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Whew! This is a short chapter. I may have to change that R to a strong R or NC 17. I dunno. I’m losing my ability to know where to draw the line. There’s nothing kinky or terribly explicit… I guess I’ll stick with R, but emphasize it’s strong. Again, not beta’d yet, so…

Chapter Twelve

Without breaking the kiss, Spike backed up until the bed hit the backs of his knees. He fell backwards, pulling Buffy down on top of him and holding her there with one hand on her ass. The other hand was roving over her body, caressing and stroking, making her gasp every time it touched bare skin. Not to be outdone, Buffy pushed herself into a sitting position, grinding down on the bulge in the front of his jeans, and pushing his tee shirt up until she could run her hands over the smooth skin of his chest.

While she explored the body in front of her, Spike’s hands were busy unbuttoning her blouse. His eyes ran up and down her body, his appreciation plain on both his face and the way his cock was twitching against her. One hand cupped a perfect little breast while the other unhooked her bra and tossed it away. He sat up so that Buffy could pull his tee shirt over his head, the new position leaving her sitting on his lap with her legs wrapped around his hips.

With a groan, he pulled her more tightly against him, taking one nipple in his mouth and sucking on it almost to the point of pain while she arched into his mouth and whimpered.

“Perfect,” he gasped, moving to the other nipple. “Knew you’d be perfect, love. Can’t wait to see the rest of you.” He tried to move her away so that he could reach the fasteners on her pants.

“I don’t wanna move yet,” Buffy gasped, grinding against him, her eyes wide and unfocused. When he picked her up by her waist and took away the lovely pressure she’d been building she gave what almost sounded like a growl.

“Sorry, pet. We can do this anyway you want, as often as you want, in any position you want… but I want to be in you the first time you come for me. Please, love…”

His fingers tore at the snap on her jeans as she worked equally hard to unbutton his jeans.

“Seriously, Spike?” she muttered, “A button fly?” He gave one of his soft chuckles as he unzipped her jeans and rolled to the side so he could begin pulling them off.

“Sorry, pet. Wasn’t thinkin’….” As she worked his jeans open and reached in to wrap her hand around his cock, he gasped, promising, “Nothing but zippers from now on, I swear it.”

Taking what they both silently acknowledged was a necessary break, they broke apart to kick off their shoes and remaining clothes. Spike’s mouth was trailing down Buffy’s body before she’d even finished kicking her pants off, leaving open mouthed, wet kisses from her neck to her hip bone. Her legs fell open when he began to nuzzle the neatly trimmed hair he found as he followed the enticing scent there. When she unconsciously jerked her hips upward, he groaned.

“No worries, love. Not planning to neglect you, I just don’t want… but I guess one little lick couldn’t hurt…” Following words with actions, he ran his tongue through her folds, smiling when she buried her fingers in his hair and muffled a small scream. Unable to resist both her whimpered pleas and the way she was responding to him, he continued to move his tongue around until she was gasping threats to stake him. He dropped a kiss on her lower abdomen and slid up her body, dropping his hips between her open thighs.

His eyes met hers, waiting until the unfulfilled lust and frustration had faded enough for her to focus on him.

“Know this doesn’t mean as much to you as it does to me, but I need to say it anyway. I love you, Buffy. Have for longer than I think I know.” He pushed against her, wriggling his hips until he was past the automatic resistance of her clenched walls. As he slid the rest of the way in, he exhaled and dropped his head beside hers, nibbling on her ear lobe. “Never want to be anywhere else but here. Could dust happy just now.”

“Now would not be a good time to dust,” she gasped, pushing against him. “I think I like you solid and… you know… here.” As she spoke, she squeezed him tightly, bringing an answering gasp from the vampire. They were soon moving together in a rhythm older than history, matching murmurs, gasps and whimpers building until, with a soft cry, Buffy arched against him and shook with the force of her orgasm. Spike joined her, pouring himself into her warmth while his mouth pulled on the skin of her throat, leaving a mark that, even with slayer healing, wouldn’t fade for days.

They remained lying together for several minutes, breathing in rhythm, her hands moving gently against the skin of his back while he brushed light kisses against her mouth and across her face. Buffy finally let her legs drop from where they’d been clasping his body to hers and stretched, arching against him as she did so. She gave a small gasp when she felt him twitch and begin to grow inside her. With a murmur of appreciation, she wriggled against him, then wrapped her legs around his and rolled them over until she was stretched out on top of him.

“Your turn to drive?” He grinned up at her.

“You’d better believe it, vampire,” she said, sitting up and smiling down at him. “The Slayer is leader, not a follower.”

“Works out nicely, then,” he said, his eyes rolling back in his head as she began rhythmically clenching around him. “Lead on, love. William the Bloody knows how to follow a woman—ah!” After a particularly hard squeeze, he grabbed her hips and pulled her down against his body, moving his hips until she was tossing her head from side to side, making small gasping noises. In what began to resemble a battle more than love-making, they competed to see who could tire the other first.

It took only ten minutes of vampire and slayer sex to break the first slat in the bed, ten more to kick out the board at the foot, and another few minutes to bend the metal frame. Neither one noticed when they rolled to the floor, still engaged in their battle to be the last to stop from exhaustion. Only after they’d reached another mutually satisfying and vigorous conclusion did they notice the pounded on the floor coming from the room below.

“Oops?” Buffy rolled off his body, blushing all over. “I hope they don’t know who lives here!”

Spike’s only response was to thump back once with his fist, making a small dent in the floor that he hoped was visible below. He turned his head to look into Buffy’s embarrassed face. “Knew we’d be good together, Slayer, but I had no idea…” He shook his head and pulled her next to him where he could hold her while he nuzzled her hair. “You know you’ll never get rid of me now, don’t you, love? If you aren’t planning to keep me around forever, better stake me now. ‘Cause I’m not leaving willingly.”

Blushing again, this time at his obviously heartfelt words, Buffy whispered, “Considering how long a slayer’s ‘forever’ is, I think you’re pretty safe. I don’t want you to go away any time soon… or ever.”

He tightened his arm around her, taking her unspoken emotion for what it was. They clung together until Buffy started to shiver and they sat up to study the broken bed.


“It’s fixable,” he said, taking the metal frame and grunting with effort as he bent it back into an approximation of its original shape. He gave a rueful shrug at the broken slat lying on the floor under the bed, and draped his coat over the broken footboard. “See? All fixed.” He got in carefully and held up the covers for her, smiling when she didn’t hesitate to slide in beside him. She snuggled into his side and yawned.

“Are you staying the rest of the night?”

“Wild horses couldn’t drag me away, love. But you know I’m gonna have to leave before dawn. Don’t want to be stuck here all day dodging the sun.”

“I’ll get heavier curtains,” she said, yawning again. “Don’t want you to have to leave.”

“I’m going to fix that bedroom I’ve got so that you’ll never know you’re underground,” he promised. “I’ll make it fit for a… for a beautiful woman who deserves better.” He sighed. “It’s still going to be a hole in the ground, isn’t it?”

“We’ll work it out.” Her eyes were shutting and she missed the smile that went across his face at her words.

The End

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