Season 1 Drabbles (3/3)

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Episode 9

Buffy squirmed in her sleep. She was dreaming of being chased by Sid’s dummy, its little stick legs pistoning faster as it gained on her. She whimpered, looked behind her – and ran straight into an unyielding body, firm and cool.

“Hey, love, you runnin’ from a big bad? I’ve got you now…”

She smiled, recognising the gruff tone of her dream lover, inhaling his scent. Feeling safe.

Buffy raised her lips to meet his…

The skittering of tiny feet drew her back from her dream, her howl of loss becoming a yelp of fear.

Dummies totally gave her the wig.



Episode 10

Spike stood in black night looking out onto daylight and lots of happy meals on legs. Ripe and young, too. His mouth watered. He didn’t have a buggering clue how he’d gotten here, but here wasn’t too bad… and getting better…

Buffy stilled as she crossed the quadrangle towards the patch of darkness, Billy by her side. Somebody was watching her; somebody familiar – and yet not.

Back in his bed, Spike gasped, sitting up, Drusilla stirring by his side. He shuddered; he had the feeling he’d be burned by his dream girl in time, yet he longed to touch just the same.



Episode 11

Seeing Xander and Willow walk off together, finishing each other’s sentences as they went, brought home the fact that she was merely an outsider in their little group.

Once more she had trouble sleeping, but wasn’t surprised by the visit from her dream lover.

“Chosen One, luv. You’re destined to walk alone, but for the demons you share the night with,” he told her, like he could see inside her head.

“And what about you? Do I only get you in my dreams?”

In answer, he pulled her close and bent his head for a kiss.

“For now…”



Episode 12

Like a stake through the heart, the pain nearly brought Spike to his knees. He gasped – tried to draw air into lungs long dead. Barely paid notice as his dinner escaped.

His dream girl was gone. Her life snuffed out like it never was.

He wanted to cry against the fates. Rage at what would never be.

Then suddenly she was back, her presence filling his entire being, centering in an area he thought forever lost to him and radiating outward.

Consuming him.

He knew then that he had to find this girl. The golden-haired Slayer that haunted his dreams.


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