Video/artwork: Biffy and Spikey

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Welcome to the Biffyverse! Those of you who tuned in for this year’s summer_of_giles  already had a little preview.This video was inspired by Tribel from BuffyForums, who wanted a Miffy style fanvid. I had no time to make a fully animated video, so instead I tried to recreate the children’s picture book experience. The other inspiration was the “flavour” prompt on my card.

I hope you enjoy my little “Spiffy” picture story.

Credits: Miffy (Nijntje) was created by Dick Bruna. All art used in the video was based on his work, except for the vampire clipart which is from here and the Buffy “B” logo, which is from here. The voice-over was created using the free voice-over generator by

Since similar (and much more offensive) spoofs of Miffy were ruled NOT to be copyright breaches by the court in Amsterdam, I’m going to assume I’m also not breaching copyright here.

PS: I have been enjoying all the entries so far, but (as usual) didn’t get around to commenting yet. I will, I promise!

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