4 Buffy and Spike Fic Banners

Title: 4 Buffy and Spike Fic Banners
Creator: electric_heart (aka all_choseny)
Era/season: None
Rating: G
Note: These are all fun little fic banners that I created for anyone who would like to snag them. You may use them for inspiration for a new story or for something you’re currently working on. I’ll be happy to personalize.

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Breaking the Habit (Chapter One) by electric_heart

Title: Breaking the Habit
Author/creator: [personal profile] electric_heart
Era/season/setting: Season 8 Buffy Comics/Post Angel After the Fall
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Spike/Original Female Character; Buffy/Satsu; Eventually Buffy/Spike
A/N: This is my first attempt at a Buffyverse fic that is longer than a drabble in about a decade. I decided to try my hand at writing Spuffy fic again for seasonal_spuffy because I missed the characters and the fandom. “Breaking the Habit” is a story that was conceived about eleven years ago. Unfortunately, I lost every word written because back then I did not properly save or backup anything I wrote. It bummed me out that I lost hours of work, and I’ve been thinking a lot about that story since returning to the fandom. I decided to “reboot” the story and incorporated this round’s “Dark Carnival” theme in the first chapter. I’m no spring chicken, so my memory isn’t the best. I remember vaguely what the story was about, but it’s been over a decade. So, everything written is brand new. Additionally, the story is an AU of season 8 and admittedly, I will be playing fast and loose with the timelines between Buffy seasons 8-9 and Angel season 6.
I’d like to also thank my beta for this chapter, cornerofmadness. You are awesome! Any mistakes are all mine.
Disclamimer: The characters are not mine.
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Season 10/11 Banners

Title: Buffy and Spike Banners
Creator: electric_heart
Era/season/setting: Season 10/11 (Comic verse)
Rating: G
Note: My posting day is on 5/21. I didn’t want to bombard everyone with so much content on one day, so I decided to post a few pieces on the “free for all” day. :) Also, this is my first time participating in Seasonal_Spuffy.

Buffy and Spike Banner

Buffy and Spike Banner

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