Buffy and the Dalek Slayers, 4/9

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Title: Buffy and the Dalek Slayers
Author: Miss Murchison
Rating: Probably won’t get past PG
Word count: Probably about 4000 when complete.

Summary: This is a sequel to Who’s the Doctor? and Where’s the Doctor?, my previous BtVS/Doctor Who crossovers.

This one involves the Seventh Doctor and his companion Ace. Chapter One is here.

I’m down to the wire with this. Mr. M’s PC died and he had to use mine to finish some work for his job, and paying the mortgage still has to come before fanfic. But I’ve regained custody of my laptop for the evening and should be able to get all the chapters up before midnight.


Ace opened the door of the Magic Box and looked around the crowded interior. Unimpressed by the clutter or the bored girl standing behind a counter, she sighed.

“Sorry we’re not up to your expectations.” The girl’s expression went from bored to annoyed, and she flipped her long brown hair behind her back as if in preparation for verbal battle.

Ace’s eyes narrowed and she set her hands on her hips. “I’m looking for someone named Buffy.”

The salesgirl stiffened, and her gaze went from Ace’s face to her leather jacket and the baseball bat sticking out the back of her rucksack. “Why?”

“Someone told me to look for her if I ran into trouble.”

The girl’s expression shifted from worried back to annoyed, and nearly slipped into bored again. “It figures. Everyone goes running to Buffy for help when they see something scary. What do you want her to fight?”

Ace took a step closer. “Maybe you need someone to do your fighting for you, but I don’t! I need her to help me find someone.”

The girl stepped around the counter to stand toe-to-toe with Ace. “I can fight, when I’m being treated like a baby!”

Ace sensed Resentment of Authority, and couldn’t help identifying a little. “Who treats you like a baby? You look old enough to fight to me.”

At this, the girl relaxed a little and said in a friendlier tone, “See, that’s what I say. Buffy’s been slaying since she was younger than me, and if someone who falls over his feet like Xander is allowed to patrol, I should be …”

Acting as native guides, Buffy and Spike led the way back towards the high school, moving more carefully than on their first approach. Spike offered to scout around the back, pointing out that his superior night vision made him the best choice for the job.

“Listen to me, you idiot.” Buffy grabbed him before he could go. “Be careful.”

“Of course.”

“What do you mean, ‘of course?’ You almost killed yourself once already tonight.”

“Yes, very odd that.” The Doctor watched Spike disappear into the darkness. “I never expected a vampire to put himself in danger to save my life.”

Buffy scowled at him. “Don’t take it personally. He does that all the time. You’re nothing special.”

“That’s almost…altruistic.” The Doctor smiled dryly. “And you, a Slayer, are his fierce advocate. The behavior of you Earth creatures is always so strange and interesting, sometimes almost indistinguishable from madness.”

“They couldn’t understand how blowing up the art room was a creative act,” said Ace.

“I know just what you mean.” Dawn nodded emphatically. “And they always act like they’d never do anything bad. For instance, it’s not like Buffy never shoplifted anything. It’s, like, a rite of passage. By the way, I really like your jacket.” She moved around the store, locking up the cash and turning off lights as she prepared to close up.

Ace looked down to admire the black leather with its patches. “Thanks. It’s good to know I still have a bit of street cred after a Dalek blew up my boom box.” She frowned. “Speaking of Daleks…”


Chapter Five

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