The King And She Part 1

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It’s my posting day today and I bring a rather long fic with a terrible title (I can’t think of anything better).

This story started life in July on sb_fag_ends  so the first 5000 words might be familiar to those of you who read it then. The rest I’ve made up as I’ve gone along in discrete 1000 word(ish) chunks. My evil twin has used this technique for writing stories many times, but it’s the first time I have.

It’s similar to the evil twin stories, though, in that it’s basically self-indulgent fannish wish fulfilment. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Setting: Place-wise, London. Timewise, bit indeterminate, actually. The Fag Ends prompt the first five chapters were written for was What if Giles got in contact with Spike on Buffy’s behalf ten years on,but I got confused and forgot that ten years after Chosen is… well, now. So there are some things that might seem puzzling, like Buffy wearing shoes designed not by Jimmie Choo, but by his daughter Emily etc. Oh, just go with it.

ETA: Just to be clear, this story does not give the Buffy comics the time of day.

Pairing: Spike/Buffy (weirdly enough), mention of Buffy/Angel and some Spike/Angel prickly bromance-y type stuff. Also, Willow/Kennedy.

Rating: PG13/R (mostly for swear words).

Unbeta’d.(My spelling’s quite good, okay?)

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