Banner & writing prompt!

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Hello, all! This is my first time participating in Seasonal Spuffy! And I am LATE. Wooo. My internet service isn’t working right now, so I’m throwing this post up here via mobile several minutes after my posting day. I hope that’s…kind of fine. I did try swearing at my laptop, but it didn’t help. I’ll try fixing tags etc. once I can log in on my laptop. Mobile keeps trying to eat this post!

My meager offering for you: a banner, a title, and a writing challenge prompt thingy. Totally up for grabs. Let me know if you’d like the banner personalized!

Concept is… While Buffy is in LA after season 2, Spike sends her a letter. She’s miserable and lonely, and she begrudgingly writes back. Go wherever you want from there!

Images in banner are from hdbuffy and captoit!

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