Spuffy Graphic set #1

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Today’s my turn to post some Spuffy goodness. It’s been really hard for me to create anything ‘fandom’ base work lately. So this is the only thing I have for now. But I still have the whole day to create more, I think.. so I hope I can come up with a few more things to post till the end of today.
Thanks so much itmustbetuesday  for keeping up this wonderful community and for giving me another fun-tastic chance to contribute.

1280×1024 1024×768



I hope you’ll like. Let me know if you like it and would like to request something similar using different caps, etc. So far I have no idea what I’m going to make next, so feel free to make suggestions. ;)

All is shareable, feel free to take and use for your personal needs.

Special note:
This first graphic set was inspired by a special request by that she made ages ago. It really is a redone of my other set that I did for this comm last season. I know this might not be what she wanted, but this was the first thing I created today. I will try to play around more with other pictures and will see if I can try to get exactly what she wanted. I’m just not feeling the Spuffy love lately. So it’s been very hard to create.

Any comments/feedback is greatly appreciated!! Will be back with more stuff. Thank you!



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