Crushed Spaiku, Prologue: Dress (1/12)

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It’s my turn to cater the all-you-can eat Spuffy buffet (Spuffet?) that has been this wonderful round, and I brought word salad. Kudos to enigmaticblues for being such a gracious hostess and big thank yous as well to Mister Beta for haiku-wrangling and to philips for amoral support.

ETA: The last haiku in Part 8 must have fallen off when I first posted. It’s back now. Also, I now have a spiffy new banner courtesy of the awesome alwaysjbj. Thank you, ma’am!

43 Crushed Spaiku
by mere_ubu
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Spike and Buffy are not mine; I just enjoy stuffing them into tiny boxes.
A/N: Here are some Spuffycentric Spaiku caps from BtVS, S5, “Crush.” Twelve parts.
Feedback is part of a balanced breakfast and also very delicious.

Banner by alwaysjbj

Checks out the new threads,
wishes for a reflection.
Will she notice him?


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