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Title: Buffy and the Dalek Slayers
Author: Miss Murchison
Rating: Probably won’t get past PG
Word count: Probably about 4000 when complete.

Summary: This is a sequel to Who’s the Doctor? and Where’s the Doctor?, my previous BtVS/Doctor Who crossovers.

This one involves the Seventh Doctor and his companion Ace. Chapter One is here.


The hydra was very, very annoyed. As the Doctor expected, it was taking out its anger at having a nap interrupted on the closest Daleks. Three heads reached out and two Daleks were dragged into the depths. A third managed to shoot the hydra first, but new heads sprouted from the creature’s shattered stump, each bigger and angrier than the ones that had been destroyed. Tentacles lashed out and snared another Dalek, which had been trying to flee.

“Retreat! Retreat!” screamed another one. “Re–” Before it could finish, it found itself retreating vertically into oblivion.

Four Daleks were trying to simultaneously dodge the hydra and capture Spike, who was trying to dodge everything. He was nearly caught by one Dalek when a hydra head engulfed its eyestalk and swallowed, apparently undeterred by the blasts of the Dalek weapons.

Before Spike could take advantage of the gap this made in the line of Daleks pursuing him, another tentacle snaked out and wrapped itself around ankle. He fell to the ground as weapons fired above him and another tentacle reached out for one of his arms.

“That’s enough!” Buffy grabbed the sonic screwdriver from the Doctor’s hands and twisted it. He grabbed back, but she shoved him back . The hydra gave a howl and began to retreat home, no longer forced to the surface by the vibrations the Doctor had programmed the device to produce.

“Insane girl.” The Doctor sat up, brushed himself off, and looked around for his hat. That settled, he gazed across the field to see Buffy dragging Spike to safety as the hydra disappeared and the remaining Daleks whirled around in confusion.

“You crazy girl!” The Doctor spat at Buffy as she ran back to his side, Spike in tow. “Another minute and the Hellmouth would have swallowed them all.”

Spike had fallen to the ground and Buffy knelt down to check him for damages.
“And in another minute Spike would have been its dessert. We can find another can opener to squash your bots, but there’s only one of him.”

Spike sat up. “I’m all right, pet.” She helped pull him to his feet, and in spite of his words he winced where she grabbed his arm.

“Not for long.” The Doctor pointed with his umbrella toward the Daleks, who were regrouping and heading in their direction. “Run!”

Then there was a strange sound, as if a very large engine had developed a very bad chest cold, and a blue box materialized in front of the half-dozen Daleks that had begun screaming, “Exterminate!”

The doors to the box opened and two figures jumped out, long braided hair waving, and began tossing silver cylinders that exploded with a force that knocked over two of the Daleks. The other Daleks retreated a few yards, and one of the newcomers continued lobbing the bombs, while the other reached behind her and pulled out a huge firearm, which she aimed first at the eyestalks of the fallen Daleks, and then at the ones that had begun to flee. The explosions from the canister grenades were dwarfed by the blasts of this new weapon.

“Let me guess.” Spike leaned forward to watch the battle. “That would be Ace?”

“And my little sister.” Buffy’s face was grim. “Who has been getting into my stuff again. That’s my rocket launcher!”


The shattered remains of one Dalek were all that remained identifiable of the alien incursion. Spike approached it, looking inside the shell at the little blob that had been its organic core. “Daft bugger.” He sounded almost pitying.

The Doctor returned from activating the self-destruct sequence on the Dalek ship in time to hear this. “An interesting epitaph for a homicidal monster. Is ‘daft’ really the most appropriate adjective?”

Spike dropped the eyestalk he’d been examining. “Enough bloody power to take down an army, and it spent it all on hate. As far as I can tell, it never loved anything, not even itself. What’s more insane than that?” He turned and loped over to where Buffy was still scolding Dawn, who looked too excited and proud to care what was said to her, and Ace, who looked bored. Spike high-fived both teenagers and caught Buffy in a quick embrace.

The Doctor suspected that was the most insight he was likely to get into Spike’s motivations.


Chapter Nine

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