“Something Blue” Spaiku, Part 1: Acrimony

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It’s my day, and I brought word truffles! (I hope no one’s allergic.) Shout-outs to missmurchison   for encouraging me to sign up and to enigmaticblues   for organizing the whole fabulous shebang. Also, a big thank you to Mister Beta for egging me on and to philips   for her unerring good judgment. And for coining the phrase “word truffles.” :D

Other parts will be posted shortly, and I’ll have a few from “Tabula Rasa” up a bit later in the day.


13 Spaiku from “Something Blue”
Author: mere_ubu
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Spike and Buffy are not mine. I’m just gonna borrow them for, like, five minutes, mmkay?
A/N: Here are thirteen Spuffycentric haiku snapshots from “Something Blue.” In four parts.
Feedback warms the cockles of my heart. (Heh. I said “cockles.”)

Slayer bares her neck;
chained vampire longs to see her

“Whole bunch of stones,” huh?
Yeah, she’ll die for a good slay.
Wait—am I kneeling?


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