The Chaos Factor. Chapter Six

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This is my last post for the day I wanted to thank itmustbetuesday  for hosting this wonderful ficathon and I am enjoying all the marvellous entries and anticipating so many more ^_^.

I am incredibly frustrated in not completing this fic for today as I have loved writing it, but sadly due to ill health over the last few weeks I was scuppered slightly and unable to complete The Chaos Factor in time for posting today – I have nearly finished chapter seven of the fic and I will be posting it on my LJ as well as popping it into my memories section – so if you are interested in following the rest of this fic and Spike and Buffy’s travels across the world chasing Ethan then keep an eye out on my LJ for updates, I will pop all chapters including future ones into my memories to make is easier to access them ^_^. I will be focusing on this fic and I will finish in one hit over the next couple of weeks.


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments I do hope you have enjoyed the fic so far!

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The Chaos Factor – Prologue

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The prologue for my new fic The Chaos Factor is below the cut, lmbossy and I have hopefully got a day filled with Spuffy goodness for all of you to enjoy so on with the show ^_^

Title: The Chaos Factor

Rating: R for violence and some sexual references

Pairing: Spuffy

Time Line: Set between Season Four and Five.

Summary: Sometimes a visit from on old friend really isn’t a good thing! Giles manages to lose something and it is upto Buffy and Spike to chase across the world after it. Their journey dicated by the flip of a coin which under the control of chaos magicks.

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Whispers of A Dream. Epilogue

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And here is my last post for the day. I want to thank itmustbetuesday for hosting this awesome ficathon, it has been a delight to immerse myself in all the wonderful fics and artwork posted over the weeks.

I also want to give a big hug to lmbossy for all her stunning banners that she created for for this fic. Also for her untiring support and sharp betaing eyes. And lookat at all the clever things she posted today am still in awe of her icon factories and I notice that everyone has had alot of fun with them *grins* and the gorgeous headers and banner are just WOW!

A really big *squish* for megan_peta for sacrificing sleep for the last week to work her way through two chapters a day that I sent in a flurry of panic, she has been a trouper and a marvel – Megan thank you for all your hard work.

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Fic: Whispers of A Dream… Screams of A Nightmare 1/10.

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Whispers of a Dream… Screams of a Nightmare.
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc.

Notes: A Spuffy fairytale with alot of familiar character from various fairytales. An evil Fairy makes her presence known on the Hellmouth with disasterous consquences for the teenagers of Sunnydale. When Dawn falls victim to her magicks the Scoobies come up with a risky plan that will take Spike and Buffy on a journey that will change their lives forever.

Time line – between the events of Real Me and The Replacement.

Rating: R for violence

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