Buffy and the Dalek Slayers, 2/9

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Title: Buffy and the Dalek Slayers
Author: Miss Murchison
Rating: Probably won’t get past PG
Word count: Probably about 4000 when complete.

Summary: This is a sequel to Who’s the Doctor? and Where’s the Doctor?, my previous BtVS/Doctor Who crossovers.

This one involves the Seventh Doctor and his companion Ace. Chapter One is here.

The Doctor and Ace

“Ace? Ace?” The Doctor peered into the lower level of Spike’s crypt and looked around.

“Looking for one in the hole? Ow!” Spike pulled his arm away from Buffy, who was bandaging it with more haste than care.

“I’m looking for a friend of mine.”

“Ace?” Buffy looked up. “Where’s Leela?”

“She, er, found other things she preferred to do.” The Doctor cocked his head to one side. “I don’t think we’ve met since my last regeneration. At least, not in my time stream. How did you recognize me?”

Spike smirked. “Not exactly subtle this time, are you?”

“Humph.” Self-conscious for once, the doctor straightened his bow tie and fidgeted with the handle of the umbrella he carried. The handle was in the shape of a question mark, and the vest he wore was also covered with question marks.

Then his attention veered back to Spike. “You saved my life earlier. Thanks.”

“Yeah.” Spike’s hand went to his wounded arm. “Any little reward you’d like to send my way would be appreciated.”

But the Doctor seemed to lose interest in that topic. “I was hoping Ace would come here, because I described the cemetery when I told her about my previous visit. I wonder where she can have gone?”

“And I’m wondering what that metal menace that almost killed this idiot was.” Buffy tried to keep her words light, but she realized she was holding Spike’s hand very tightly.

The doctor adjusted the tilt of his hat. “Ah, that, my dear, was a Dalek.”

“And what would that be when it’s at home?” Spike rescued his hand from Buffy’s grip before she could absent-mindedly break any bones and wrapped his arm around her shoulders instead.

“Well, ‘at home’ to a Dalek would be the planet Skaro, and if they stayed there the universe would be much quieter place. They are not, to put it mildly, fond of other species…”

Ace trudged along an empty Sunnydale street, passing row after row of detached houses with big yards and little sign of life. It was like Perivale, with more grass.

She’d lost the Professor when they were tracking a Dalek, and she needed to find him again to tell him about the dozen more she’d found later. The Doctor had told her a little about the town, and she tried to remember the places he’d described.

A door slammed and a man appeared, with a bag that he carried to the side of a garage and stuffed into a trash bin. Ace approached him and caught his eye. “Can you tell me where…?”

Before she could finish the man yelped and ran back into the house. The door slammed behind him and she heard the clicks of several locks.

“And I thought Americans were supposed to be friendly.” She shrugged and continued on her way down the street.


Chapter Three

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