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The prologue for my new fic The Chaos Factor is below the cut, lmbossy and I have hopefully got a day filled with Spuffy goodness for all of you to enjoy so on with the show ^_^

Title: The Chaos Factor

Rating: R for violence and some sexual references

Pairing: Spuffy

Time Line: Set between Season Four and Five.

Summary: Sometimes a visit from on old friend really isn’t a good thing! Giles manages to lose something and it is upto Buffy and Spike to chase across the world after it. Their journey dicated by the flip of a coin which under the control of chaos magicks.

So many girls to thank for all their hard work betaing!

Firstly megan_peta for her unending patience and stellar betaing, she has worked like a trojan to get this fic tidied up and ready for posting. She is a true gem *hugs*. Secondly to my fellow co-conspirator lmbossy who has battled through illnes and a trip to Vegas to beta chapters as well as create all her exceptional artwork for the fic and her contributions for today – I can’t wait to see these as I haven’t been given a sneak peek this time! And finally just_sue thank you for all your hard work on chapter six, betaing has never been so fun ^_^

lmbossy and I brainstormed the premise for The Chaos Factor on the flight back from Atlanta, once we were back in UK we researched extensively and discovered alot of brilliant gods and iconography for chaos which I have pulled into the fic – we had so much fun thinking up the entire thing. We both hope everyone enjoys the fic?



The cell was lit with a single fluorescent strip sunk into a recess and covered over with heavy-duty bars; it flickered on and off, illuminating the slumped form of a man. The slight buzzing hum of the light was just another added irritation that the incarcerated man had adjusted – to eventually. He could hear the screams and unearthly howls of his neighbours, both mortal and demonic, as they rattled the steel reinforced doors of their cells trying to escape the government sanctioned hellhole they resided in.

Ethan Rayne lay still on the hard mattress, his face turned to the wall as he resolutely ignored the three figures peering in through the small window in the door to his cell. He was used to the constant surveillance and discomfort; the cameras were on 24/7 and every movement and breath taken was documenting. His sessions in the ‘White Room’ were also documented. Ethan snorted. As if anyone could forget the pain of those sessions. His entire body was black and blue from the beatings that were disguised as training sessions.

He threw one arm over his face, using his forearm to block out the annoying flickering of the light and mentally consigned Ripper to the seventh level of Hades; it was his fault he was stuck here being beaten and tortured. His and the whey faced girl who was his charge: the Slayer.

He was never going back to Sunnydale again! Every time he went there he had his arse handed to him, but this last time had been different. The Fyarl-shaped Ripper had been ruddy funny, but the long-term ramifications to himself were not. He was currently residing in a mystical prison at the US Government’s pleasure.

“Bloody Slayer, bloody – bloody Ripper,” Ethan grumbled under his breath. He was stuck in some army controlled hellhole, and the poking and prodding had gotten old about three minutes after they had decided to give him a full medical. He had spent the rest of his time locked up. Once, he’d woken up from a dreamless sleep with a pounding headache and no memory of why the back of his head had been shaved. Ethan shivered slightly and curled into a ball. His sardonic features were for once immobile as he lay there counting the lines he’d carved into the cell wall.

“Oh, this is so thrilling. It’s just like visiting Arkham Asylum. All these long corridors, grim looking guards and windows into cells containing freaks and monsters. Actually it’s just like the office, what fun!”

Ethan shifted slightly at the sound of the woman’s voice; he refused to look round and add to her enthusiasm.

The army doctor ignored the elegantly dressed, tall brunette’s comments and checked his clipboard. To his right stood the C.O of Area 51. “Sir, are you sure you want to release the inmate to her?” His youthful face showed his disgust. “A lawyer for that firm?”

The grey-haired general with a standard military crew cut nodded resignedly. “Yes, the authorisation for prisoner transfer has come from up high. We’re getting a good exchange.” He bit his lip, trying to refrain from adding that the entire organisation had essentially been held hostage by the woman’s firm, with an offer that no one in their right mind could refuse. The medical ramifications of the exchange would save countless lives.

The woman in the grey suit nodded; a lock of her shiny hair slipped across her face and curled under her chin. Her red lips parted in a malicious smile. “Oh come on. Your government is getting a good deal. Five Nesarlin demons for a puny human, the money you guys are going to get on patents alone from those demons will more than level the National debt problem.” She paused and gave them a calculating smile. “Well, that’s if you can work out how to get the fluid out of their organs to cultivate the universal cure for you know what.”

The General ignored her needling. “Open the cell up and get Hostile 598 ready for transport.”

Ethan scrambled to his feet as the doctor pulled him off the bed and cuffed him with the magic inhibitors that he had gotten to know only too well. He let himself be dragged out of the cell and finally looked up into the suited woman’s amused eyes. Something sparked inside of him – hope. Evil was vibrating off the woman and it tickled the back of his neck, sending shivers of anticipation down his spine. If she was here for him, then things were about to get interesting.

“Mr Rayne, good to finally meet you! Our firm has followed your career for quite sometime with great interest. Some of your more recent sojourns on the West Coast were slightly inadvisable, but the Senior Partners have reassured the US government that from now on you won’t be going anywhere near Sunnydale.” She reached around and looped an arm through Ethan’s and urged him to walk down the corridor. “Come on, you’ve got an appointment with some of my superiors.” Lilah Morgan grinned at the silent chaos worshipper, enjoying his stunned amazement; she loved it when she was in control and about to unleash untold mischief on the world. From her reports, the skinny guy as her side was going to be an asset for her client in ways Rayne had only dreamt about. “We have so much we need to get you working on for us.” She reached up and tapped the back of Ethan’s head. “Once we get rid of that pesky problem.”

The general gritted his teeth; part of him was itching to reach for his side arm and take out the slimy magic user. He still couldn’t believe his orders, to release such a dangerous individual into the general public under the aegis of some L.A based law firm. This wasn’t going to end well…


A/N I know not Spuffy yet but I had to set the scene and get some villians into play – commenty goodness would be fab! There are more chapters to come today so settle in and hopefully you will enjoy this!

Writing Ethan has been great fun and a massive challenge as I have never tackled the character before!

will hopefully be posting some delish artwork and other pretties next.


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