Spuffy Fanart/Wallpapers

You didn’t think I’d forgotten to post, did you? I apologize for being late in posting, this time of year is so unpredictably hectic for mothers, I’m sure you all agree! ;)

So! Firstly, thank you to all of you guys, the wonderful mods and other fellow Spuffies out there for keeping this fun community running for so long! You all are the reason I’m still in love with the fandom, to be honest! Such great folks around here, I’m always so happy to be around you guys!

I have 3 wallpapers or fanart to share. I wanted to do something really epic, but as always, I ran out of time due to lack of practice in this category. I’m not good at working with screen captures, it’s been kicking me in the butt! But I hope they look decent enough for you to look at.

Please click them to download or view them in large size!

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Spuffy Graphic set #1

Today’s my turn to post some Spuffy goodness. It’s been really hard for me to create anything ‘fandom’ base work lately. So this is the only thing I have for now. But I still have the whole day to create more, I think.. so I hope I can come up with a few more things to post till the end of today.
Thanks so much itmustbetuesday  for keeping up this wonderful community and for giving me another fun-tastic chance to contribute.

1280×1024 1024×768

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Spuffy Wallpaper + Header + Matching icons [#1]


Hi all, I know I’m quite late with my post but I didn’t get my posting access activated just a few hours ago.. But finally here I am.
I have 4 wallpaper/header/icons sets to share at first… But I’m gonna make one post for each set so you won’t have to try to open too many images at the same time. Hope that’s okay.


All resources (caps/textures/brushes/etc) were my own.

{ 800×600 } {1024×768 }

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