Vid: Must Get Out (Maroon5)

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Ok, this is a placeholder until the vid (which is finished!) is done uploading. Just in case anyone is hovering in uncontrolable anticipation over their f-list on a Saturday night for new posts. ;D

Now with vids! Er, well, vid. Small version will be up shortly is up too. :)

Vid: “Must Get Out”
Artist: Maroon 5
Fandom: Buffy
Summary: Things are never simple for a vampire in love with a Slayer.
Downloads: 29.4 MB (640 x 480) XviD (The Big Shiny One), or 16.9 MB (320 x 240) WMV (The Small One)

Please right-click and save as!

Hope you enjoy. I know making it certainly put me in the right mood to go back and devour all the fic I haven’t had time to read. ;}

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