Whispers of A Dream. Epilogue

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And here is my last post for the day. I want to thank itmustbetuesday for hosting this awesome ficathon, it has been a delight to immerse myself in all the wonderful fics and artwork posted over the weeks.

I also want to give a big hug to lmbossy for all her stunning banners that she created for for this fic. Also for her untiring support and sharp betaing eyes. And lookat at all the clever things she posted today am still in awe of her icon factories and I notice that everyone has had alot of fun with them *grins* and the gorgeous headers and banner are just WOW!

A really big *squish* for megan_peta for sacrificing sleep for the last week to work her way through two chapters a day that I sent in a flurry of panic, she has been a trouper and a marvel – Megan thank you for all your hard work.

Also a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has commented – you have made this posting day an utter joy for me. Now onto the finale of this Spuffy fairytale I do hope you all enjoyed it.


“Where am I?” Dawn squeaked and nearly fell of the chaise. Ole pulled himself to his feet, his body shaking uncontrollably with the effort it took. “Whoa, what the hell are you?” Dawn scrabbled backwards and slipped off, falling to the ground with a yelp. “Where’s Buffy?” She wiped her face with her hands and frowned at the drool, “okay, yuck…”

“My apologies, but we need to get you away from here before she returns. You are defenceless against her magicks,” Ole’s voice was filled with a pleading desperation – as he circled around the chaise and reached down for the confused teen. “Hurry, I must get you to safety before she returns. Enough is enough. I will not allow her to harm anyone else.”

“Not really much with the defencelessness, and I know that we can do a bit of harm so maybe we can help?” Buffy’s voice sounded wryly from one of the shadows at the edge of the room.

“Buffy!” Dawn exclaimed excitedly.

Buffy and Spike stepped out of the darkness that clung to the edges of the room and hurried over to Dawn. There was a flurry of voices as everyone ascertained that the other was alright, limbs attached and no more yearnings to fall asleep for days on end. The trip back to Sunnydale has been over in an instant. When Dawn’s consciousness had woken in the other realm she, Spike and Buffy had been pulled back to where they belonged.

“So, what bus hit you?” Buffy eventually asked the weary Sandman as she turned, with Dawn tucked up against her side, to face him. Concern clouding her expressive eyes as she took in the battered and bruised appearance of the once dapper little man. Spike stood to the other side of the teen, both of them protecting the girl with their bodies.

“We need to go,” Ole reached over and tugged at Buffy’s shirt, ignoring her questions. He desperatly wanted to escape the castle before Maleficent returned and destroyed them all. “Quickly before she comes back.”

“Like that’s bloody well going to happen. M’staying right here. I think evil Tinkerbell has some questions to answer. All those berks she sent after us, have you seen the state of my duster?” Spike rolled he head, clicking his neck and sniffed the air. “We’re back home love. Smells like the Hellmouth.”

Buffy nodded and then froze at the sight of the frail old woman who tottered into the room. “Is that her? But she’s like two hundred years old! God, does she even have teeth?” Buffy shoved Dawn behind her and raised her fists defensively, ready to granny bash if she had too. “This just feels so wrong.”

“My face, my skin and my hair! What did you do?” the evil fairy croaked as she staggered closer. As her spells and enchantments had reversed, her magicks had drained her of even more youth and vitality. Now she was a pale husk, a shade of her former self. “Help me,” she reached out a crabbed claw-like hand in supplication to the unimpressed small group. “Please…”

Ole stepped forward, compassion filling his eyes. “There is nothing to be done, and you have reaped what you have sown. The children are freed from your power and all has been set to rights by these two brave souls.” He pointed to Spike and Buffy, “without them you may have succeeded in your quest for supremacy. But now, I believe another fate awaits you.” He bowed his head formally to the silent form that had appeared in the doorway of the room. “Welcome brother.”

The crone turned around a choked gasp falling from her wrinkled lips. “No.” her voice trembled with a deep fear that made Spike’s hackles rise. “No. I don’t want to go with you. You can’t make me. Not after all this…please no,” She sank to her knees as tears pooling in her rheumy eyes and sobbed loudly.

Death stepped forward without a word, opening his voluminous cloak and surrounded the defeated fairy. There was a faint scent of brimstone and decay that wafted from his black velvet cloak. He nodded in greeting to his brother, but remained silent.

“Noooo,” a pathetic crabbed hand poked out from beneath, clawing at the flagstone floor. As the fallen fairy tried to crawl away from her inevitable fate.

A fate she had tried to escape and failed.

“Come Maleficent. You have cheated me long enough. All beings have to accept that there is a time for death, it is the natural course of things and not to be feared,” Death intoned deeply as he withdrew from the room inclining his head in a final nod to his freed sibling. As his robes whispered around the corner of the door, a frail arthritic hand slid out from under the velvet in a final desperate plea for succour.

“Well, that was kinda a let down after everything,” Buffy frowned at the empty doorway and then looked behind her to check on Dawn and Spike. The latter gave her a small grin and then scooped an unresisting and very confused Dawn up in his arms. “Jeez, I expected to at least get one hit in…” she groused.

“Next time pet. It’s not like you haven’t had more than enough baddies to pound in the last few days. Come on, let’s get the Platelet home.”

“Spiiike,” Dawn giggled as he carried her out of the room and onto the battlements of the castle. Parts of it were already fading away as Maleficent’s power dissipated.

Buffy offered her arm to the weary Sandman and the two of them followed Spike into the cool night.

“Look, how cool is that,” Dawn squealed as she pointed into the sky. In the distance, they could see Death astride his horse with the now quiescent Maleficent in his cloak.

“Your sis and I had a go on a flying horse earlier. Not much fun in a rainstorm though…” Spike trailed off wondering if the noble Pegasus had reached safety.

“It is time for me to take my leave of you,” with that Ole shook himself all over. His buttoned coat began to glow as it slowly repaired itself; a small sack appeared in one hand as the Sandman reached into the air and snatched his umbrella out of nowhere. “I am truly sorry for all that has happened,” he nodded his head at the three of them and stepped into the air. Turning he waved goodbye as he began to float off, ready to resume his nightly job of bringing sweet dreams to the children. “Thank you for saving us all.”

“Buffy! Dawn! Spike?” Giles’s voice carried loudly across the courtyard as he and the others stumbled through the gates. All of them clutching weapons, ready to fight their way in to save Dawn. But they were too late and completely missed the fall of the wizened Evil Fairy and her inevitable punishment.

“Hey guys,” Buffy waved at them and bounded down the stone stairs she’d spotted to her left, closely followed by Spike, who was still carrying a surprisingly docile Dawn in his arms.

“Where’s the fairy? Is she dead?” Anya squeaked as she gave Buffy a strong hug. “Giles is still feeling very guilty over losing Dawn. Oh, you’re awake, good for you.” She patted Dawn on the head and then gave Spike a broad grin and dug her elbow in his ribs. “Soooo have you had Buffy upside down and half way to happy land yet?”

“Hey!” Buffy blushed bright red and spluttered at Anya. But not after giving Spike an assessing glance. Contemplation making her her pupils dialate as she succumbed to more than a little anticipation.

“I say…” Giles fumbled for his glasses trying to whip them off before he saw the smirk on Spike’s face. He was too late, and his eyes widened at the smile that broke across the angular face of the vampire who it appeared his slayer was enamoured with. ‘Why me? Why couldn’t my slayer fancy a nice proper young man…oh dear he is smirking at her…’

“Ahn,” Xander clapped his hand over her mouth. “Gross!”

“Buffy, you didn’t!” Willow squeaked.

Buffy gave them all a sphinx-like smile and then turned to Willow and winked. “Not yet,” her voice was husky and filled with promises.


I will now hand you over to lmbossy for her final post.


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