Buffy and the Dalek Slayers, 3/9

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Title: Buffy and the Dalek Slayers
Author: Miss Murchison
Rating: Probably won’t get past PG
Word count: Probably about 4000 when complete.

Summary: This is a sequel to Who’s the Doctor? and Where’s the Doctor?, my previous BtVS/Doctor Who crossovers.

This one involves the Seventh Doctor and his companion Ace. Chapter One is here.

I’ve got the beginning and ending to this done, but I’m not happy with the middle, so with regrets I’m going to put off posting the rest until the open day.


“The Daleks’ship was damaged and they were cut off from the rest of the fleet.”

Realizing that the Doctor’s story had at last reached a relevant point, Buffy stood up a little straighter.

The Doctor waved his umbrella in the general direction of the high school. “They need power to catch up with their mother ship, and what you call the Hellmouth is putting out trans-dimensional and temporal energy among a host of other emissions. They’re trying to filter out what they need without being accidentally sucked into another dimension. Or eaten by something.”

“They’d give most of what’s down there indigestion. Even the Ghora monsters.” Spike looked almost thoughtful.

The Doctor’s lecture was giving Buffy indigestion. She didn’t have much experience with extra-terrestrial menaces, and the Daleks didn’t sound like they were a novice, or even intermediate level, threat.

She tried to count small blessings. At least Dawn was safely out of the way for once. It was her night to work at the Magic Box.

Ace looked up and down Main Street. Not much of a city center, here. But that made it easier to locate a place where she might find someone who didn’t run away at the sight of her. She opened the door of the Magic Box and looked around.


Chapter Four

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