Spuffy Wallpaper + Header + Matching icons [#1]

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Hi all, I know I’m quite late with my post but I didn’t get my posting access activated just a few hours ago.. But finally here I am.
I have 4 wallpaper/header/icons sets to share at first… But I’m gonna make one post for each set so you won’t have to try to open too many images at the same time. Hope that’s okay.


All resources (caps/textures/brushes/etc) were my own.

{ 800×600 } {1024×768 }


Matching icons


Please feel free to use these for your journal/personal desktop. I hope you like! I will be back with more goodies soon. Gotta get the kids to school now. *hugs*



Originally posted at http://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/10213.html