Art: Kittyverse Buffy and Spike

Just a hair past my deadline in my own time zone thanks to airport delays, but here we go!

I was originally planning something more risque than adorkable, but I bought way too many things in Tokyo the last few days with cats on them. And then this happened during my (still very much in progress) jet lag? IDEK. XD



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Buffy/Spike Vid : One Last Time – Veruca Salt

Could I have cut this any closer? No freakin’ way. I think I have five minutes to spare. ::points to time stamp:: Make that one minute.

This is a vid idea that’s been knocking around in my head for a couple of years now, and I figured this community was the perfect reason to finally get it the heck out. :D Buffy. Spike. Boy oh boy does she like to knock his ass around…now, set to music! Hope you enjoy. :] This community has been great fun so far. I can’t wait to finally have some time to comment on all of the great posts. :D

onelasttimetitle1Song: One Last Time
Artist: Veruca Salt
Fandom: Buffy, clearly. :]
Summary: Who is Buffy more worried about controlling–Spike, or herself?

Large Version: Xvid AVI (32 MB – 640 x 480) (Click here for the codec.) Please right-click and save.

Small Version: WMV (15.4 MB – 320 x 240) Please right-click and save.

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