Season 1 Drabbles (2/3)

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 Episode 5

Buffy pouted on her way to the Bronze, late for her date, Giles’ warning for secrecy ringing in her ears. ‘No Slayer reveal-o. Check.’

Cordelia already had Owen clasped tight, so Buffy went home. Maybe she could have the hot blond stranger dream again.

Spike shrugged himself out of Drusilla’s cold grasp and stood, naked, at the window, moon shimmering as a haze of gold peeped around it, heralding the sunrise.

Prague was getting old and his demon was feeling jittery – something that had always foretold of impending trouble in the past. Probably time to be moving on then.



Episode 6

Spike was in a murderous rage. He’d fought, fed, and fucked – all in an attempt to rid himself of the jealousy he’d felt.

On some level, he knew it was irrational. Crazy even. She was the Slayer, his enemy. Never mind his thoroughly sated and slumbering sire resting comfortably beside him – his wicked plum, his sole reason for being.

But that quiet voice, the one that had been buried deep inside his subconscious so long ago by his demon, whispered “his”. The girl belonged to him.

And no mongrel beast was going to try and take her away either.



Episode 7

“Oh my god! I kissed a vampire! An actual VAMPIRE,” Buffy muttered as she scrubbed at her lips. “Giles will freak out with the honing lecture!”

All the same, as she sat on the edge of the bed and closed her eyes, she admitted to herself that the reason she hadn’t realised was that she craved it. Cool skin. Dead breath. The demon inside.

But the vampire was wrong. The wrong build, the wrong size, the wrong hair. The wrong man.

The vampire she craved was slighter, more compact. Hair like iced diamond, cocky – and a tongue like liquid sin.



Episode 8

It was freaky. Willow with a boyfriend? Xander was all bug-eyed about it, and Buffy was about ready to join him. But Willow wasn’t the only one with a secret lover, was she? Granted, Buffy’s was totally imaginary, but wow – he seemed real. Cool skin, firm, full lips; long talented fingers that knew exactly how to make her scream…

Maybe it wasn’t so different, virtual reality and dream reality. And Buffy wasn’t about to give up her dream guy for anybody.

Spike sighed in his sleep and dreamed that the inert corpse at his side was warm, supple, and blonde.


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