Heroes in Hell Part 1

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Hello. Today is my posting day (changed from October 30th). I’ve never tried to write what you might call ‘pure’ Spuffy before so I hope I haven’t managed too badly. The story is complete and will be posted in 7 chapters.

Setting: Post-Chosen. The events of AtS season 5 are playing out but without Spike’s involvement, for reasons that will become clear pretty quickly. There are also very vague references to BtVS season 8, the comic. However, familiarity with it is not needed to understand the story.
Rating: R, I think.
Pairing: Spike/Buffy (of course), mention of Buffy/Angel
Beta: beta’ed by darkapple to whom many thanks. All remaining mistakes are, of course, mine.
Author’s note: This fic was inspired by one short line of dialogue from Hellbound in AtS season 5, quoted at the beginning of the story. At the time, I thought it massively unfair, though in Jossian terms it made perfect sense as well.
Disclaimer: The title of this story is borrowed from a shared world fantasy series from way back in the 1980s but the content of the story bears absolutely no relation to anything in that series, save the setting. Also, all Hail Joss, as always.

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Obstacles Part 1/3

This entry is part 8 of 10 in the series Heroes in Hell

Hi, it’s my posting day at seasonal_spuffy. First of all, thanks to enigmaticblues for all her hard work and to everyone else for your wonderful posts. The theme of this round was ‘obstacles’ and I’m afraid I’ve been very lazy and just called my story the same thing.

Pairing: Spike/Buffy (it goes without saying). Mention of Angel/Nina.
Rating: R, I think, but mainly for language.
Setting: This story is a sort-of sequel to my previous seasonal_spuffy story, Heroes in Hell. Events go AU after Chosen, with Spike never having gone to Wolfram & Hart and AtS season 5 unfolding without him. He and Buffy are now a couple again (or for the first time, depending on how you look at it) and a few years have passed. As in the Buffy comic, Buffy is living in a castle in Scotland and training Slayers, but it doesn’t matter at all if you’ve never read the comic.
Beta: Many thanks to my beta laisserais for all her help. Thanks, too, to woman_of who read through the Scottish characters’ dialogue for me. Any remaining mistakes are, of course, entirely mine.

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