead, Buffy. I just want them gone. No harm no foul”.

“No, I want to kill the…” Buffy started but Harmony cut her off.

“Okay! Bye!” Harmony bolted.

But Drusilla stayed for a few more seconds and pouted. “No fun”, she hugged her doll close to her body, turned around and left peacefully.

Truth is, Buffy was relived. She knew how dangerous love is. But she was thankful for that experience. It made her realize that she was right. She did love Spike. To death. And she’s never been loved like this by anyone. This was real.

“How did you know?” Spike asked Buffy all of a sudden.

“Willow cracked”.



The day after, Buffy went to see Spike at his place. But for a certain reason in mind. It was time to move things forward.

“Your place looks great”, she told Spike when he let her in, very happy to see her. “You’re always so neat. That’s weird”.

They both giggled at the irony.

“You okay?” He asked her in a more serious tone.

“Actually, I’m better than usual. And I wanted to ask you something about something. I think you should move in with us”.

“You serious?” Spike wasn’t sure.

“Yeah. I mean we did use to live together before. And I think your real home is with us. With me. I want to see you when I go to sleep, I want to see you when I wake up. Everyday. What do you say?”

“I say that sounds great”, a huge smile spread across his pretty face. His deep blue eyes shined.

“Besides, I’ve never lived with a boy before. I already asked Dawn about it when I told her about what happened. And she said she was okay with it”.

“Can I kiss you now?” He asked with a shy smile.

“I think that’d be the best”. Spike’s lips made their way to Buffy’s, but she stopped him and pushed her hand into her pocket. She pulled out a key and put it in front of Spike’s face. “You’ll need a key”. Spike laughed and stroked her hair. “Now you can kiss me”, Buffy said and pressed her lips hard on Spike’s. This is a new beginning. Of a great future both of them will have together.



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