Season 1 Drabbles (1/3)

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Today is my and spikesdeb‘s day to post. In keeping with the theme “New Beginnings”, we decided to take each episode of Buffy and create a drabble that will incorporate our favorite vamp, Spike. (A huge undertaking, we know. I blame Debs, btw.) We’ve finished the first two seasons, so those will be posted here at the comm. The remaining seasons we’ll post in our respective ljs and update our last post with the links.

Mucho thanks to always_jbj  for lending an extra set of eyes. 

Episode 1

He didn’t dream often, and never while he was awake. It was Dru’s gig, getting images from her illustrious “stars”. But there was no denying what he’d seen…

A girl. Blonde. Strong.

The Slayer.

Spike grinned. It had been awhile since he’d matched wits with a slayer. Had himself one good day.

Plagued with memories of her old life and worried about starting off fresh someplace new kept Buffy from falling asleep. Though when she finally did, she dreamed.

Of dark places and a powerful-looking vampire dressed in leather.

“Buck up, love. Can’t let Bat-face out of his cage.”



Episode 2

She could feel him, standing over her shoulder. Close but not too close. His accented voice sent shivers down her spine as he spoken quietly in her ear.

“It’s like the watcher said, pet. Gotta stretch your senses. You should know who they are even with the human mask.”

Buffy turned around, knowing instinctively that someone – some thing – was there. Her eyes narrowed upon spying the creepy guy from a few nights ago.


“I thought you would have figured it out before now…”

“You showed up just to tell me that?”


“Look. Gotta run. Friends to save.”



Episode 3

He probably shouldn’t have had that last bottle of JD. Or topped off his tanks with a whacked out junkie.

His dreams were already plagued enough with the blonde Slayer he’d yet to meet. Dreams that made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Now she was wearing a skirt that barely covered her ass – nice in the grand scheme of things since it gave him a perfect view of tanned, lean legs. But the things she was shaking in her hands were giving him a headache.

“Poor Spike,” Drusilla whispered, petting his hair soothingly. “Sunlight has her claws in you, doesn’t she?”



Episode 4

The mysterious brunette disappeared into the crowd and Buffy snuggled into the borrowed leather coat she wore. Her eyes closed briefly and the music melted away.

Then he was there, the man from her dreams. Wearing a leather coat… like her. But his was different somehow. Longer. Softer.

Pale hands slid around her waist and Buffy grasped the arms that held her tight, marveling at the differences between the two textures.

“Wanna see you wearing nothing but my duster.”

She shivered as he nuzzled her neck…

“… like that?”

Buffy’s eyes snapped open, face flaming at the bartender’s enquiring look.


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