Season 2 Drabbles (1/4)

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Back with the second set of drabbles. Hope you all enjoy. Thanks, once again, to always_jbj  for looking these over for us.


Episode 13

Buffy’s mind held nothing but the beat. Just the thrum of drum and bass, the rhythm of her heart matching the music, pushing out the nightmares. Her eyes closed as she moved against the warm body behind her. But she didn’t see him; behind her closed eyes was the man in her dreams, pale skin and hair, black nails. A sneer that hid soulful eyes, and the strength to break her.

Miles away, Spike stopped feeding, the blood tasting sour, wrong somehow. He was being pulled towards the light, and couldn’t fight it any longer.

“Dru, love – how far’s Sunnydale?”



Episode 14

Buffy sighed as she and Angel walked slowly through the cemetery. He’d admitted to being jealous of Xander at last; it hadn’t pleased her as much as she’d thought it would.

“Love makes you do the wacky,” she whispered softly.

Like wishing the vampire at your side was blond and smaller and here…

Drusilla pouted; her poet was wandering in the sunshine as he lay at her side.

“Pet, pack up, yeah? Gotta go get the Slayer.”

Drusilla whined, her head full of flashing pain as she did as he asked.

“Love makes you do the wacky,” she whispered.



Episode 15

Spike clapped slowly, emerging from the shadows. Sunnydale – and damn if the reality wasn’t better than the dream. The Slayer was hot personified, had all but set alight the dance floor. Definitely more vibrant in person than she’d been in his dreams.

Now, all he had to do was kill her and the dreams would end and he’d be lord of the manor with his ripe, wicked plum once again.

Wouldn’t be that easy though. He wanted her. He loathed her.

“What happens on Saturday?” Her voice rocked his existence, made him spit venom.

“I kill you.”

…or kiss you…



Episode 16

Spike lit his cigarette and watched from the shadows backstage at the Bronze. He’d heard rumour that the Slayer would be there, but so far it was just the losers, no tasty little blonde with a killer punch. Her boy was having his life sucked out by some crumbly bird – pretty funny, that.

Silly bitch hadn’t finished the job; bonus – he didn’t have to go searching for dinner. The Slayer raced in suddenly and Spike stepped back, cursing softly. Dinner was off, but did he imagine that she turned her head and smiled as she supported her friend out?



Episode 17

Buffy blushed; Willow wanted more details of her vampire dreams. She’d assumed it was Angel, and Buffy had let her. After all, it should be Angel…

Despite her panic, Buffy smiled. Her dreams since actually meeting the starring vampire were more intense, moving to a whole new level.

She zoned out as Willow chattered on, reliving the one from last night.

Cool lips moved along her throat while fingers slid down her abdomen. Her breath hitched as fangs grazed her flesh, and she yearned for the sting of his bite.

“I can’t have a relationship with him,” Buffy murmured aloud.


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