S12 comics limerick and panel edit

Title: S12 comics limerick and edited panel
Creator: Double Dutchess
Era: Season 12 comics

Because I have been traveling, I didn’t have the opportunity to make anything substantial for this free-for-all. But inspired by the very recent comics developments, and by ‘s wonderful limericks, I tried my hand at a limerick myself. I know it’s a pretty bad one, but it’s my first, and it was made in about 5 minutes :-) I also did a very quick and simple comics panel edit. (Thanks to for providing the comics page containing this panel.)

If you don’t want to be spoiled for the Season 12 comics, DON’T look under the cut!!
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Fic: And Be One Traveller

And Be One Traveler
by Barb C.

Rating: PG
Pairing: B/S
Synopsis: Blossom reflects.
Author’s notes: A little something extra, since I wasn’t able to finish the other one. This story does NOT take place in the same universe as “Raising In the Sun,” “Necessary Evils,” and “A Parliament of Monsters,” but in the infinitely stranger one of the BtVS comics, circa Season 10. However, it will make no sense whatsoever if you haven’t read “In A Yellow Wood,” which does take place in the aforementioned universe.

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Fanart: Together

Title: Together
Creator: Stoney

Okay I got notice about this round over on Buffy Forum and have joined here to try and post, so hopefully this is going to work!  I didn’t have as long as I’d hoped to put something together so I’ve done this instead of sleeping tonight. Far better use of my time!!  It’s a full wallpaper, but I’m not sure how it’s going to appear here or if it will link properly, or even if I’ve put it in the right place. Fingers crossed. :)



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Loving You (vid)

Title: Loving You
Creator: Double Dutchess
Setting: S10-11 (comics)
Rating: safe for work

My contribution for this round is a follow-up of my vid “As Time Goes By (Hello Stranger)“, that I made for last year’s Spring round of Seasonal Spuffy. Unlike that one, this one has no story; basically it’s just the Happy Ever After.
Health warning: this is super schmoopy. It is so sugary sweet it will make your teeth fall out. Watch at your own risk!

Direct link: https://youtu.be/wyF36MiAgnI

Credits for the comics artwork go to Rebekah Isaacs, Megan Levens, Georges Jeanty, Steve Morris and Phil Noto. The intro with the birds is from Walt Disney’s Bambi. And the song is Loving You by Minnie Riperton.

PS: I will catch up on reading/commenting on everybody else’s contributions for this round soon, I promise!

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