A Matter of Time

First of all, many thanks to the mods for keeping this community going. Second of all, apologies for not commenting on other people’s entries much yet. Hoping to rectify that in the coming days.

Here is my contribution. I only had one idea this round. It’ll become apparent pretty quickly what that was.

Setting: Post-series, not following comics continuity. Buffy is the head of a Slayer quasi-military organisation, but there are no flying submarines, promise.
Rating: PG13/R for slight sexual situations and swearing
Pairing: Spike/Buffy (goes without saying, obvs), brief mention of Spike/Drusilla

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Raison d’Etre

Hi everyone. First of all, many thanks to the mods for keeping this community going. Secondly, apologies for hardly commenting on any one else’s posts so far. I always find it very difficult to do that when I have my own contribution sort of hanging over me. But as it’s my posting day today, that excuse won’t fly any more, and I hope to catch up with all your entries soon.

Due to various circumstances (some my fault, some not), I ended up with only two days to write this fic, so I’ve fallen back on that old staple, or a variation thereof, the post-apocalypse/final climactic battle story, plus avoided any complications (such as having to think of an actual plot) by dumping my readers in medias res and running for cover. ;)

Setting: post-series and post-apocalypse/final climactic battle
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Spike/Buffy (obvs) but mention of Spike/Drusilla and Angel/Buffy
Un-beta’ed, so please forgive (and point out so I can amend) any mistakes with my American.
Mention of character death
Disclaimer: Not for profit, don’t sue etc.
2260 words

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Suburban Disturbance

Happy Tenth Anniversary to seasonal_spuffy!! And many thanks to the mods for keeping the comm going. Much appreciated.

It’s my posting day today, so here’s my entry. Whi-ich has not much to do with the theme of the round, and is nothing like anything I’ve written before. Hope you enjoy.

Setting: A nebulous time, some years post-NFA and post-the release of Frozen on DVD, in a nebulous place that could be suburban London, or suburban somewhere in the US where they have colder winters than California.
Rating: PG-13/R(ish) for the occasional swear word and sexual(ish) situations.
Pairing: Spike/Buffy, very brief mention of Spike/Drusilla and Buffy/Angel
Disclaimer: Not for profit, don’t sue etc
Author’s note: Just for the record, I do not hate Kennedy. Also, in case you’re not familiar with Frozen, without spoilering you, Elsa is the heroine (or one of them) and Hans is… well, let’s say a not so popular character.
5000 words

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Hello. It’s my posting day today, so here’s another fic with a terrible title (I have a history of those on this comm). Hope you enjoy.

Setting: post-series
Rating: PG13/R (for language)
Beta: Many thanks to rebcake for the very speedy beta.
Disclaimer: Not for money, don’t sue, etc.
Author’s note: this ought by rights to be a really angsty fic, but it just didn’t come out that way.
5660 words

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The King And She Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series The King And She

It’s my posting day today and I bring a rather long fic with a terrible title (I can’t think of anything better).

This story started life in July on sb_fag_ends  so the first 5000 words might be familiar to those of you who read it then. The rest I’ve made up as I’ve gone along in discrete 1000 word(ish) chunks. My evil twin has used this technique for writing stories many times, but it’s the first time I have.

It’s similar to the evil twin stories, though, in that it’s basically self-indulgent fannish wish fulfilment. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Setting: Place-wise, London. Timewise, bit indeterminate, actually. The Fag Ends prompt the first five chapters were written for was What if Giles got in contact with Spike on Buffy’s behalf ten years on,but I got confused and forgot that ten years after Chosen is… well, now. So there are some things that might seem puzzling, like Buffy wearing shoes designed not by Jimmie Choo, but by his daughter Emily etc. Oh, just go with it.

ETA: Just to be clear, this story does not give the Buffy comics the time of day.

Pairing: Spike/Buffy (weirdly enough), mention of Buffy/Angel and some Spike/Angel prickly bromance-y type stuff. Also, Willow/Kennedy.

Rating: PG13/R (mostly for swear words).

Unbeta’d.(My spelling’s quite good, okay?)

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A Hundred and Forty Seven Nights To Save Your Lover

Hi. It’s my posting day today, and, as usual, I’ve just gone with the theme of the round.

Setting: Between BtVS seasons 5 and 6
Rating: PG-13/R (for a couple of bad words and a vague suggestion of m/m slashiness)
Beta: dwyld read it through for me.
Disclaimer: Not for profit, don’t sue, no money

A Hundred and Forty Seven Nights To Save Your Lover

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Last Dance

Hi. It’s my posting day today. As usual, I’ve just gone with the theme of the round. Hope you enjoy.

Setting: Post-apocalyptic rather different outcome of Shells in AtS season 5.
Pairing: The one, the only.
Rating: PG-R, for a little bad language
Beta: Beta’d by Dwyld on LJ, to whom many thanks.
2442 words. May be part of a longer fic one day, but I hope it stands on its own.

Last Dance
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Killer Brides From Hell

Er… sorry about the story title. I know it sucks, but I had to call it something and I couldn’t think of anything better. If I do, I’ll come back and change it.

Anyway, it’s my posting day, and here is my story. It’s part of a very daft series of fics I started back in August, the rest of which can be found here, and this one probably won’t make a lot of sense if you haven’t read at least the first of those, Marriage of Convenience. However, if you don’t want to read the others, I hope you’ll just try this and go with the flow.

Setting: BtVS Season 4, AU from Something Blue. This story takes place around the time of This Year’s Girl/Who Are You.
Rating: PG-13 at most
Pairing: You’re joking, aren’t you?
Beta: Many thanks to hello_spikey for her sterling (and extremely fast) beta assistance, and to dwyld for last minute ideas bouncing.
Also, if anyone can think of a better title (something wedding-related – Hell’s Bells would have been perfect but it’s taken), please tell me and I’ll happily credit you.

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Obstacles Part 1/3

This entry is part 8 of 10 in the series Heroes in Hell

Hi, it’s my posting day at seasonal_spuffy. First of all, thanks to enigmaticblues for all her hard work and to everyone else for your wonderful posts. The theme of this round was ‘obstacles’ and I’m afraid I’ve been very lazy and just called my story the same thing.

Pairing: Spike/Buffy (it goes without saying). Mention of Angel/Nina.
Rating: R, I think, but mainly for language.
Setting: This story is a sort-of sequel to my previous seasonal_spuffy story, Heroes in Hell. Events go AU after Chosen, with Spike never having gone to Wolfram & Hart and AtS season 5 unfolding without him. He and Buffy are now a couple again (or for the first time, depending on how you look at it) and a few years have passed. As in the Buffy comic, Buffy is living in a castle in Scotland and training Slayers, but it doesn’t matter at all if you’ve never read the comic.
Beta: Many thanks to my beta laisserais for all her help. Thanks, too, to woman_of who read through the Scottish characters’ dialogue for me. Any remaining mistakes are, of course, entirely mine.

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